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Champagne Chacombe! Enduroland Chacombe 10 Hour Enduro – Race Report and Results

Champagne Chacombe! Enduroland Chacombe 10 Hour Enduro – Race Report and Results


Enduroland ran their annual 10-hour long enduro on Saturday (10th August), the Chacombe 1o.

Report by Nigel Wheatley – Images courtesy of Dizzychoonz

Held in memory of their friend and colleague Andy Saunders the event boasted a great entry and is now one of the most popular long off-road races of the year. Riders can raise money for their own designated charities if they wish.

Although the emphasis is a fun challenge, competition is still the name of the game with great racing throughout the event which saw the weather play it’s part in the challenge with crazy strong winds and showers all day. On this occasion, the showers actually made the event and kept the usual potential dust at bay.

The usual bagpipes (Richard Jasper) played prior to the rocket launch start which saw the Ironman riders head off first. Kirk Giles (204) took the Moet & Chandon HOLESHOT and was first Ironman to the iconic Chacombe oak tree.

The 2 and 3 man teams set off shortly after and the quad turned solo team of Seal/Miles/Wells (1) hit the HOLESHOT for the team award.

Ironman -Expert/Championship

Some truly awesome individual rides in the Ironman class saw James Berrill (27) smash out 42 laps to take this year’s Ironman title. Fantastic result and race for James who was only one lap off the 3 man team result and main overall win. Let’s hope we see James go for that in 2020.

Ironman Joe Pratt (918) hit 37 laps to take 2nd in class and 2nd Ironman overall with Kirk Giles (204) 3rd in class (Expert/Championship) and 3rd Ironman overall.


Lewie Davis(171) was the man in the Vets/Masters Ironman class taking 4th Ironman overall and 1st in class with 35 laps closely followed by Adam Savage (142) 5th Ironman home and 2nd in class. Rob Pratt took 3rd and Pawel Domanski (34) close behind in 4th.

Ironman – Clubman

Danny Davis (415) took the Clubman Ironman award. Jadyn Giles (203) was 2nd and Sydney Erasmus in 3rd.

Ironman -Novice/Sportsman

Young Kye Hasler (125) had a great event taking the Novice/Sportsman Ironman class with 31 laps and a cracking 6th Ironman overall. Alex Mullaney (100)hit 2nd with 26 laps and Lee Dibble (777) got 3rd.

2 man teams

Youth 2T

Team Big and Little One (301)Stanley/Burns took the Youth 2 rider team award and rode to an amazing 4th overall with 42 laps matching the overall Ironman result! In 2nd place Youth 2 rider team The Inbetweeners (199) Knight/Cornelius also had a cracking race and a very credible 7th overall. 3rd place Youth 2 rider team went to Team Inta Bikes (98) Bayfield/Davies closely followed by Team Your pace or mine (210) Westrcoft/Boam and Team Jolly Hawks (33) Jolly/Hawkins. Team Mansfield Enduro (289) Travers/Stoneley concluded the Youth 2 rider team result.

Novice/Sportsman 2T

Team Andrew Stresster (52) Smail/Chester won the Novice/Sportsman 2 rider team with 38 laps in the biggest class of the event. In 2nd Andy’s lads Team Saunders(108)Saunders/Saunders took a close 2nd place with Team Beta Get A Move On (388) Adams/Bensley in 3rd. Nearly 30 Two rider teams entered this year’s event.

Clubman 2T

Team MWE,(567)Szwajnoch/Zielnicki lost a rider from their original 3 man team (prior to the event) to take the 2 rider Clubman win followed by aptly named Team Ugly & Co (9) Morris and Denham and Team Ugly & Co II.(10) Redding/Hayes. Great racing with all the top three on 36 laps apiece.

Vets/Masters 2T

Lincolnshire Team Lec (3)Kemp/Tapper took the 2 man Vets/Masters win followed by Team MD racing (730) Sullivan/Glackin with Team Alpha Dogs (500)Andrews/Berry in 3rd.

Experts/Masters 2T

Team Tortoise and Hare (312) Bailey/Morse smashed out an incredible 42 laps for the 2 rider Expert team win and a fabulous 3rd overall with Team Woz and Morgs (47)Wozencroft/James in 2nd place and Team Weekend Warriors (387) Ridgeway/Adams in 3rd.

3 man teams

Clubman 3T

Team Polecat racing(23) Curtis/Hovell/Moore had a fabulous 10 hour taking the class win and an amazing 6th overall. An excellent ride from the fairly local lads with 40 laps between them. Team Rusty Waffle Racing (824)Chawner/Peskett/Carr claimed 2nd place and The three wise monkeys (17) took 3rd Richardson/Askham/Tucker.

Vets/Masters 3T

In the old folks class Team Only Fools Ride Horses (11) Heatley/Dover/Buckley club regulars hit 38 laps for the win followed by the quad turned solo for day team The Darkside (22) Bridge/Swann/Eagle and in 3rd The Custard Cream(15) biscuit loving team of Freiberg/Darch/Woods. The Spanner Men and The Dipsticks finished the class both of these teams with 30 plus laps.

Novice/Sportsman 3T

Team Palmer Russell (749) Palmer/Russel/Russell won the class with 38 laps. Team Where’s Ginger Gone(422) Brazier/Burgess/Burgess took a close 2nd also on 38 laps with Team JRJ racing (145)Latham/Johnson/Bowen in 3rd. Bringing up the rear and in 4th place was Team Tortoise and Hare (961)Taylor/Jones/Down a true Sportsman team…

Experts/Championship 3T

Leaving the best until last the predominantly quad riding aces turned solo jockeys for the day Team Ohhh De Bankingzzzz ? (1) Wells/Seal/Miles smashed out the most laps of the day with 43 laps and the overall team and class title for 2019. More importantly what’s the story behind this team name? Answers on a postcard, please.

The Andy Saunders Sportsmanship award went to Rob Pratt (450) with Alan Hopwood (69) 2017 and 2018 winner having a bad day at the office but still in contention till the end.

Possibly the best TEN yet and next years date is set for 8th August so get booked early and let’s make it even better in 2020.