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Cossar the star of the 1000cc Sidecar Grasstrack National Grading List

Cossar the star of the 1000cc Sidecar Grasstrack National Grading List


Mark Cossar managed to top the 1000cc Sidecar National Grasstrack Gradings List once again this year, benefitting from highly consistent performances all season.

Report and Grading list by Gareth Bemister – Feature image courtesy of Amanda Morrison

An injury to regular passenger Carl Blyth meant that the 5x British Masters champion had to use several other passengers to claim overall NGL victory. Gareth Williams and Liam Brown both teamed up with Cossar to claim 6 points each, and Robbie Simmons rode to a win and two second places to win Cossar 16 points. But it was fittingly with regular passenger Carl that most points were scored. Mark and Carl notched up 17 points together, including two meeting wins. Mark managed 5 meeting victories over the course of the season.

The revelation of the season has to be former 250cc rider Anthony Sales. He has managed to ride regularly to claim joint 2nd overall, tieing with last year’s National Gradings List winner Tom Cossar/Wayne Rickards. Sales actually had 3 meeting wins himself, and several top 6 performances to claim a meteoric rise in the sport. It will be fascinating to see how Sales develops in 2020. He is one of so many former solo riders moving to sidecars at present, and having considerable success.

For the latter part of the season, Sales has been teaming up with Lewis Davies, who was previous riding with Tom Marvell. Marvell and Davies had some solid rides throughout the season until an injury stopped Tom from racing. This is where the move was made for Lewis.

A few more regular outings for Gareth Winterburn and Liam Brown see them further up the list than usual. They won all of the big Grasstracks this season, including the Master of Midshires, Lincolnshire Poacher, Wimborne Whoppa, and of course, the British Masters.

49 riders are featured on the list this season- an increase of 11 on 2018.