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Cole on Pole! Hampshire Motocross Club Fun Round – Race Report and Results

Cole on Pole! Hampshire Motocross Club Fun Round – Race Report and Results


This season has been a good one for us over at X-CAST. We have worked with some truly amazing riders, humbling professional teams and even been given the opportunity to work at the sport’s most prestigious event in Holland a few weeks back.

Report and Images by Marc Carter @ X-Cast Media

Since then, we’ve been winding down as we start to set up for 2020. But we’ve been itching to get back out and soak up the sport at club level. So we decided to travel down to Petersfield and get stuck in with Hampshire Motocross Club, at West Meon. This was my first experience with HMX, so, to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect going into Sunday. But, I think that this little Southern Club is an exceptional example of exactly how grassroots Motocross should be. A welcoming environment, coupled with a format that ran like clockwork could only equate to an awesome display of racing throughout the classes.

Having spent a lot of time out on track at the Michelin MX Nationals this year, I immediately recognised the number 82 of Charlie Cole. Knowing that Charlie has the pace to run in the Fastest 40 (Pro Class) at a National Series, I wasn’t surprised to see him setting the standard at the front of the pack in the Adult A Group. The Husqvarna pilot steered his machine to all three victories and took a comfortable 1st overall.

A three-way battle for the runner-up spot ensued between Jesse Wren, Jake Penny and Tony Tunnel. With the three riders chopping and changing in the opening two motos, it would be the third race of the day which would determine whom of the trio would pilfer the 2nd place step. Tony Tunnel would be the man coming out on top this time round, as Jesse Wren assumes the final podium place. Jake penny was forced just out of the top three, settling for a humble 4th overall.

The Adult B Class definitely added a different flavour to the racing; throwing out three different race winners, it would ultimately come down to consistency at the end of play. Stephen McCormick emerged victorious with a triad of top three finishes, whilst Max Aspden was forced to take the second podium step three points shy of McCormick. Michael Webb was unable to take the overall following the final race of the day; taking a win and a third in the opening motos, Webb was in good stead to compete for the top step, however he would find himself gracefully taking third overall in the Adult B Class.

In the Adult C Class, a few of the club’s youth riders were able to round off all three steps of the Adult Podium. This class also found itself in a similar predicament to the Adult B Class… with the top three lads finding themselves with a narrow margin in the points, the pressure was on for the final moto! Charlie Parrot was able to replicate his second moto performance and take home another race win, granting him the overall in the Adult C Class. Jack Paul pulled off a solid 2-3-2 combo for the runner-up spot in the class, as Alex Watts let the overall slip from his fingers in the final race. Despite his efforts in the two opening races (going 1-2), Watts could only manage a 5th in the final moto, but I am sure the young rider will be happy to walk away from an Adult Race with a 3rd overall nonetheless!

Ashton Phillips looked in fine form in the 85cc Class, throwing together some respectable lap times in all three motos, the BW rider controlled the opening motos with exceptional margins. Taking a clean sweep, Phillips walked away with the overall comfortably. Harrison Jepson put together a respectable combination of motos to commanding his machine to 2nd overall. The final spot of the BW podium belonged to Keiran Wightman. Consistency playing a key part in his overall result, Wightman could walk away happy with a humble third place finish.

The SW Class was dominated by the young Scott Harris, going 1-1-1 in his group, Harris assumed the top mantle with ease. Tyler Jones came home in second overall with a total of 123 well-deserved points whilst Alfie Young fell three points short of Jones for the final podium step!

If you’ve got this far guys, then I hope you’ve enjoyed the read (it’s been a while since I’ve thrown together a report!). It was honestly refreshing to take a step back and come to a club meeting such as this and witness a great day of racing. What an awesome club!

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