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Bolter out of the blue! RORE Summer Enduro Series Finale – Race Report and Results

Bolter out of the blue! RORE Summer Enduro Series Finale – Race Report and Results


Four rounds of fierce competition reached its finale on the 8th September as the Rogershill Off-Road Events Enduro Summer Championships reached its conclusion. With more glorious weather a field of 130 riders lined up for the last time this summer under the wind turbine at Rogershill Raceway.

Report by Emily and Danny Hall – Images courtesy of Alice Saville – Photo Finish 43

Daryl Bolter was in a league of his own, leading from the first lap and setting the fastest time of the race, more than 30 seconds quicker than anyone else. In his wake, the battle of the Brads, for the championship, was underway. Brad King was comfortably ahead of Brad Rowland when disaster struck his gear lever, meaning he finished back in 7th costing him over 15minutes and the championship. The consistent Brad Rowland cruised to 2nd, taking the championship win by one point. After a dodgy second lap, where I’m guessing he sampled some dirt, Josh Player pulled out some impressive times to finish 3rd. Bravery rider Jack Nixey was going well until his bike went pop (again)!

After a steady start Maverick Smith found his stride, setting the quickest lap of the class and securing his position at the top of the podium. Niles Reid took the early lead but had to settle for second in the end, securing second in the championship as well. Jordan Brigden was third on the day and over the summer series as well. Fourth place Ricky Good had done enough in the previous rounds to earn himself first in the expert championship!

With Stan Watt taking his chances in the championship class, the Expert Vets, was even more competitive than usual! Jack Twentyman got the holeshot but by the end of the first lap Gary McCoy was out front where he stayed till the chequered flag and won the championship by over 10 points. Dan slotted into second until the fuel stops but was struggling for traction as the tight git is still using a tyre he fitted for the sprint in June! Geoff Brigden battled it out with Jack and Dave Coles and came in second and second in the championship with Dave finishing third on the day.

Harry Neal was the winner of the clubman A class, coming an impressive 13th overall, he’s back on form after a bad crash at Dawn till Dusk! Second place was championship winner Daryl Biles who set the fastest lap time of the group. Third was Tony Cook and fourth was Dan Guy who got stuck behind the scrapping vets!

Clubman B saw a lot of changing places, but Adam Morgan finally pulled away from the others for the win after Rhys Trotter rode the tyres clean off his husky and pulled out! The consistent Nick Gifford was second, having completed 9 laps in a row under 20 minutes! Em was third and gutted to just miss out on getting 10laps thanks to a nasty first lap crash. Adam also won the class for the series, well done. Adam Murphy made the long trip over from Ireland after hearing how good our series was! Get well soon to Cavan Watt, who began the race with a broken shoulder, as Stan said he was fine! Another crash meant he finally went to A&E, on his birthday! All the best mate.
In the over 40 clubman class Phillip Gilder took a comfortable win from Stuart (stumpy) Jarvis and Wayne Tipton who battled it out for most of the race with Mike Rogers never far away. Spare a thought for Mark Davis who’s KTM started making nasty noises forcing him out. The championship winner was Julian Earle, who must have had a nightmare of a day by the looks of things!

Alex Westlake ran away with the sportsman class finishing a lap up on everyone else and winning every race this championship. Joseph Williams also put in some impressive lap times and was comfortably ahead of Rory Tucker in third. Rory also finished third in championship.

John Rowley won the sportsman Vets class and was the only one with a lap time under 20 minutes! Second was Alan Obrien who also completed 9 laps. Third was Jeff White who earned enough points to top the series! Second in the Series was Bravery rider Chris Dello, training with Danny paid off!

We hope you have all enjoyed the series, we have tried to vary the events as much as possible and the feedback from the sprint/beers in the barn memorial fundraiser was excellent and we aim to build on that one for next year! Thanks to all for your support, RORE have been able to raise over £9000 for charity in the last year! This has only been possible thanks to everyone who has helped us out from marking out tracks and marshalling to preparing party barns and dealing with the reams of paperwork that go with each event, thankyou all!

The winter series is approaching quickly but on the 19th October, we will host an enduro practice which will include the presentation of prizes and plaques for the championship top three in each class. Product prizes kindly sponsored by Rapid Moto and Bravery.org. The winter series begins on the 3rd November with the help of Dorset Enduro there will be 5 rounds of racing at 3 different venues!



1 DARYL BOLTER 01 Champio 11
2 BRADLEY ROWLAND 01 Champio 11
3 JOSH PLAYER 01 Champio 11
4 ALAN MORRISON 01 Champio 11
5 BRETT ROWLAND 01 Champio 11
6 STAN WATT 01 Champio 11
7 BRAD KING 01 Champio 11
8 MAVERICK SMITH 02 Expert 10
9 NILES REID 02 Expert 10
10 JORDAN BRIGDEN 02 Expert 10
11 Sam Grodno 02 Expert 10
12 GARY MCCOY 03 O40 Exp 10
13 HARRY NEAL 04 Club A 10
14 GEOFF BRIGDEN 03 O40 Exp 10
15 RICHARD GOOD 02 Expert 10
16 DARYL BILES 04 Club A 10
17 TONY COOK 04 Club A 10
18 MORGAN DEAKIN 02 Expert 10
19 Garry Wells 02 Expert 10
20 DAVE COLES 03 O40 Exp 10
21 JACK TWENTYMAN 03 O40 Exp 10
22 DANNY HALL 03 O40 Exp 10
23 DANIEL GUY 04 Club A 10
24 MARTIN HALLETT 04 Club A 10
25 DREW SLEVIN 02 Expert 10
26 ADAM MORGAN 05 Club B 10
27 GILES RICHARDS 02 Expert 10
28 PHILIP GILDER 06 O40 Clu 10
29 RORY SHERLOCK 04 Club A 10
30 ANDY CLAXTON 03 O40 Exp 10
31 NICK GIFFORD 05 Club B 10
32 EMILY HALL 05 Club B 9
33 GRAHAM MAUNDER 02 Expert 9
34 STEWART JARVIS 06 O40 Clu 9
36 SIMON ELLETT 05 Club B 9
37 WAYNE TIPTON 06 O40 Clu 9
39 MIKE RODGERS 06 O40 Clu 9
40 HARLEY TILLEY 04 Club A 9
42 Chris Page 04 Club A 9
43 MICHAEL BROOKS 03 O40 Exp 9
44 DARREN CARTER 06 O40 Clu 9
45 SHAUN PHILIP 06 O40 Clu 9
47 DAVE SAWTELL 06 O40 Clu 9
48 PETE NIXEY 06 O40 Clu 9
49 ADAM MURPHY 05 Club B 9
50 JOHN FOLEY 05 Club B 9
51 ALEX WESTLAKE 07 Sportsm 9
52 STEVE DAGGER 06 O40 Clu 9
53 SHANE BABEY 06 O40 Clu 9
54 Ryan Elcock 04 Club A 9
55 ROB SMITH 06 O40 Clu 9
56 JUSTIN BOUGH 06 O40 Clu 9
57 MARK BUCKELL 05 Club B 9
58 JACK BRAZIER 04 Club A 9
59 KEVIN SALT 05 Club B 9
60 MATT WARD 06 O40 Clu 9
62 Billy Taylor 05 Club B 9
63 TONI BURROWS 06 O40 Clu 9
64 ALEX MCGRATH 04 Club A 9
65 JOHN ROWLEY 08 O40 Spo 9
66 ALAN OBRIEN 08 O40 Spo 9
68 LEON PORTER 05 Club B 9
69 MARK ANTHONY LEE 06 O40 Clu 8
70 GEORGE LEYLAND 06 O40 Clu 8
71 PIERS SHERLOCK 06 O40 Clu 8
72 JEFF WHITE 08 O40 Spo 8
73 CHRIS VELLO 08 O40 Spo 8
74 JOSEPH WILLIAMS 07 Sportsm 8
76 JUSTIN SHORT 08 O40 Spo 8
77 MARK EDWARDS 08 O40 Spo 8
78 Dan Crosbie 07 Sportsm 8
79 DAVID WRIGHT 06 O40 Clu 8
80 PAUL TINNEY 05 Club B 8
81 PETER NASH 08 O40 Spo 8
82 MATTHEW SLEEP 08 O40 Spo 8
83 PAUL GENTLE 06 O40 Clu 8
84 RORY TUCKER 07 Sportsm 8
85 JACOB HAIGH 07 Sportsm 7
86 DEAN BELL 07 Sportsm 7
87 CAMERON ROBINSON 07 Sportsm 7
88 JULIAN EARLE 06 O40 Clu 7
89 PETER COLMER 05 Club B 7
90 SAM STUBBINGTON 07 Sportsm 7
91 RICHARD PEAKER 08 O40 Spo 7
92 Nick Windsor 07 Sportsm 7
94 TIM ODOWD 08 O40 Spo 7
95 STEVEN GREADY 08 O40 Spo 6
96 LEE WHITCOMBE 06 O40 Clu 6
97 ROMBEY SALT 05 Club B 4
98 TONY WALKER 08 O40 Spo 4