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Brown and Chamberlain superb in Rudersberg! World Sidecarcross Championship Finale – Highlights, Race Report and Results

Brown and Chamberlain superb in Rudersberg! World Sidecarcross Championship Finale – Highlights, Race Report and Results

This weekend was the final GP of the 2019 season, GP 14 at the Rudersberg track in Germany. A very large and demanding track which really allowed the teams to show what they can do.

Report and Images by Tracy Thacker

The weather was fantastic all weekend but that meant hard work to keep the dust down to a reasonable level.

Etienne Bax and Kaspars Stupelis had already secured the championship title, but there were 50 points up for grabs and the rest of top 5 places to be finalised.

Qualifying races were great again this week, with five British teams qualified, and four with front row places.

Unfortunately Brett Wilkinson and Ryan Humphrey were not amongst them as they needed to rest up from injuries picked up in France last weekend, and there just wasn’t time to recover.

In Race 1, Brown / Chamberlain took the hole-shot blasting into the lead on bend one, they pulled out a fantastic lead and went on to take a great win, their first of the 2019 season, and enough points to take them to fourth in the championship, but with just a six point advantage, could they hold it to the end of the day?

Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart held second and despite a great fight they couldn’t catch the leaders.

Within the first few laps Bax / Stupelis tucked into third and stayed there throughout.

Behind Brown / Millard worked hard to battle into fourth, with Varik / Daiders just behind.

Dan Foden with new passenger Paul Horton held a brilliant tenth for the majority of the race, dropping a couple of places towards the final few laps, but disaster struck when they landed from the large tabletop and the bike stopped as it ran out of petrol, they had just a few bends to go. Unfortunately Kops / De Laat were so close on landing they couldn’t avoid them causing a crash which put them out for the rest of the day.

Kinge / Gray had a steady race and powered on to take twelfth.

Moulds / Anthony also had a brilliant race fighting through from a back row start to take fifteenth.

In Race 2, Brown / Chamberlain took a second hole-shot and as their rivals fought behind them they blasted ahead, didn’t look back and took an amazing double win, they made it look easy, but their championship position would be dependent on how well their rivals finished.

Hermans / Musset were on great form blasting into second but battled hard for many laps with Bax / Stupelis who eventually managed to get past but Hermans / Musset stayed close until disaster struck and they had to make a pit stop to change a sidecar wheel, they rejoined and still fought hard to ensure they still scored points.

Cuche / Cuche held third after another great start, but Brown / Millard were on their back wheel, they battled hard but the Swiss duo defended well but Brown / Millard finally took the advantage to take third, but would that mean a podium for them for a third consecutive GP? This depended on Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart and where they finished.

Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart held fifth behind Dierckens / Bax but they knew every point counted towards a second place in the championship and pushed hard to take fourth and enough points to take third on the podium, leaving Brown / Millard fourth on the day, and only 2 points off that podium place.

Moulds / Anthony had another consistent race starting midfield and challenging hard to take eleventh.

Kinge / Gray were just a few places behind in fourteenth.

Bax / Stupelis now hold the title with their rivals Vanluchene / Van Den Bogaart second. And Hermans / Musset taking the bronze place.

Great news for the British teams with Brown / Chamberlain having such a fantastic day they moved up one place and took fourth in the championship just 15 points ahead of Dierckens / Bax.

There are two British teams in the top ten Stuart’s son Jake Brown with Joe Millard hold a brilliant eighth.

There are two more holding top twenty places with George Kinge / Lewis Gray in seventeenth and Brett Wilkinson / Ryan Humphrey now nineteenth.

Gary Moulds and Australian Brian Anthony had a brilliant end to the season and finished just outside the top twenty.

Now we can’t wait to see what the 2020 holds for the sidecar family, you can be sure it will include many passenger swaps, we will keep you updated on all the latest information.