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Double Delight at Lockerbie! Galloway MCC “Ian ‘lugs’ Robertson memorial” Grasstrack and Scramble – Race Report and Results

Double Delight at Lockerbie! Galloway MCC “Ian ‘lugs’ Robertson memorial” Grasstrack and Scramble – Race Report and Results


The Galloway club have found a gem of a track located at Cumston farm, Lockerbie and made superb use of it by running a two day event comprising of a grass track on Saturday and a scramble on Sunday.

Report by Jim Grieve – Images courtesy of Peter Greenwood and Jack Byers

The racing commenced on Saturday evening with the grass track races and these were very hotly contested, with classes for Pre-78 and Pre-84 motorcycles involved. In the Pre-78 class A it would be a flying Iain Stainton on his CZ that would take the win, closely followed by Fergus Moodie in second and Big Andy Malloch (riding two classes), taking third, for the pre-78 B riders it would be Callum Wilson Making the wee Honda sing, followed home by Mark Watson and Alan Reed.

Onto the Pre-84 A class riders and Graeme Farish was certainly making the most of his 250 Yamaha against the larger 500cc bikes and would take the win from Andy Malloch and Barry Smith, in what was a fast and furious set of races.

The pre-84 B class riders would see a win for Jim Grieve on the 500cc Honda, with Alan Hardy and David Rae, completing the podium in second and third. So great to see the scramble bikes still being used for grass tracking on a terrific course and at a terrific location.

Next day would be the Sunday scrambles races but before any racing would start, there would be one minute of dedicated applause for the recently deceased and great scrambles rider, Ian ‘lugs’ Robertson, led by a very emotional Wullie Brown (well done Wullie you did Ian proud mate). The trophies on offer for the days racing were superbly personalised with pictures of Ian on them and a large overall trophy to the best rider on the day.

The racing would consist of Pre-72, Pre-78, EVO 125, Pre-84 U50 and Pre-84 over 50, and Galloway club member’s race with combined handicap races to follow if there were enough time. Starting off with the Pre-72 class and we had John Fleming and Archie Baird making their large CZ’s zing along at a very rapid pace, but at the final count it would be John Fleming first, and Archie Baird following him home in second with Ian Stainton taking third. The Pre-78 class was equally as fast with a very rapid Harry Stitt, taking the victory, from John Griffiths and Mark Watson in third. All of these riders making these older machines look years younger with their flying antics.

The EVO 125 boys were in their element and certainly threw their smaller machines around, a very quick Craig Smith would push his 1981 RM Suzuki 125 to the limit and take the top step of the podium with John Lamont taking a very nice second place overall and a Great result for Graham Miller, pushing his wee Honda to the limit and bringing it home in third.

The next set of racing being the under and over 50 year classes on Pre-84 bikes, was great to watch and in the U50 Pre-84 class it could have been anyone’s for the taking, fought closely by Paul Dunn, Graeme Farish and Barry Smith, who certainly had the large crowd on the tips of their toes, but in the end it would be Paul Dunn taking a very deserved win from Graeme Farish and Barry Smith taking third.

The over 50 Pre-84 were equally as entertaining as it could have been anyone’s race, and three close finishes between Paul Chiappa and Jim Grieve, Paul victor in all three races, and so it would be a superb finish for Paul Chiappa taking the overall from Jim Grieve and a very quick Peter Williamson bring home his bike Maico in third.

The Pre-78/EVO 125 handicap was enthralling to watch as Craig ‘smitch’ Smith, almost pulled off the win from the back of the pack, but it would be Sam Sibbald that would keep his big Yamaha on song for the win from Craig Smith, and a rapid Mark Watson taking a great third place overall.

The Pre-84 Handicap race would be a superb win for Harry Stitt, from John Griffiths and Jim Grieve, there were certainly a lot of bikes in this one and congratulations to all riders that took part in this highly entertaining race.

The Galloway Club member’s race, would be a win for Jim Grieve on the 500 Honda, just pipping Graeme Farish on his 250 Yamaha at the flag, after being overtaking at the second to last corner, with Big Andy Malloch bringing home the thunderous Armstrong in third. Well what more is there to be said but a superb event filled with emotion, excitement and tantalising edge of the seat racing.

A big slap on the back to all committee members, Marshalls, medical team, lap scorers, photographers, riders and spectators. You all made this event something to be truly proud of. See you at the next one folks.


Pre-72 1 John Fleming 2 Archie Baird 3 Ian Stainton 4 Fergus Moodie 5 Kenny Harper 6 John McCrink

Pre-78 1 Harry Stitt 2 John Griffiths 3 Mark Watson 4 Sam Sibbald 5 Simon Dowson 6 Colin Bland

EVO 125 1 Craig Smith 2 John 3 Graham Miller 4 A Dowson 5 Kevin Rosie 6 Mark Reynolds

Pre-84 U50 1 Paul Dunn 2 Graeme Farish 3 Barry Smith 4 Keith Barnes 5 David Bateman 6 Aaron Dent

Pre-84 O84 1 Paul Chiappa 2 Jim Grieve 3 Peter Williamson 4 David Lawson 5 Andy Malloch 6 Nigel Sowerby

Pre-78 / EVO 125 Handicap 1 Sam Sibbald 2 Craig Smith 3 Mark Watson 4 Ian Stainton 5 Fergus Moodie 6 Kenny Harper

Pre-84 Handicap 1 Harry Stitt 2 John Griffiths 3 Jim Grieve 4 Chris Cannon 5 Paul Chiappa 6 David Lamb

Galloway members Race 1 Jim Grieve 2 Graeme Farish 3 Andy Malloch 4 John Fleming 5 Archie Baird 6 Alan Hardy