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Bradley conquers mount Mildenhall. CJMX & YSMA – Race Report and Results

Bradley conquers mount Mildenhall. CJMX & YSMA – Race Report and Results


CJMX and YMSA held a joint club meeting at Mildenhall. The track was in prime condition, and the paddock filled up with everyone keen to get the day underway.

Race report by Rebecca Stock –  Images courtesy of Roy Edwards

The spectators were in for some nail-biting action in the MX1 and MX2 classes. Harry Bradley took all 3 race wins, not letting him have it easy was Luke Houghton who finished closely behind each time taking 2nd, Bill Moynes was also on form working hard to take the 3rd spot.

Next out were the Clubman class. Leo Shaw took the win in race 1 and 2 followed by Karl Jenkinson in 2nd and James Thompson 3rd. Race 3 Saw Thompson working hard to take the chequered flag, Shaw came in 2nd with Matthew Fuller 3rd.

The Youth class were the next to roar out of the gates. Sam Atkinson stormed ahead for the win in race 1, Laney Monaghan battled it out with Jack Raybould for 2nd and 3rd. Race 2 and Alfie Barnes worked hard for first, With Jacob Russell putting the pressure on him and taking 2nd, Bill Shepherd coming in a close 3rd. Race 3 Saw Raybould take an early lead for the win, Russell came in for 2nd and Atkinson 3rd.

Zac Sutton pulled off a hat trick in the c-class and Evo/Twinshock group. Declan Kelly was consistent and came in 2nd each race and Joe Webster took 3rd in races 1 and 2, Warren Benner in race 3.

Olivia Reynolds – Auto’s

The Vets class didn’t disappoint with some close racing. John cooper put on a solid ride for all 3 wins, Martin Wilson stayed consistent with 2-3-2, Richard Dawson finished up in the 2nd spot in races 2 and 3 with Andy Philpott taking 3rd in race.

The large line up of Small Wheel 85’s took to the line next. Ashton Boughen took an early lead in race 1 and 3, Harvey Antrobus pushed hard to finish 2-1-2. Seth Manners rode well to take 2nd in race 2. Rocco Hands worked hard to take the third spot each race.

Tyler Higman 141 and Connor Smith 7 – Small Wheel 85’s

Scrambling out the gate next were the Junior group of racers. Blake Ward-Clarke took all 3 wins with a commanding lead. Drew Stock finished 2-2-3 ahead of Ben Casey in races 1 and 3, Harley Prickett worked hard to get the final top spot in race 2.

Next ready to race were the Auto class. Lucas Lee was on great form taking all 3 wins, Casey Lister and Olivia Reynolds pushed each race for 2nd and 3rd.

Tommy Morris 157 MX2

The last group of the day were the Big wheel 85’s. Kayde Rayns took the win in race 1 followed by Kieran Boughen and Tyler Etheridge. Race 2 and 3 Boughen took the lead leaving Rayns and Etheridge battling it out, crossing the line in race 2 less than 1 second apart.

CJMX and YMSA would like to thank everyone that made the day run smoothly. To the injured riders we wish you a speedy recovery. CJMX next meeting is DG Memorial at Stratford 1st and 2nd June. Book in through


Auto: 1st Lucas Lee, 2nd Casey Lister, 3rd Olivia Reynolds, 4th Logan Faulkner, 5th Sonny Burton, 6th Harry Cuddy.

Junior: 1st Blake Ward-Clarke, 2nd Drew Stock, 3rd Ben Casey, 4th Harley Prickett, 5th Jack Leese, 6th Ethan Jordan.

S/W 85: 1st Harvey Antrobus, 2nd Rocco Hands, 3rd Ashton Boughen, 4th Seth Manners, 5th Conor McGrath, 6th Harry West.

B/W 85: 1st Kiean Boughen, 2nd Kayde Rayns, 3rd Tyler Etheridge, 4th Larry Harper, 5th Jack Lillyman, 6th Lewis Bethell.

Youth: 1st Jack Raybould, 2nd Laney Monaghan, 3rd Jaydon Wright, 4th Henry Hearn, 5th Jacob Russell, 6th Keaton Ellis.

Clubman: 1st Leo Shaw, 2nd James Thompson, 3rd Karl Jenkinson, 4th Matthew Fuller, 5th Jordan Rowe, 6th Dan Butler

MX1 & MX2: 1st Harry Bradley, 2nd Rob Wood, 3rd Luke Houghton, 4th Bill Moynes, 5th Daryl Wallis, 6th Perry Galloway.

C-class & Evo/Twinshock: 1st Zac Sutton, 2nd Mark Russell, 3rd Declan Kelly, 4th Simon Rogers, 5th Mark Finn, 6th Warren Benner.

Vets: 1st John Cooper, 2nd Martin Wilson, 3rd Micky Firth, 4th Andy Philpott, 5th Will Townsend, 6th Stephen Hodder.