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Clean Sweep for Cooper?? Supercross Digest – Arlington SX 3 Preview

Clean Sweep for Cooper?? Supercross Digest – Arlington SX 3 Preview

We are quickly drawing closer to the end of this Championship and by now most of you will have made some calculated predictions on how you THINK it might turn out.

Words by Marc Carter – Images courtesy of Supercross Live

Well, I’ve tried to predict the outcome each weekend and have failed each and every time. I’m not even entirely sure why DirtHub still let me write these things. Nonetheless!

Let’s talk Supercross.

The first two rounds in Arlington have witnessed a shift in tide for the 450 Class, my only prediction that I seem to have actually got right so far this year, was that Cooper Webb would steal with Red Plate from Roczen in Arlington. And the 2019 Champion has done it. We can get into the mind games that everyone else has been talking about, regarding these two guys… but, let’s be honest. Cooper Webb has been better than Roczen the last few rounds.

Now I’m a Roczen fan, #Team94 and all that jazz. But, Kenny hasn’t shown us any signs of the dominance we saw early on in the season for the last few rounds. Webb has grounded himself and quite frankly looks more composed than Roczen at the moment. If I were to put money on who would take the title out of these two right now, all bets on Webb.

Arlington 2 was definitely interesting. Seeing Webb, Tomac and Roczen all get the start and have the chance to really go at it early doors… Tomac looked like he was going to get the pass on Webb up until he blew out the corner before the whoops. I wouldn’t say Webb was any faster than Tomac in the main, if anything quite the opposite, but… it was always going to be a matter of who would make the first mistake and relaying back to my point earlier, Webb just looks composed at the moment.

Roczen… where were ya mate? Not turning my nose up at a podium finish or anything, I just know the HRC rider would have expected more from himself.

Other things of note from the 450s at Arlington 2:

Anderson found the best line in the whoops.

Barcia is a machine. That charge back to fourth from like 16th? Fair play Goldilocks.

Plessinger looks strong. Anstie is still out there doing bits for the Brits, Gorn Ginge.

Side note: I don’t think Barcia likes the guys at Racer X very much and Jeremy McGrath doesn’t seem to be much of a Cooper Webb fan…

Let’s move on to 250s! Finally…

Hunter Lawrence got it done! Kid deserves it to be fair, on his 6th ever 250SX Main event start, he claims the top spot… as opposed to Jett’s first race win being his 8th, not a competition lads (definitely is though).

Jalek Swole (who is naming these kids?), clenched 2nd in the main and definitely seemed happy in his post-race interview… behind him, American Arenacross Champion Kyle Peters rounds off the podium in the 250s.

What else is worth knowing?

It doesn’t seem Justin Cooper’s luck is about to change any time soon.

Cameron McAdoo basically gave Hunter Lawrence the Red Plate after cutting the track…

The Championship is still pretty tight in the 250s and I’m still not entirely sure who seems to be ‘the guy’ to beat at this point in the 250 West Series.

Prediction time…

Sweep for Cooper Webb in Arlington… Tomac on the box once again, but I reckon Barcia is going to stick that GasGas ahead of Roczen this Saturday night.

250s. I actually think Hunter Lawrence is coming into his own and will get it done again this weekend. Cameron McAdoo on the box too and surely Justin Cooper will get on the podium again at some point? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and throw him up there as well.

To watch all the action this Saturday night, head over to: