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Daniel finds the Key at KORC. Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 6 – Race Report and Results

Daniel finds the Key at KORC. Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 6 – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 14, 2018

We Britons are well known for being weather obsessive. We also seem to complain bitterly when the weatherman get it wrong. (ie, It rains when the sun should have had its hat on for example!) However, just occasionally, when the forecasters get it wrong, it can go the other way and work in our favour.

Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Graeme Taylor

Sunday was such an example. The small handful of riders who stayed away because of the predicted rain will have been kicking themselves as conditions were nigh on perfect for LEC/Gear 4’s latest race. Certainly a lot of moisture fell during the track set-up in the days before the event but post race, riders were saying its one of the best enduro’s the club has ever promoted. It was dry all day on race day and with a strong westerly wind, the track dried out perfectly to give conditions that got better and faster throughout the 3 hours. Taking place at the Kork off road centre near Kirton in Lindsey, the 6 mile track was made up once again of some long fast straights, wooded sections, a few gnarly climbs, rocks, the Moto X area and some deep water crossings. Oh, and some gloop too!

Lee Hattersley was the outright winner on the day. In the Experts class, he has now moved into 2nd place, just five points behind Sam Followell who was 5th on the day. 2nd and 3rd on the day were Mathew Thompson and Danny Kidd respectively. This class is very close and with just two rounds to go, only a small amount of points separates the top four riders.The Clubman class is not quite as close, as class leader Daniel key took another victory to stretch away from Michael Harris who pushed Daniel hard on the day itself. These two lads look favourite to battle it out for the title. Steven Baldock came in 3rd place. Other class favourites are Simon Howden (over 40’s) and Niall Bowker (4T Sportsman). Both these guys took another win at Kirton to enhance their favourable position in their respective classes. As the saying goes though, it’s not over until the fat lady sings (although for these lads, it looks like she may be waiting in the Green room gargling with TCP at present !!)

Stuart Cryer and Adrian Rickwood seem to be permanently swapping places not only in the races, but with their points tally too. Adrian’s win in the over 50’s class sees him get his nose in front of 2nd place Stuart, now by just a couple of points. In the Sportsman (4T) class, Sean Thompson was the victor but the runner up (Rikki Harris), has now closed the gap on class leader Carl Gordon to just 4 points.

The only dead cert for a title win is Kev Bartle Senior who cannot be caught, in the Trail and Classic class.

The next race, round 7 is on the 7th October. Taking place at Tattershall, it’s generally seen as the clubs biggest and best event and the one race that everyone aims for. Indeed it still holds the record for the most amount of riders seen for an East Midland Centre enduro. Here’s hoping the club can break that record next month. Details of that and all things LEC can be found on the clubs Facebook page or by ring Louise Burford on 01507 524040


Clubman (15)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 994 Daniel Key Kirton 12
2 105 Michael Harris Kirton 12
3 400 Steven Baldock Kirton 12
4 474 Jack Austin Kirton 11
5 13 Matt Harris Kirton 11
6 459 Sam Vickers Kirton 11
7 619 Steven Buckthorpe Kirton 11
8 307 Joshua Paige Kirton 11
9 916 John Buckthorpe Kirton 11
10 308 Mark Hoyland Kirton 11
11 650 Kevin Bartle Kirton 10
12 97 Jake Wright Kirton 10
13 28 Alex Shaw Kirton 9
14 581 Jake Taylor Kirton 7
15 831 Richard Summerbell Kirton 3
Expert (5)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 81 Lee Hattersley Kirton 12
2 373 Matthew Thompson Kirton 12
3 44 Danny Kidd Kirton 12
4 511 Luke Taylor Kirton 8
5 537 Sam Followell Kirton 6
Over 40s (6)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 75 Simon Howden Kirton 11
2 557 Jules Croft Kirton 11
3 452 Ian Shepherd Kirton 11
4 174 Frederick Farquharson Kirton 10
5 351 Richard Owen Kirton 8
6 32 Paul Redford Kirton 7
Over 50s (13)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 394 Adrian Rickwood Kirton 11
2 67 Stuart Cryer Kirton 11
3 310 Stephen Johnson Kirton 11
4 907 Paul Snell Kirton 10
5 3 Stephen Kemp Kirton 10
6 142 Adam Savage Kirton 9
7 15 Gwaine Clark Kirton 9
8 342 Ian Robinson Kirton 9
9 888 Mark Mumby Kirton 8
10 55 Ian Stewart Kirton 8
11 281 John Cotterill Kirton 6
12 419 Christopher Wakes Kirton 5
13 91 Martin Southwick Kirton 4
Sportsman 2S (11)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 488 Sean Thompson Kirton 11
2 87 Rikki Harris Kirton 11
3 27 Benjamin Schneider Kirton 11
4 455 Carl Gordon Kirton 11
5 450 Glyn Sturkey Kirton 10
6 122 Ethan Champion Kirton 10
7 107 Leigh Overton Kirton 10
8 108 Ryan Overton Kirton 10
9 960 Alvis Afford Kirton 10
10 668 Paul Mitchell Kirton 9
11 151 Lee Harris Kirton 7
Sportsman 4S (9)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 507 Niall Bowker Kirton 11
2 653 Joshua Johnson Kirton 10
3 49 Robert Harmston-Hall Kirton 10
4 545 Jake Smith Kirton 9
5 402 Will Peck Kirton 8
6 285 Samuel Mussell Kirton 6
7 8 Aaron Bourne Kirton 5
8 5 Joe Tapper Kirton 2
9 286 Simon Ruck Kirton 2
Trail / Classic (3)
Pl. Bib Surname, name Race Laps
1 651 Kevin Bartle Kirton 10
2 374 Shaun Avison Kirton 8
3 502 William Sharpe Kirton 3