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Double top for Walker Brothers! Par Homes Zip Racing – Team Report

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Double top for Walker Brothers! Par Homes Zip Racing – Team Report


Duck Smart

The Par Homes Zip Racing backed Walker brothers Yamaha Quadcross pairing, Harry and Alfie certainly brought home the Silverware in the 2020 ‘covid’ season.

Unfortunately having just lost round 7 of the Nora-MX Quadcross due to inclement weather here in the UK, the Pairing sure did put their ‘stamp down’ on this year’s 6 round Domestic championship.

Alfie added yet another British Championship to his tally in line with big brother Harry, he proved to be a formidable opponent right from the start and is a worthy Official ACU Clubman champion for 2020.

Winning 14 from 16 races, and a commanding 41 point lead at the finish from the 16-year-old was some achievement in his first year as an adult, technically only being beat once on paper in 16 races.

Harry, who has took the ‘Pro Class’ championship win for the ‘first time’ in a domestic series here in the UK having competed in the FIM European series for 2018 and 2019 and was unable to complete the series previously.

If COVID did nothing else it focussed both boys on our homegrown series, with Harry finishing with a commanding 87 point lead at the end of the 2020 championship.

Two brothers have never finished with a 1-1 in the top two classes in the 30-year history of the NORA-MX Club.

With terrific support from Par Homes, Yamaha, Atv’s R us, Duncan Racing, PEP and many, many more including Lee @ BRP imports – KENNY for keeping them looking good & Edd @ Angry GFX for the bikes on point!

The pedigree of Products, support and ingredients from experience gained is proving with two dedicated individuals to be the team and individuals to beat from our 2020 estranged season.

May I personally thank you all for the continued support during these difficult times of either product, time, money or just pure Enthusiasm for the boys. We truly race using the best available to us and working with the best people, and may I assure you, we will contesting as much as is possible through these complicated and difficult times, to remain at the top of our game.

But in the meantime !!

Thank you again and wish all of you a safe, trouble-free future!

Heres to 2021!

Stuart, Harry and Alfie Walker