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Double Bubble! Nora-MX Quadcross Championship Round 3 – Entries open

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Double Bubble! Nora-MX Quadcross Championship Round 3 – Entries open


Duck Smart

The third round of the 2020 Nora-MX Championship returns to Grittenham, Wiltshire, on Sunday the 16th of August, for a round with a difference – double points will be applied across all classes!

Words by Jenni Foulkes – Feature Image courtesy of John William Cook

The racing has been ultra-competitive in both adult and youth groups so far, and the points are tight heading into the third. Double points could make a huge difference to the championship tables and so, as ever, there’s all to play for at Grittenham.

The top three in the Pro and British Championship classes are;

Pro ATVs Only Championship

1. Harry Walker 184, 2. Tom Day 180, 3. George Day 172.

ACU Clubman Quadbikes R Us British Championship

1. Robbie Wood 179, 2. Alfie Walker 171, 3. Ryan Hickman 155.

ACU Masters (BoA) British Championship

1. Ed Davies 200, 2. Chris Keitch 163, 3. Johnathan McKnight 161.

ACU Ladies K ATV Championship

1. Catrin Davies 197, 2. Georgia Lent 186, 3. Shanice Mott 163.

ACU 250cc Arrow Self Drive British Championship

1. Chad Beevers 194, 2. Luke Berlyn 191, 3. Josh McKnight 175.

ACU 100cc Lamo British Championship

1. Frank Marston 200, 2. Jay Sams 156, 3. Ellie Stott 155


For more information, call the ACU office 01788 566411 or call/email Gemma at Nora-MX on 07887 737888, office@nora-mx.co.uk