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CJMX kick off 2019 with a cracker. Coventry Junior MXC Xmas Cracker Stubblecross – Race Report and Results

CJMX kick off 2019 with a cracker. Coventry Junior MXC Xmas Cracker Stubblecross – Race Report and Results


Coventry Junior Motocross Club kicked off 2019 with belated Christmas cracker stubble cross meeting. There was a good line up in all of the classes as everyone was eager to get back into racing after all the festivities.

Report by Rebecca Stock – Images courtesy of Roy Edwards

First up was the Clubman class. James Thompson was on great form finishing 2-1-1, Kip Bates pushed hard all day and come away with 1-2-2 leaving Andy Salt with 3-3-3.

Out next were the MX1 & MX2 classes. Howard Wainwright put on an impressive performance taking all 3 wins of the mixed group. Some good battles throughout the field between all the riders.

Another mixed group of Vets and Evo/Twinshock. The top 3 vets battled it out for the podium spots but Laurence Wiltshire bagged it with 2-1-1. The Evo class were just as competitive but Daniel Spencer managed to conquer the day with a 1-4-1.

The Youth class were next ready to race. Aaron Patstone was on great form and took all 3 wins of the day. Jacob Russell took all the 2nd positions with Charlie Sellick hot on the heels taking 3rd all day too.

Next to the gate were the Big Wheel 85 class. Kayde Rayns and Oliver Ruddock both worked hard to take the win of the day but Rayns pulled it off with 1-2-1, Ruddock took 2nd with 2-1-2. Cory Aldridge pushed hard taking 3rd.

The Small Wheel 85’s were next and Joey Benfield was consistent with 3 wins, Seth Manners came in 2nd with an impressive ride leaving Finley Yorke-Williams taking the final podium position.

Some good racing in the Auto class. Bailey Williams went 1-2-1 battling it out with Marley Alder who finished 2-1-2. Ryan Taylor was consistent with 3rd. Well done to all the new riders!

Last out were the Junior class. Charlie Richmond stormed away in each race taking all 3 wins. Alfie Payne put in a determined performance with a 3-2-2 and Drew Stock hot on his heels with 2-3-3.


1st Bailey Williams, 2nd Marley Alder, 3rd Ryan Taylor, 4th Logan Falconer, 5th Jack Smith, 6th Olly Mcclurg

1st Charlie Richmond, 2nd Alfie Payne, 3rd Drew Stock, 4th Blake Ward-Clarke, 5th Jenson Severn, 6th Harvey Elliot

Small Wheel 85’s
1st Joey Benfield, 2nd Seth Manners, 3rd Finley York’s-Williams, 4th Jack Harper, 5th Bailey Ward-Clarke, 6th Malachi Stratton

Big Wheel 85’s
1st Kayde Rayns, 2nd Oliver Ruddock, 3rd Cory Aldridge, 4th Jake Evans, 5th Tolemy Eckley, 6th Kasey Sellick

1st Aaron Patstone, 2nd Jacob Russell, 3rd Charlie Sellick, 4th Callum Hopper, 5th Josh Young, 6th Zac Preece

1st James Thompson, 2nd Kip Bates, 3rd Andy Salt, 4th Henry Dunsford, 5th Paul Seamer, 6th Jake Mould

1st Daniel Spencer, 2nd Warren Clifton, 3rd James Thompson, 4th Jim Leeding, 5th Lee Hayward, 6th Mark Russell

1st Howard Wainwright, 2nd Sion Talbot, 3rd Kristian Hutchings, 4th Kyle Creevy, 5th Aiden Maloney, 6th Ady Peele

1st Liam Deegan, 2nd Bobby Palmer, 3rd Callum Sedgwick, 4th Aaron Patstone, 5th Callum Mcclurg, 6th Ben Watts