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Brits fail to qualify in Roden! FIM World Long Track Challenge – Race Report and Results

Brits fail to qualify in Roden! FIM World Long Track Challenge – Race Report and Results

After much hard work from the organising club there were 250 covid-limited spectators present to see Josef France win the FIM Long Track World Championship Challenge in Roden on Sunday but the cheers from those fans were reserved for the two Dutch riders Romano Hummel and Theo Pijper. All earned a guaranteed place in the 2021 championship along with German Max Dilger who finished in third place.

In warm sunny weather and on a well-prepared track at the Roden Speed Center it was Franc who set the standard and he was unbeaten until his final race when he had to borrow a machine from fellow Czech Hynek Stichauer after his own refused to start. On unfamiliar equipment he was not able to match the speed of Andrew Appleton who scored his only race win of the afternoon. Max Dilger started with two wins, faltered a little during the middle heats then won four points in his final race after a hard battle with Stephan Katt, taking his total to 17 and third place on the rostrum.

Romano Hummel has clearly recovered from the injuries which kept him away from the track for much of last year and the young Dutchman having missed the start in his first outing then ran off four straight wins. Veteran Theo Pijper rode steadily throughout and was content to follow Hummel in his final race to secure his qualification place.

There were disappointing performances from the British entries with former European Champions Zach Wajknecht and James Shanes both failing to impress but Paul Cooper was closest to qualification until an engine failure in his last race ended his chances. The Germans too were frustrated with only newcomer Fabian Wachs showing promise.

Leading scorers were:
1. Josef Franc (Czech Republic) 19 points
2. Romano Hummel (Netherlands) 18
3. Max Dilger (Germany) 17
4. Theo Pijper (Netherlands) 16
5. Bernd Diener (Germany) 15
6. Kenneth Kruse Hansen (Denmark) 15
7. Hynek Stichauer (Czech Republic) 14
8. Zach Wajknecht (Great Britain) 13
9. Andrew Appleton (Great Britain) 12
10. Fabian Wachs (Germany) 11

An interesting aside to this result is that all four qualifiers are still in contention for the 2020 championship where the top seven scorers will be seeded into the 2021 series. In the event that any of them should qualify by this means then the next higher scoring riders from the Challenge meeting would take their place. Those riders in fifth place downwards will be watching the Final of the 2020 series in Rzeszow next Sunday with added interest.

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