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Dickie Dye to part company with RFX KTM!

Dickie Dye to part company with RFX KTM!


by adminJuly 9, 2019
Renowned British Motocross Team boss Dickie Dye has revealed that he will no longer be part of the RFX KTM from 2020.
Feature image courtesy of Ray Archer
Dickie’s full statement reads…
“Team preparation and plans have already begun for the 2020 season, though sadly, these will not include myself.
Prompted in part to Shaun`s disappointing double-DNF in Ireland, over the past week, the team`s financial sponsors have decided to bring forward their own ideas and plans for 2020 and as much of the negotiations and conversations have already begun, to simplify matters, as a professional, with the best intentions for the team, I will step out of this loop and focus on my other motocross related projects.
This 2019 season is by no means over and I remain committed to Shaun particularly and our 2019 goals and targets and during the next few weeks I will make every effort to help and provide 100% support, not only to Shaun, but the team as a whole as I have done for the last five years and I will continue to work with the riders as often as I can until the final chequered flag falls this year.
I wish everyone in the team continued success and I want to thank all the sponsors and supporters who have helped and encouraged me and us, some of whom have become personal friends who I will of course continue to work with.
During this transitional period, anyone can contact me or the team through the usual channels and I will see that the communication is re-directed correctly.”