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Cumbria MX Ready to Race!

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Cumbria MX Ready to Race!


Duck Smart

It’s good new for Cumbrian racers with the news coming out last night that Cumbria MX is ready to return to racing with their first meeting being a two dayer at Route 44, Haverigg on the 11th and 12th July.

Image courtesy of Peter Bell Photography

The full event info is as follows…

◾Small Wheel 85’s
◾Big Wheels 85’s
◾Adult A
◾Adult B
◾Adult C over 30
◾Adult C under 30

You are allowed to camp at the track following the government guidelines

Everything must be contactless and all entries must be prepaid prior to racing, you will have to complete the online entry form this is a must as we are NOT allowed to sign on in the morning of racing

You must have an Mcf licence if you have Practice licence then you are allowed to upgrade to a NCC Race licence for the Extra £12.50

So on that note they are now open for bookings

To book in please either message on their page or contact Leanna on 07522964565 📱

There will be a post from the club to follow stating the policies and procedures that they need to follow due to the current circumstances of COVID-19