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Catterick Calling! Edge Offroad Enduro Championships Round 9 – Race Report and Results

Catterick Calling! Edge Offroad Enduro Championships Round 9 – Race Report and Results

by adminOctober 3, 2017

Edge Offroad rocked into Catterick Moto Complex for the Penultimate round of their 2017 Championship. Due to the bad weather on the run up to the event, the venues that had been penciled in had to be scrapped and saved for the 2018 Championship.

Race Report by Phoenix Media – Images Courtesy of JW Forsyth Photography

With Catterick only been used once previous for an event, the Edge crew knew they could put a decent lap in that would certainly be long enough and difficult enough for their awesome series that they’ve run in 2017. The Saturday Practice Day was good as it put a nice clean line in for the following day. The only issue was the sunshine caused the river to rise meaning parts had to be cut out, or so the crew thought! Overnight rain came, and was still present

Abbie Piggott

Sunday morning, which would appear to be a disaster for the course, but having inspected all the river sections first thing, it was safe to say that the river was at the lowest it had been for days!

The Kids got under way earlier than planned, with a smaller entry than expected, it was still great for the seven of them to get some riding under their belts. Edge rider Jak Heaney, still not in top form since his knee operation, easily took the Junior class and overall win on the day on eight laps. Young RG Racing rider, Harry Walker, secured a great second place in class and second overall in the race on seven laps – Harry has come on in leaps and bounds this season, he’s really got to grips with his Husqvarna 65. He loves the more technical tracks, but he’s still very handy on the fast tracks too! Determined team mate Charlie Page followed up in third in Juniors on six laps – all these lads are putting in the time when not racing to improve on their skills, whether it be on the MX track or up at Cowm Quarry, you can see the improvements every event. Caitlin Winn, only her second ever race, has chuffed to bits to

Rick Tropman

take fourth place. Having suffered a crash early on, she got back up and at it, and finished on four laps which was absolutely fantastic going on a little bike. In Youth A we had a top three girls turn out. It was great to see, and good to know that they are in training. Abbie Piggott (cousin of Jamie “Madhead” Williams) took the win on seven laps; but NEXC’s very own Tasha Dodds was three minutes behind on the same tally. Neither of these two particularly like the rain and mud, but they got on with it and had a great race! Emily Tropman, in her second ever race, not really know if she liked these conditions or not, went out and gave it a massive effort, and took a very respectful third on five laps. All the kids did absolutely awesome, and all deserve a big pat on the back.

Gary Collins

The Adult race was run as one, with low numbers mid week – yet within 48 hours of race day, the admin staff received 28 entries! Though this is great, it’s also really poor as it gives the crew no idea for lap length needed, catering, toilets required, size of the pits and the size of the start line – so please try and get organised guys and girls! Unfortunately again, Edge had a number of no shows – this always isn’t fair to the team after all the hard work that is put in, you riders need to be a bit more considerate, a text message or a phone call is worth far more than a no show!

With the race getting under way at 10.30am on the dot, Edge team rider and Championship winner, Joe Deakin took the holeshot. It was going to be interesting to see how quick these lads were doing a lap in, and who would come through lap scoring

Ben Walker

first! New Zealander, and “new to Edge” rider, Sam Greenslade, was back around in seven minutes and fourteen seconds – with no traffic to contend with! No sign of Joe though? Carl Hollis followed next – the more technical tracks suit Carl so he was in his element here. Joe appeared and straight into pits, having crashed out and been stuck in second gear, with the gear lever bent into the casing, it was a suck it and see situation! Young Harry Edmondson dived into pits too, looking a bit dazed – he’d also had a spill into the river and needed new goggles!  It was then a battle for the two hour duration in the Expert class. Josh Haith had an absolute fantastic ride for an hour and a half initially in third place – but everyone caught him up so was going to be tight to see who claimed third in the end.  Finally it was Sam that took the win, the only rider to complete 16 laps; a delighted Carl took second spot with Joe working his way back through the pack and taking third. Alex Owen was mixing it well with the Experts; again the tougher track suited Alex down to the ground – initially after a siting lap on Saturday, he didn’t think it would ride well, but he was over the moon with how it panned out. David Haith kept the

Mark Cockfield

pressure on Alex for a good half of the race, and “out of retirement” John Steeples kept the pressure on David. John was dreading the two hour battle, and didn’t think he would last for half an hour! Alex eventually taking the win on 15 laps, David in second and John third, both on 14 laps.

Rick Tropman in Clubman Vets was giving some of the Expert Vets a run for their money on the day winning his class, but he too loves the harder tracks. Scott Morse had a good day out with second in class from new dad Trevor Harvey. Trevor is certainly being spoiled by his new daughter at the moment, commenting that she sleeps through every night really so no lack of sleep for him! Or maybe he’s a heavy sleeper anyway, and poor mummy Rebecca is knackered?!

The Clubman class was entertaining as a mass amount of members turned up! Luke Owen had a great ride, seemed to up his pace compared to the last few rounds he’s done, so was good to see him finish a lap up on his competitors, taking the win in his class championship so able to move up to Expert for the last round.  The rest in Clubman had a continuous battle for two hours! Places weren’t really changing like in the Expert class, but it was certainly close and entertaining. RG Racing rider Ben Walker, normally suffers with terrible arm pump, but having had some expert advise and products off Sonya mid week to prevent it from happening during the race, Ben was on fire! There was absolutely no stopping him, and no way he was letting anyone passed! With the arm pump normally holding him back, this time you could see all the training he’s done, like son Harry, is paying off! Neil Marshall also had a fantastic ride – keeping it consistent and thoroughly enjoying the ride out, he grabbed third place from James Halliwell only 16 seconds behind!

Joe Townsend came for a run out in the Sportsman class and surprised quite a few by taking the top spot of the podium nearly a minute and a half in front of second spot Sam Gregory – Championship winner Ricky Pearson was content to take third spot knowing it was enough to secure the overall Championship win, which means for the last round he will be riding in the Clubman class in preparation for his 2018 season.

The Sportsman Vets class turned into a very competitive class this race, with nobody knowing who was going to take the win! Mark Cockfield even surprised himself when he was told he’d won, hopefully that put a smile on his face. Andrew Brook was absolutely over the moon to take second spot home with him finishing on 12 laps and David Bell was chuffed to bits to be on the final spot on the podium also finishing on 12 laps. D3 Racing Owner, Neil Crayston, was worn out but happy to take the winners trophy back up to Kendal, finishing with a 13 lap tally, ahead of Steve Hetherington on 12 laps taking second spot, and over the moon Jetsetter Nigel “Foxy” Fox was ecstatic to take 20 points back to Spain with him for his Championship finale! Brook Johnson was the only Lady rider this time, but none the less the riding still had to be done. Having won the Championship a while ago, Brook loves riding her bike and has gotten so much more confidence over the year that she has been riding with Edge.

Normally the biggest class, but not this weekend, the Novices have had a good mix up with some non registered riders in the pot, but still they don’t stop Chris Davis! This is Chris’ first year riding Enduro, not knowing what to expect, he has done absolutely awesome! Though he won on the day, he hasn’t won the Championship but is certainly ready for a move up to the next class. Steve Butterfield was very happy to take second spot from Championship winner Gary Collins, both finishing on 12 laps, less than a minute a part! Gary is so happy with his first year riding, never knowing what to expect, so has always just gone out to enjoy it and see what happens. Though has to be said, he does have the best support crew in the paddock!

Well done to everyone that took part, a big thank you to ALL that helped out over the course of the weekend, these events couldn’t happened without all of us!

The next event is the final round of the Championship, at Camp Hill, near Bedale – the post code for the entrance to the parking will be released nearer the time. There won’t be a Practise Day at this one due to other activities on site, but we are planning Training Days between now and then, so if you feel like you might benefit then get in touch!

The event after this will be a Winter Warmer, on the weekend of 18/19th November, details for the venue will be finalised this week.

All info for our events is on Facebook and the awesome BRAND NEW WEBSITE, take a look www.edgeoffroad.events – you can now book in and pay online, so much easier for everyone at Signing On if you book in through the website – catch you all soon!


Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 4 Jak Heaney Juniors 01:30:29:273 8
2 25 Harry Walker Juniors 01:18:18:672 7
3 122 Charlie Page Juniors 01:22:38:736 6
4 278 Caitlin Winn Juniors 01:16:34:643 4
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 246 Abbie Piggott Youth A 01:19:36:344 7
2 22 Tasha Dodds Youth A 01:22:19:398 7
3 3 Emily Tropman Youth A 01:27:27:341 5
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 637 Chris Davis Novice 02:04:54:797 13
2 17 Steve Butterfield Novice 02:00:38:018 12
3 25 Gary Collins Novice 02:01:32:756 12
4 31 Steven Glass Novice 02:03:05:430 12
5 27 Kris Munro Novice 02:06:01:646 12
6 444 Nigel Beckley Novice 02:01:17:805 11
7 304 David Farrow Novice 02:02:26:153 11
8 70 Andy Clements Novice 02:04:05:266 11
9 7 Finlay Horsley Novice 02:07:15:370 11
10 101 Carl Dresser Novice 02:02:03:070 10
11 16 Paul Milburn Novice 02:03:02:946 10
12 44 Liam Armstrong Novice 02:00:25:379 9
13 226 Lee Dollimore Novice 02:00:27:653 9
14 177 Scott Cocker Novice 02:02:06:124 9
15 14 Owen Read Novice 02:08:16:998 8
16 56 Adam Stockdill Novice 02:08:45:599 8
17 151 Barry Wise Novice 02:09:33:428 7
18 90 Jordan Delap Novice 02:12:36:652 6
80 Jonathan Field Novice DNF 0
11 Nick Coates Novice NS
76 Callum Warren Novice NS
85 Jason Craig Novice NS
128 Brad Bruce Novice NS
133 Lewis Moore Novice NS
368 Mark Nalias Novice NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 122 Brook Johnson Ladies 02:02:54:273 9
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 40 Neil Crayston Over 50’s 02:04:06:648 13
2 228 Steve Hetherington Over 50’s 02:00:35:093 12
3 141 Nigel Fox Over 50’s 02:00:40:361 12
4 171 Gary Court Over 50’s 02:01:10:214 12
5 2 Adrian Horsley Over 50’s 02:01:54:968 12
6 15 Mark Wardingley Over 50’s 02:09:18:467 12
7 0 Stuart Beaty Over 50’s 02:09:26:638 11
8 63 Richard Holmes Over 50’s 02:03:34:321 10
99 Christopher Airey Over 50’s 01:12:23:517 DNF 5
48 Vincent Ewan Over 50’s 01:15:35:973 DNF 4
24 Andrew Beatty Over 50’s 00:13:38:507 DNF 1
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 214 Mark Cockfield Sportsman Vets 02:04:26:967 13
2 333 Andrew Brook Sportsman Vets 02:02:00:877 12
3 57 David Bell Sportsman Vets 02:06:05:405 12
4 401 Danny Coucom Sportsman Vets 02:07:05:125 12
5 263 Jason Atha Sportsman Vets 02:09:55:570 12
6 42 Dazler Bailey Sportsman Vets 02:04:24:373 11
51 John Elliott Sportsman Vets 01:18:51:294 DNF 7
18 Paul Embleton Sportsman Vets 01:01:38:524 DNF 4
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 999 Joe Townsend Sportsman 02:03:56:012 14
2 411 Sam Gregory Sportsman 02:05:16:178 14
3 66 Ricky Pearson Sportsman 02:05:36:750 14
4 46 Scott Aitkin Sportsman 02:07:08:239 14
5 111 Nathan Smith Sportsman 02:08:19:932 14
6 35 Stu Gordon Sportsman 02:08:26:372 14
7 50 Jack Winn Sportsman 02:00:30:056 13
8 121 Robert Crayston Sportsman 02:00:44:447 13
9 19 William Wolforth Sportsman 02:02:39:873 13
10 60 Keith Kennedy Sportsman 02:04:08:650 13
11 30 Luke Elliott Sportsman 02:04:38:233 13
12 22 Jacob Wilson Sportsman 02:06:07:525 13
13 271 Cain Tailford Sportsman 02:07:21:749 13
14 97 Ben Haigh Sportsman 02:08:24:249 13
15 92 Nic Boll Sportsman 02:09:09:654 13
16 6 Ethan Kirk Sportsman 02:09:43:593 13
17 166 Josh Gilroy Sportsman 02:00:42:594 12
18 105 Mick Harris Sportsman 02:02:59:181 12
19 232 Richard Billups Sportsman 02:04:49:089 12
20 3 Rik Harris Sportsman 02:09:51:564 10
21 21 Tommy Shevels Sportsman 02:01:42:140 9
22 134 Daniel Hill Sportsman 02:07:39:705 9
37 Gary Adams Sportsman 00:11:11:425 DNF 1
13 Andrew Barker Sportsman NS
33 Joel Foster Sportsman NS
69 Mark Varley Sportsman NS
83 Danny Richards Sportsman NS
88 Jamie Broadhead Sportsman NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 5 Ricky Tropman Clubman Vets 02:05:13:954 14
2 72 Scott Morse Clubman Vets 02:01:19:728 13
3 54 Trevor Harvey Clubman Vets 02:07:45:212 11
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 279 Luke Owen Clubman 02:07:49:058 15
2 162 Ben Walker Clubman 02:02:27:515 14
3 182 Neil Marshall Clubman 02:06:11:813 14
4 454 James Halliwell Clubman 02:06:27:998 14
5 71 Jamie Rodgers Clubman 02:06:46:358 14
6 28 George England Clubman 02:00:05:341 13
7 313 Jack Ambler Clubman 02:01:21:991 13
8 188 Jack Mackley Clubman 02:05:59:421 12
9 12 James Gamble Clubman 02:04:31:904 11
238 Les Mudie Clubman 01:45:59:795 DNF 12
909 Lee Pallett Clubman 00:18:31:298 DNF 2
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 1 Alex Owen Expert Vets 02:04:50:981 15
2 117 David Haith Expert Vets 02:00:32:059 14
3 971 John Steeples Expert Vets 02:05:24:720 14
4 100 Darren Skillin Expert Vets 02:08:42:585 14
5 299 Dean Johnson Expert Vets 02:01:46:005 11
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 10 Sam Greenslade Expert 02:05:46:562 16
2 8 Carl Hollis Expert 02:03:00:252 15
3 94 Joe Deakin Expert 02:03:36:384 15
4 34 Harry Edmondson Expert 02:03:46:098 15
5 132 Josh Haith Expert 02:04:57:431 15
6 363 Josh Bailey Expert 02:05:40:495 15
7 4 Jamie Dilworth Expert 02:05:44:113 15