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Brennan enters the Big Time! Pitbike Speedway Championships Round 2 – Race Report and Results

Brennan enters the Big Time! Pitbike Speedway Championships Round 2 – Race Report and Results

by adminJanuary 15, 2019

Pocket Rocket Tom Brennan wins the PFS (IFA) Ltd PitBike speedway world championship Round No.2 but his victory was not without controversy, protests, and missile‘s being fired!

Images courtesy of Amanda Morrison

Pint size Brennan just back from his Australian Speedway tour scorched to an Elite 16 point heat max but as the riders gathered for the all important gate choice mid way through the proceedings it was discovered that Brennan had been using a new launch control hole-shot device!!!

The Missile Charley Powell protested to the officials as he believed it broke one of the fundamental governing PBSPEEDWAY laws however as a “Bolt on Mod” of no decreeable point of origin the CoC ruled in favour of Brennan. Not perturbed by the ruling Powell appealed to his co-competitors to ban the device pre final however the missile was shot down by an 80% / 20% vote in young Tom’s favour.

Powell left fuming 😤 could only chase the fast trapping Brennan home for 2nd place in the Grand A Final and Brennan goes home to Sussex with a Stella 46 point full max, although Tom’s first round points are null & void after using a banned 4 Valve engine he has no spare rope to slip if he wants the PBS WC feather in his young cap.

With the Iwade track surface slicker than normal especially in January the speedway Aces shone through, and newbie Jason Edwards stomped home for a well earned 3rd on his borrowed/Stolen Essex 140 whip. Well happy with his own performance was returnee Connor Dugard who bagged a very credible 4th while Championship leader Mitchel Godden could only a muster a 5th 😭.

Deflated Godden looked completely out of sorts on the smooth surface and only bagged 5 heat points and suffered 2 punctures along the way. Is the Veteran’s world title challenge already In Tatters? With a second shoulder operation next week maybe he’s bitten off way more than he can chew this season! 🍔

⭐️ Charlie Gates top scored in the pro’s with a hot 15 and will be an Elite next time out and similarly
⭐️ Chris Stanton smashed a 16 point max in the nationals, he will be making the move into Pro’s.
⭐️Brennan and the others all went home with Ben Ilsley supplied sticky Rhino Goo spunky product. 💦

Notability missing from today’s action was firstly “King of the Ring” Edward Kennett, stuck at the Daytona head office due to a no fly dust storm, and secondly dirty thirty Rob Mear. 🥃 Unfortunately current world champ Mear failed a self initiated alcohol assessment at dawn after his 30th Birthday celebrations got messy the night before, but he is expected to pass the Alco test by at least Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Mear, Kennett, Dugard, Brennan and the others missing vital points still have a shout in the championship with the possibility of a dropped round if all 5 rounds are completed but that’s only in the hands of the gods. ☔️ 🌪⚡️

Special note to Ex British Upright Grasstrack Champion newbie Chris Still and Darren Dyno-Sargeant both scoring a solid 14 pro points, and a tail of woe to sidecar Ace Paul Smith who dropped a chain in 3 out of 4 heats, and today’s Mr Crash Chris Stanton who won’t be sitting down for a while due to a heavily bruised double arse cheek injury! 🙈


  1. Tom Brennan 30+16 (46)
  2. Charley Powell 29+13 (42)
  3. Jason Edwards 28+11 (39)
  4. Connor Dugard 27+11 (38)
  5. Mitchel Godden 26+5 (31)
  6. Rodney McDonald 25+11 (36)
  7. Paul Knott 24+6 (31)
  8. Benny Read 23+3 (26)
  9. Nick Laurence 22+3 (23)
  10. Russell Little 21+11 (32)
  11. Charlie G Gates 20+15 (35) 4V
  12. Martyn Sturgeon 19+1 (20)
  13. Graeme Brown 18+13 (31)
  14. Chad Wirtzfeld 17+10 (27)
  15. Darren Dyno-Sargeant 16+14 (30)
  16. Chris Shallcross 15+9 (24)
  17. Derek Keys 14+9 (23)
  18. Chris Still 13+14 (27)
  19. Josh Russell 12+8 (20)
  20. Jeremy Skipp 11+7 (18)
  21. Ben Ilsley 10+7 (17)
  22. Jim Clement 9+5 (14)
  23. Chris White 8+9 (17)
  24. Simon Field 7+6 (13)
  25. Nigel Coates 6+7 (13)
  26. Murrie Collins 5+5 (10)
  27. Barry Coates 4+3 (7)
  28. Chris Stanton 3+16 (19)
  29. Lydia Penfold 2+9 (11)
  30. Paul Morfey 1+5 (6)
  31. Lester Denham 0+3 (3)
  32. Garry Ram Dunn 0+10 (10)
  33. Trevor Steward 0+13 (13)
  34. Jake Gerring 0+14 (14)
  35. Stuart Lee-amies 0+7 (7)
  36. Anthony Sales 0+11 (11)
  37. Paul Smith 0+3 (3)
  38. Ron Steward 0+9 (9)
  39. Obed Michael Cooper 0+9 (9)
  40. Andy Long 0+8 (8)
  41. Luke Russell 0+3 (3)
  42. Patrick Holford 0+5 (5)
  43. Sam Heath – No-Show
  44. Rob Heath – No-Show
  45. Warren Atkinson – No-Show

Going on to round 3 in February Powell heads the Field. Full championship standings to follow:

  1. Charley Powell 84
  2. Rodney McDonald 78
  3. Mitchel Godden 77
  4. Jason Edwards 73

Points allocated – 1st-30 + heat points, 2nd-29+ heat points, etc

Mega thanks to the excellent staff at Iwade Speedway, Gary Southgate, Georgina Joyce, Red Circles, Rhino Goo, GSP, and our main corporate championship sponsor PFS (IFA) Ltd sports insurance for helping making the whole day happen.

Next event – Sunday 3rd February