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British Extreme Enduro Championship 2020 Round 1 – Preview and Entry List

British Extreme Enduro Championship 2020 Round 1 – Preview and Entry List


The 2020 British Extreme Enduro Championship fires into life this Sunday at the fantastic Parkwood Off Road Centre, in Tong, West Yorkshire.

Images courtesy of Matthew Rudd Photography

The entry is stacked throughout the classes but the quality in the Championship class is the main talking point with a heap of WESS and SuperEnduro stars looking to strut their extreme stuff with Polish legend Taddy Blazusiak, UK favourite Billy Bolt, reigning champion Jonny Walker, Spanish ace Pol Tarres being pitched against up and comers like 2019 Junior SuperEnduro World Champ Will Hoare. Jono Richardson stepped it up last year too and will look to continue that into 2020 while Chris Windle has had a great winter. Don’t count out the Eurotek KTM boys either with Charlie Frost and Sam Winterburn keen to start their season off with a good result.

Accessible viewing also makes Parkwood a favourite with spectators who not only come to watch the top pro’s but also come to cheer on and encourage those riders who are tackling the circuit for the first time. Entry fees will remain the same as in 2019 at £10 for adults, £5 for children under 16 and senior citizens and under 5’s free.

The postcode for the venue is BD4 0RR

British Extreme Enduro Championship 2020 Round 1 Entry list

First Name Surname Class Bike Sponsors
Bradley Adam Clubman KTM 250 4T
Jack Adams Sportsman KTM 300 EXC TPi
Anthony Adams Sportsman Vets KTM 250 F Six Days
George Adams Sportsman Beta 300
Robert Adams Sportsman Beta 300
Neil Alexander Sportsman KTM 350
Robert Allen Clubman KTM 350 EXC F King Johny’s Motorcycles
James Allen Clubman KTM 300
Robert Allinson Sportsman Vets Beta 300 RR
Luke Ames Sportsman Husqvarna 250i
Jason Ayre Sportsman Husqvarna
Josh Bailey Expert KTM Tideswell Tyres
Oliver Baker Haste Sportsman Beta 300 RR
Cameron Baker Haste Sportsman KTM 125 Edge Off Road
Richard Banks Sportsman KTM 300
Nick Barrow Sportsman Vets KTM EXC 300 Tpi
Dale Becker Clubman KTM 300 TPi JM Racing
Steven Beddows Clubman KTM 300 Bedsy F Bike
Liam Belfield Clubman Yamaha WR 450 Manchester Extreme
Andrew Bentley Sportsman Husqvarna TE 250i
Kyle Betts Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Jamie Black Elite Vets KTM 300 EXC J B Racing
David Blackburn Sportsman Husqvarna 300 Blackburn Motor Bodies
Matthew Blackburn Sportsman Gas Gas 300 Blackburn Motor Bodies
Taddy Blazusiak Championship KTM 300 Tpi Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
Bert Boam Youth KTM SX 85 RAW Enduro
Billy Bolt Championship Husqvarna 300 Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Racing
Alen Bonner Sportsman KTM 350 EXC F
Kamal Bontura Sportsman KTM 300 EXC Enduro Ekipa
Stephen Boyle Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 300 2T
Lee Brinkworth Clubman
Ashton Brightmore Youth KTM 85 Derbyshire Off Road
Mitchell Brightmore Clubman KTM 300 Derbyshire Off Road
Jake Brittan Expert Yamaha YZ250 Manchester Extreme
Lee Broadwith Sportsman Vets KTM 300
James Brown Elite Vets Beta 300
Chris Brown Expert Beta RAW Enduro
Darryl Burgess Clubman KTM 250 EXC
Brandon Burns Youth KTM 150 Car Credit 365
Danny Calkin Clubman KTM 350 EXC F
Simon Cardis Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 Tei Commercial Blinds UK Ltd
Will Cawte Youth KTM BW 85 cc
Richard Chamley Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300 YMTS Racing
Karl Chapman Sportsman KTM 300 EXC Putoline/Fast House
Lance Codner Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
Tom Collett Clubman KTM 300 Parkfield Motorsport
Lyndon Connor Sportsman Vets Yamaha WR 250 Manchester Extreme
James Cooke-Thomas Sportsman Vets KTM 300 EXC
Darren Cox Clubman Beta 300 RR
Harold Crawford Elite Vets Husqvarna 300 Crawford Farm Supplies
Robert Crayston Expert Baydale KTM 150 XC W Baydale Control Systems
Ryan Crayston Clubman D3 KTM D3 Racing
Liam Crisp Clubman Husqvarna TE 300 i STS Off Road
Attila Csaba Szeri Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Paul Cunningham Sportsman Vets KTM 300 EXC TPi
Paul Daley-Smith Sportsman Vets Sherco 300 4T Auto Smart Scarborough
Zain Daniels Clubman KTM 300 EXC
Alex Davies Youth Husqvarna 150i AWD Racing/Inta Motorcycles
Joe Dawson Expert Beta 300 RR
Joe Deakin Championship Sherco Steer Commercials/Edge Offroad
Andy Dean Sportsman Vets KTM 150 STS Tyres
Steven Dean Sportsman Vets KTM 250 Becky’s Enduro Snaps
Stephen Dixon Elite Vets Scorpa T Ride Scorpa UK/Bincett Motorsport
Paul Dixon Clubman KTM 250 EXC Nexus Electrical
Philip Dodsworth Sportsman Vets Husqvarna FE 250 Matt & Milo
Barry Donaghy Expert Husqvarna 300
Shaun Downing Sportsman KTM 300
Steven Dunhill Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
First Name Surname Class Bike Sponsors
Edward Elkin Sportsman Husqvarna FE250
Jonathan Ellis Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 350
Anthony Farrow Sportsman Husqvarna 250
Mark Fenwick Sportsman Vets KTM 250 F
Stevie Fitzsimmons Clubman Husqvarna 300
Neil Flockhart Championship KTM 300
Joshua Flora Sportsman Beta 300
Stefan Florea Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Paul Freeman Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 BMF Creative Interiors
Charlie Frost Championship KTM 300 EXC Eurotek KTM
Chris Garland Expert Beta 300 RR Doctor Racer/Pirelli UK
Darren Gazzard Sportsman Husqvarna
David Gibson Sportsman Vets
Robert Graham Sportsman KTM 300
Rob Gregory Sportsman Vets Gas Gas 300 Mansfield Motorcycles
Keelan Hancock Championship Husqvarna 300 TPi St Blazey MX
Stevie Hanna Sportsman Vets Beta 300 The Long Haired General
Dean Harrison Clubman KTM 200 Eurotek/LSS Waste Management
James Hart Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Lee Hattersley Sportsman Vets KTM 350 Syd Smith Sheffield
Jonathan Hayes Sportsman KTM 250 Six Days
Jordan Hayes Clubman KTM 250 EXC Callum Hayes Fabrications
Scott Hipwell Sportsman Husqvarna 250 Colin Appleyard
Jason Hirst Expert KTM 300 EXC Redline Trackdays Ltd/Cowm Leisure
William Hoare Championship Husqvarna Craig Motorcycles, Parkwoord Off-Road Centre
Tom Hodgson Expert KTM 300 EXC
Steven Horgan Sportsman KTM 250
Mike Houghton Sportsman Husqvarna FE 250
Mark Houson Sportsman Vets KTM 250 XC
George Howard Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Ben Hurley Sportsman KTM 250 EXC
Darryl James Sportsman Husqvarna 250
Jae Jarvis Sportsman KTM 200
Paul Jefferson Sportsman Vets KTM 300 Jefferson Electrical Services
Tommy Johnson Clubman KTM 350 Hottsys Fish Shop
Dean Johnson Sportsman Vets KTM 250 EXC F Speedwell Motorcycles
Gavin Johnstone KTM 350 EXC F
Jordan Jones Clubman KTM 300 TPi
Cynan Jones Youth Husqvarna 125 Randles Groundworks/ RGW Plant Ltd
Rory Jones Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300 T1 Enduro Team
Scott Jones Clubman KTM 300 EXC
Mindaugas Juska Sportsman KTM 250 EXC NM Flooring Services Ltd
Andy Kay Clubman Husqvarana
Jack Keenan Youth Husqvarna BW 85
Dave Knaggs Sportsman Vets Beta 300 2T
Daniel Knaggs Clubman Sherco FSE 300
Tom Knight Expert Sherco 250 2T MRS Racing/Ugly & Co/Michelin
Krzysxtof Kusiak Clubman KTM 300 EXC Enduro Ekipa
David Lamb Sportsman Husqvarna 300
Olly Lawer Expert TM 300 ES Laser Master
Mat LLewellyn Sportsman KTM 250 EXC 2T MHM Plant Ltd
Mark Lodge Sportsman Vets Octane KTM Octane Holdings Ltd
Kiriakos Lofitis Sportsman KTM EXC 250 2T Sayious Adventure Park
Andy Longden Sportsman Vets Beta 300 2T
Doug Lote Youth Yamaha 125 Apico/Michelin/Putoline
John Lumley Expert KTM 300 JL Services
Nigel Lynn Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 300 2T Protectmyincome.com
Jason Macbeth Expert Sherco 300 Grid & Grip Tyres/MRS Sherco
Stuart Mack Expert KTM Eurotek KTM
Kieron McAvoy Clubman KTM 250 EXC
Duncan McCormick Sportsman Vets KTM 350
Craig McCormick Sportsman Vets KTM 350
C Y McCubbin Sportsman Beta 300 2T
Kaylin McHale Clubman KTM 300 EXC
Connaire McHale Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Paul McKie Sportsman Vets KTM 300
Jon Moffatt Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
First Name Surname Class Bike Sponsors
Neil Moore Expert Gas Gas
Richard Moorhouse Clubman Sherco 125 SE-R MRS Sport
Reece Morewood Clubman KTM 300 EXC UK Blinds
Davy Morewood Sportsman Vets Beta X trainer J R M Motorcycles
Santino Morgan Clubman Sherco 300 Goodman Repairs
Matthew Napper Sportsman KTM 150 MotoConnections
Wally Nearn Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300i
Aiden Overend Clubman Beta 250 RR Matthew Rudd Photography
Luke Owen Expert Husqvarna 250 Edge Off Road/Motorcycle Goodies
Alex Owen Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 SJP Moto/Edge Off Road/Motorcycle Goodies
Toni Pampel Clubman KTM 300 EXC HET-Reinsdorf e.v.
Ian Parker Clubman KTM 150
Mitch Parkes Clubman KTM 300 EXC
Mark Paul Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 4T
Luke Pearson Sportsman KTM 250 SX 4T Pitstop Motorcycles
Jordan Petrek Expert KTM 350 EXCF Fast Eddy Racing
Jason Pierce Elite Vets Husqvarna Tpi 300 Tricks in the sticks
Aled Price Expert KTM 300 EXC Adverture Spec
Grove Rackham Sportsman Husqvarna
Chloe Richardson Clubman KTM 300 TPi D3 Racing
Jonathan Richardson Championship Husqvarna 300
Gary Richardson Sportsman Vets Husqvarna TE 300
Billy Rippon Youth KTM 150 Race2Offroad
Scott Roberts Sportsman Husqvarna TE 250 “We Do Vans”
John Robson Sportsman Vets KTM 300
Mick Robson Sportsman Vets KTM 250 EXC Tpi
James Rogers Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
Stevie Roper Expert KTM 250
Rosie Rowett Sportsman Husqvarna TE 150i 100% Goggles/Motul/Troy Lee/K-Tech/Cyfor Security/Chemjet Ltd
Kieran Roy Sportsman Beta 300 VW Centre
Jordan Scott Championship HTM Offroad/Husqvarna TE 300
Murray Shotter Sportsman Vets Sherco 300
Frank Skillin Youth Beta
Darren Skillin Sportsman Vets KTM 250
Mike Slater Expert KTM 300 EXC
Tom Slater Sportsman Sherco 250 2T
Michael Smith Sportsman Beta 300 Revolution Detailing
Andy Smith Sportsman Husqvarna 300 Decorative Driveways
Lewis Smith Clubman Husqvarna TE 300
Joe Smith Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
Jack Spencer Expert Beta Beta UK
Billy Steinman Sportsman Yamaha 125
Leo Swinfen Sportsman Beta 300 RR
Pol Tarres Championship Husqvarna TE 300 i TTR – Officine Ricamonti
Simon Tate Sportsman Vets Husqvarna TE 250 i Team Family Racing
Tommy Tate Sportsman Husqvarna 125 Colin Appleyard
Robert Taylor Expert KTM 300
Mike Taylor Clubman Husqvarna 300 Taylor Joiner and Builders
Ben Tennant Sportsman Beta 300 RR 4T CJT Off Road
Lee Thomas Clubman KTM300 RXC Tan-y-Bont Garage
Matthew Thompson Expert KTM 300 EXC
Ryan Thompson Youth HusqvarnaTE 150 i Pulse Air/Sandown Racing/Lappin Performance
Jan Thundercliffe Sportsman Vets KTM 300 Grindale Woodworks
Stephen Tomlin Sportsman Vets Beta 300 RR Premier Tree Services
John Trevor Sportsman Vets KTM 300
Neil Trevor Sportsman Vets KTM 300 Tpi
Barry Turnball Expert Sherco 300 2T Putoline Oils/Apico Factory Racing/Fernley Engineering
Anthony Turner Sportsman KTM 300 EXC Tpi
Haydn Tyrer Clubman KTM 300 EMR
Jonny Walker Championship KTM 350 EXC-F Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
Simon Walker Sportsman Vets Sherco 250 F
Josef Westgarth Expert KTM 300 EXC Eurotek
Paul Westgarth Sportsman Vets KTM 300
Will Westwell Clubman KTM 300
Declan Wheatley Youth Husqvarna TC 85
Gavin White Sportsman KTM 250 EXC King Jonnys Motorcycles
Anthony White Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 300
Nick Whitehead Sportsman KTM 300 X-Bite Ltd
First Name Surname Class Bike Sponsors
Gage Whyte Sportsman Husqvarna TE 250 Tpi Whytes Decorators Leeds
Ben Wibberley Expert Husqvarna TE 300 Freestyle
Ricky Wiggins Expert KTM 350 Wincanton Print
Jamie Williams Expert KTM 250 Tpi Team Family Racing
Dean Williamson Clubman Gas Gas 300 GP
Jacob Wilson Youth KTM 150 XC EXOL Lubricants
Chris Windle Championship Husqvarna Ace Susupension
Jack Winn Clubman KTM 150 Jetson Racing/Race 2 Off Road/Ci Sport
Sam Winterburn Championship KTM 300 TPi D3 Racing
Filip Wojtczak Sportsman KTM 300 EXC Enduro Ekipa
William Wolforth Clubman Husqvarna 300 Taylor Joiner and Builders
Elliott Woodhall Youth KTM 125 Auto Smart Scarborough
Jake Wright Sportsman Beta 300 2T
Lawrence Wright Clubman KTM 350 4T
Ciprian Zlampa Sportsman KTM 250 EXC

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