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CORE revives Rifton! Core Off Road Enduro Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

CORE revives Rifton! Core Off Road Enduro Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 12, 2018

Sunday 9th of September saw CORE Off Road take their championship to a long lost venue in Devon, Rifton Barton, for 3X45 minute motos. This was a great venue way back when and its certainly not lost any of its magic now! A cracking lap incorporating every type of ground you could ever want to ride meant the riders were in for 15 minutes of pure joy per lap!

Race Report by Dan Mundell – Images courtesy of Leonie’s Photography

Dominic Thomas headed the Championship class and took three cracking race wins aboard his 12 year old MX bike proving you don’t need to spend 7k on the latest kit to be fast. He came in ahead of 2nd placed rider Tom Merritt. Dominic was the only rider to complete 4 laps in race one which was a great ride!

Next away were the Expert class riders, headed by Ant Milliar on the AT Motocross Beta 350 4t in all three motos! Ant rode very well all day to finish 3rd overall in moto’s 1 and 2, and then made a hard charge in the final moto to catch Merritt and take 2nd overall in the final race! – proof that the old slogan ‘will race for food’ is true.

2nd place in the experts went to Jacob Young with a 2 – 3 – 2 score card and a comfortable 3 point gap ahead of Lewis ‘Gasser’ Gigg in third (3-4-3). Special mention to Paul Taylor who snatched 2nd place in moto 2, a very strong ride although could have done better after a poor attempt at roosting Lewis in moto 3 managed to drop a position. He was 6th overall.

Next up is the Expert Over 35 class. Jeremy Box became the third class winner to take a clean sweep of wins, while 2nd placed rider Michael Hayes took three 2nd positions and Geoff Brigden aboard the 300 Beta took a trio of thirds after the bike performed faultlessly.

In the Super Vets it was Simon Thomas, the father of the overall winner, Dominic Thomas, who was victorious with a 1-1-2 and 29 points to his name, with runner up Adrian Heard taking the victory in the final race to collate 28 points! Third position went to Andy Scrivens after three consistent rides!

The last veterans class was the Over 40 Clubman category. This was headed up by Mark Copeland after two wins and a second position in race two. Martin Dearson was 2nd. Perhaps a mistake in the first race held him back from challenging Copeland as he certainly found some speed in race 2. Ian Barnett had a great moto 1 with a 2nd place finish, backed up with two more top 3 finishes to give him 25 points and 3rd overall on the day!

In Clubman E1 it was a good tussle all day between Championship rivals, Guy Krumins and Ricky Good in the absence of the third E1 contender, Frazer Buckingham. Buckingham was away at the British Enduro Championship so unfortunately had to miss this round of the series! Of course though, the race went on and Ricky had a ‘Good’ first race to take the win, followed home by Krumins and Liam Bargery. In moto 2 however the tables turned and it was Krumins who took the flag from Good. It all came down to the final moto with both riders on 19 points after 2 races. Krumins eventually took the flag and the overall win however and Good had to settle for 2nd. Krumins results are certainly improving now he has a bike which starts on the line.

Clubman E2 was headed by Dean Kiff in every race. Dean has made a strong return to racing after some time away and has to be pleased with 3 wins. Ian Fortune was 2nd in all of the races. Tom Ross collected 20 points to take 3rd place. A special shout out to CORE regular Stef Jewell who took a great 3rd place in moto one but crashed heavily in moto 2 meaning she could only limp round in moto 3 (literally) to ensure a finish, showing sheer determination.

The third clubman class, E3, produced some interesting results with a mixed bag across the board! Adam Hughes took overall supremacy despite his bike being down on power, followed by Mark Robson and Jack Blacker, however the points were very tight with each of the three riders taking a moto win each!

Similarly to Clubman E3, the Beginners class saw three different race winners! Race 1 was won by Charlie Sampson, but in moto 2 it was Chris Cusmans who took victory after scoring 0 points in race 1 due to mechanical failure .Cusmans went on to take 2nd in moto 3 but this was eventually going to be won by Jack Bushin! Bushin took the overall, followed by Sampson and Mark Disney, who took third through three consistent races!

Up and coming rider if the day has to go to Max Barnett who showed great line choice and technical ability on the going and over both hard routes.

Next up is a motocross practise day at the epic XMOOR MOTOPARC (Wainhouse Corner) on the 23rd September. That is one not to be missed as it’s a rare opportunity to ride this revamped and rarely opened track!


Name Class
Position overall Points
1st DOM THOMAS 01 Champio 30
2nd TOM MERRIOT 01 Champio 27
1st ANT MILLIAR 02 Expert 30
2nd JACOB YOUNG 02 Expert 26
3rd LEWIS GIGG 02 Expert 23
4th PAUL TAYLOR 02 Expert 21
5th CAIUS HILL 02 Expert 19
6th GEORGE BOWERMAN 02 Expert 16
7th JORDAN BRIGDEN 02 Expert 11
8th PHIL CHAPPLE 02 Expert 8
9th SHAUN KERSEY 02 Expert 6
1st JEREMY BOX 03 Exp O35 30
2nd MICHAEL HAYES 03 Exp O35 27
1st SIMON THOMAS 04 Super V 29
2nd ADRIAN HEARD 04 Super V 28
3rd ANDY SCRIVENS 04 Super V 22
4th STEWART JARVIS 04 Super V 20
5th NEIL ROSS 04 Super V 20
6th MICHAEL CLARKE 04 Super V 11
1st MARK COPELAND 05 O40 Clu 29
2nd MARTIN DEARSON 05 O40 Clu 27
3rd IAN BARNETT 05 O40 Clu 25
4th MARK HEARD 05 O40 Clu 21
5th CHRIS BROWN 05 O40 Clu 18
6th PAUL BOLDING 05 O40 Clu 12
7th FRED PHILPOT 05 O40 Clu 12
8th MIKE RODGERS 05 O40 Clu 9
1st GUY KRUMINS 06 E1 Club 29
2nd RICKY GOOD 06 E1 Club 28
3rd LIAM BARGERY 06 E1 Club 16
1st DEAN KIFF 07 E2 Club 30
2nd IAN FORTUNE 07 E2 Club 27
3rd TOM ROSS 07 E2 Club 20
4th CHARLIE WHITE 07 E2 Club 19
5th NICK GULLIVER 07 E2 Club 16
6th JOHN FOLEY 07 E2 Club 16
7th STEF JEWELL 07 E2 Club 14
8th TOM EDWARDS 07 E2 Club 14
1st ADAM HUGHES 08 E3 Club 28
2nd MARK ROBSON 08 E3 Club 27
3rd JACK BLACKER 08 E3 Club 26
4th JAMES DAUNCEY 08 E3 Club 20
5th STEVE MORTON 08 E3 Club 18
6th IAN DICKINS 08 E3 Club 13
7th TAYLER BROOK 08 E3 Club 13
8th SHAUN BRAKE 08 E3 Club 8
1st JACK BUSHIN 09 Beginne 26
2nd CHARLIE SAMPSON 09 Beginne 25
3rd MARK DISNEY 09 Beginne 24
4th CHRIS CUSHAMS 09 Beginne 19
5th KEVIN NORMAN 09 Beginne 18
6th IAN SANDERCOCK 09 Beginne 15
7th Lee kirby 09 Beginne 12
8th ASHLEY PALFREY 09 Beginne 11
9th LEON MOREY 09 Beginne 9
10th MAX BARNETT 09 Beginne 5
11th IAN WOOLDRIDGE 09 Beginne 2