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Cheel crushes it at Brampton! East Cumbria MXC Finale – Race Report and Results

Cheel crushes it at Brampton! East Cumbria MXC Finale – Race Report and Results

by adminOctober 2, 2018

The ECMX final rounds, as always are held on the sand of the Low Gelt Brampton Circuit. The club had managed to squeeze in an extra round to replace an earlier cancelled round due to the track re-development, and despite clashing with the BYN a healthy turnout arrived to near perfect track conditions.

Report and Images courtesy of Pete Bell

Once again the Brampton circuit and the clubs organisation brought out the big names and long distance travellers.  Stepping up to the 125 class, Northern Irelands Ryan Mawhinney one of the longest travellers with Aaron McCarroll and Liam Bell making the trip from Scotland . S/W Mx Nationals champion Ollie Colmer and Arai Elcock, along with our local super fast racers, meant the weekend was set for thrills spills and championships.

Saturday saw the club try the Youth Classes in the morning , with the Adults in the afternoon, and the 65s were the first out on track. Jake Robley was the one to have a solid scorecard of 1-2-2 to take the overall ahead of Scotland’s Liam Bell with Joe Dakin in third. Robley and Bell had a brilliant battle in moto 2 which could have gone either way. Jamie Keith was unfortunate to have a DNF in moto 1 but returned with 2 wins to boost his season total. Another name to mention is Ruben Trew making the big step up onto the 65, not an easy task at the Brampton Circuit. Each race he improved significantly and it was great to watch confidence his grow. Well done Ruben.

Liam Bell – 65’s

I don’t even know where to start when describing the combined 85cc class, wow. Although most eyes will have been on the Top 3 of Oliver Barr, Ollie Colmer and Arai Elcock there were some brilliant battles all thought the field. Barr on board his new machine took maximum points however, Colmer was glued to his rear wheel all day with some super fast lap times. Making the trip northbound on the M6 was Ronnie Reeves who completed the top 3 in the big wheel class. Anyone who reads these reports will know what is coming with the small wheel class, yet again Jay Cheel and Robbie Park were up top, but it was Cheels turn to come out in the number 1 position, finishing the day strong, including a very impressive Moto 2 where he wasn’t a million miles away fro the top 3 in the B/W class. Liam Johnston completed the podium with some impressive rides, with his mam quoting ‘hes got his mojo back’.

The youth class had a clear winner and showing no issue with the step up in class from the B/W’s, Ryan Mawhinney was super super impressive to take maximum points and showing the fastest way around the Low Gelt circuit. Kai Thirwell was on his tail in a couple of the races but just couldn’t find enough to put down any passing opportunities. Jack Abbot continued to impress towards the end of the season with third overall on-board his KTM.

Kyle Peel – Youth class

It was normal service resumed on the Auto track with Finlay Easton unstoppable. Harry Cartmel grabbed second ahead of pal Kian Harkness, with a race 3 second being the only way to split the two level on points. The Dodd brothers had some mechanical troubles with Aaron only able to complete 1 race, and Taylor 2 races. It was unfortunate but they were still smiling and that’s what its all about.

The Adult classes had a late start on Saturday due to an unfortunate accident involving 85cc rider Arai Elcock, with the air ambulance called as a precaution. Thankfully despite a nasty chest injury Arai was ok, and even returned to watch on Sunday.

Andrew Pohlen – Adult A’s

The stacked A class were first up once practice was completed. Brad Todd on his Yamaha took maximum points in 3 quick races ahead of North East racer John Robson and Scotland’s Aaron McCarroll close in third, once again some mega close racing among some fast lads. Jamie Law was also involved in Moto 1 but a spill ended his day early. It was great to see Craig Trew returning after several years away from the sport, he showed some great speed and managed 7th overall.

The B class was next up, and the top 3 could rarely be split. Carl Robson again impressed despite only 1 race win, but he took the overall only 2 points ahead of moto1 winner Stuart Robinson. Andrew Slavin pushed on from a impressive return at Drumclog last weekend following a shoulder injury to win moto3 and take third overall.

Last up were the Adult C class, and Ryan Crawley with a 4-1-1 race card showed his Border Warrior training paying dividends relegating championship leader Lewis Mchale into second by taking the race 3 victory. Another long traveller Martin Simons from Aberdeen completed the podium making the trip down a worthwhile one and we hope you enjoyed the track.

Sunday saw another perfect track and an even fuller paddock and some ECMX Championships up for grabs.

So with the Autos its been a case of when instead of if for Finley Easton to wrap up the championship, and Sunday saw another Maximum and top step on the podium. We look forward to seeing how Finlay progresses and hopefully racing in Cumbria. Aaron Dodd finished second overall on the day ahead of Kian Harkness 2 points adrift.

First up on the main track were the 65s, and Jamie Keith was in the mood to avenge his dnf on Saturday and took maximum points. Jake Robley was second overall, however, it was Joe Dakin third overall on the day who was to take the overall season Championship, with Liam Bell unfortunate not to be able to take it to a final moto decider with a Dnf in race 2, and sadly missing Ryan Waggott for the final rounds with it clashing with the BYN.

The 85s combined were next and it was roles revered in the B/W class with Ollie Colmer taking the overall with a 1-1-2 card ahead of Oliver Barr with 2-2-1 with again some brilliant racing between the pair, well done lads. As with the 65s it was third overall on the day who was to be crowned the Championship winner, and Taylor Roberts was that lad, solid all year and a deserving winner.

Its clear that Jay Cheel had arrived this weekend with the intention of taking the championship home, and that is what he did. 3 race wins maximum points to sign off on before the move onto the B/W’s next year. West Cumbrian Robbie Park was second overall on the day and again Liam Johnston in third as the previous day. This class has been brilliant to watch this year, we hope for more of the same next year.

Ryan Mawhinney was again gone in the youth class and definitely one to watch in the nationals in 2019, although we hope he can make some more visits to Cumbria. Adam Slavin found some consistency with 2-2-2 whilst still getting used to the four stroke. Jason Bancroft from Accrington completed the podium. Championship winner was Kai Thirwell, and with the championship won, he once again stepped up into the A class alongside brother Adam.

Aaron McCaroll has always been in the mix on his trips south this season, and eventually took his opportunity and took the Adult A overall on Sunday ahead of John Robson. Penrith local lad Joe Hodgson was third overall for the day. Around about 14 months ago Matthew Moffat left the Brampton Circuit in an Air Ambulance and I don’t think anyone can begrudge him taking the 2018 A class Championship, with some solid performances and a steady improvement throughout the season and hopefully just a stepping stone onto 2019.

Only 2 points could separate the Adult B class overall for the day, Michael Graham taking the overall ahead of Andrew Slavin, Ben Walsh on board his dads Honda 500cc rocket took third. Fourth went to Carl Robson as did the Season Championship trophy.

Lewis Mchale took the Adult C overall on Sunday and with it the East Cumbria Championship for 2018. Scotland’s Martin Simons went one better from Saturday to take second with West Cumbria Mark Blacklock third.

That concludes a fantastic season at Brampton for the East Cumbria Club. Not an easy one with more track changes required and with the great British weather, but i’m sure every rider can agree its been a good one. On behalf of the riders families and friends i’d like to thank all of the ECMX committee and helpers for all their hard work and dedication for giving us great racing in East Cumbria.


Autos 1 Finley Easton 2 Harry Cartmell 3 K|ian Harkness 4 Declan Cook 5 Oliver Bonman
65s. 1 Jake Robley 2 Liam Bell 3 Joe Dakin 4 Zac Cheel 5 Ebony Brown
85 sw 1 Jay Cheel 2 Robbie Park 3 Laim Johnston 4 Ryan McKinney 5 Callum Bolam
85 bw 1 Oliver Barr 2 Ollie Colmer 3 Ronnie Reeves 4 Taylor Roberts 5 Daniel Howe
Youth 1 Ryan Mawhinney 2 Kai Thirwell 3 Jack Abbott 4 Adam Slavin 5 Brad Knowles
A’s 1 Brad Todd 2 John Robson 3 Aaron McCarroll 4 Matt Moffat 5 Joe Hodgson
B’s 1 Carl Robson 2 Stuart Robinson 3 Andrew Slavin 4 Ben Southward 5 Dylan Talfors
C’s 1 Ryan Crawley 2 Lewis Mchale 3 Martin Simons 4Mike Johnston 4 Daz Birbeck

Autos 1 Finley Easton 2 Aaron Dodd 3 Kain Harkness 4 Harry Cartmell 5 Wilfie Reed
65s 1 Jamie Keith 2 Jake Robley 3 Joe Dakin 4 Zac Cheel 5 Ebony Brown
85sw 1 Jay Cheel 2 Robbie Park 3 Liam Johnston 4 Bobby-Jak Ennis 5 Ryan McKinney
85 b/w 1 Ollie Colmer 2 Oliver Barr 3 Taylor Roberts 4 Ronnie Reeves 5 Charlie Henderson
Youth 1 Ryan Mawhinney 2 Adam Slavin 3 Jason Bancroft 4 Jack Abbott 5 Brad Knowles
A’s 1 Aaron McCarroll 2 John Robson 3 Joe Hodgson 4 Matt Moffatt 5 Daniel Pad
B’s 1 Michael Graham 2 Andrew Slavin 3 Ben Walsh 4 Carl Robson 5 Ryan Dalton
C’s 1 Lewis Mchale 2 Martin Simons 3 Mark Blacklock 4 Kylan Walker 5 Richard Day