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Can Cooper cast his Webb! Supercross Digest – Orlando 2 Preview

Can Cooper cast his Webb! Supercross Digest – Orlando 2 Preview

So last Saturday’s racing in Orlando was by no means the most exhilarating evening of SX this year. Let’s be honest, no one is going to look back on this year’s races and say “OMG DO YOU ‘MEMBER ORLANDO, IT WAS SO LIT FYI OMG LOL ROFL…”

Words by Marc Carter – Images courtesy of Supercross Live

But that’s not to say there weren’t a couple of interesting moments. In the 250s Christian Craig went down pretty hard before the main event, but with the class being relatively sparse of podium contenders – even with an injury he managed to get on the box last weekend. Was good to see Jett claiming an overall over colt Nichols too! One thing I would say, it’s quite evident that in the lites class the back-markers are playing a part in the races pretty early on… for me, I hope the West Coast guys don’t face the same problem when the gate drops this coming Saturday!

450s, business as usual really… Osborne found himself leading the pack pretty early on, before finally claiming 3rd overall at the chequers. After Webb made the move from 3rd to first past Roczen and Brayton that was all she wrote. Roczen held on to Cooper for the whole race, but it was no more than a dangled carrot in all honesty. The commentators hyped up the last lap like Kenny was in a position to challenge Webb for the lead… low and behold from multiple bike lengths behind, Roczen didn’t make the pass…

There was one stand out moment in the race though… Barcia’s save.

Justin Barcia deserved that final step on the podium (in my opinion anyway). His charge forward was commendable, and his short game of buckeroo in the whoops before remounting his GasGas, the man’s a parkour expert clearly. Nonetheless, Zachary took advantage of the situation and held off the golden locks of Barcia until the end, consequently sticking that #16 on the final step of the box.

Sorry Bam Bam.

But anyway, let’s talk Orlando 2!

To be fair, I can see the results being pretty similar to last week in the 450s… BUT!
Anstie will be making his debut 450SX ride!

No idea how the Brit will do, nonetheless, after we lost our other Ginger Brit in Houston (Dylan Woodcock), it’ll be good to have another Englishman doing it for the redheads across the pond!

But if I had to pick a top 3 in the 450 Class: Roczen, Webb and Barcia (not necessarily in that order).

What about the 250 West Coast Championship I hear you ask?! Well, I think we are more than likely going to see Jeremy Martin and Justin Cooper making an impression early on. Then the final podium step will be pretty hard fought for between the remaining factory guys. Alex Martin will no doubt want to take the battle to his brother and the other 64, 567 Star Racing Yamaha guys on track… so expect to see Alex fighting for podiums this year! Other guys that could be in the mix? Hunter Lawrence, Smith, McAdoo, Brown, Swoll… plenty of other kids

I’m sure that have put in the graft over the winter that will surprise us this weekend, but until then I’m going Jeremy Martin, Justin Cooper and Alex Martin for my podium pick!

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