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Billy Mac’s down and out of Maxxis comeback – Pre injury Interview!

Billy Mac’s down and out of Maxxis comeback – Pre injury Interview!


The return of former MXGP star Billy Mackenzie to competitive Motocross onboard his Honda 500 has captured the excitement of many, and even more so when he announced last week that he would be taking part in this weekend’s Maxxis British Championships round at Hawkstone Park.

Feature courtesy of Dave Rich

Unfortunately yesterday those plans came to a grinding half as he crashed out in a practice accident breaking 5 vertebrae and suffering broken ribs. We wish the Billy a speedy recovery.

The day before his crash Jeff Perrett caught up with the legendary Scottish racer on his future and thoughts leading up to this weekends Maxxis appearance, which makes it more of shame about his accident as there was a chance we would have seen a lot more of Billy Mac this year.  Here is what he said…

Jeff: Can you pinpoint what pulled you back into racing? Was it just loving the big red so much or just being back at the races with no pressure? Something else?

Billy Mac: Yes it was definitely riding the 500, the seat being so comfortable mostly. Then a mixture of the feeling and the results after the VMXdN, that sparked the racing feeling. Since I had such a great last race and the attitude I approached that race with just made it fun.

Jeff: What have you been doing with yourself in those years away? What is a year in the life of Billy Mackenzie like these days?

Billy Mac: I’ve kept busy, just learning life skills really. Been working lots of tools while doing some building work and stripping road bikes. Basically just keeping busy and enjoying learning new things.

Jeff: Any thoughts of regrets in that time or anything you felt you should’ve done differently as your time as a professional racer?

Billy Mac: No, just taking day by day.

Jeff: What is your funniest memory from racing over all these years (printable!)?

Billy Mac: Too many to try recollect

Jeff: You were a GP rider from a young age and raced them for years. How do you see it now? Do you even care?

Billy Mac: Not really. I just enjoy riding and racing my bike, I try not to think or over analyse racing anymore, It did my head in. I know I can ride a bike, so when the gate drops, all of the pre thoughts get lost in the laps. Racing is instinct, if I try plan shit it never works out. I think back to Japan and why it always happened out there, and I’m sure part of it was just going there with a blank mind and no one really influencing me.

Jeff: You know what it’s like to win in front of a partisan home crowd. What’s your opinion on the news that there will no longer be a British GP?

Billy Mac: Haven’t thought about it, I’m sure it will be back in the future.

Jeff: Easy to say ‘no expectations’ for the Maxxis this weekend, but you must have a idea in your head of where you reckon you’ll place?

Billy Mac: I literally just want to finish the race, because I didn’t get the 500 over the line in 2008. My goals are low, so anything else is a bonus. If I can get a start I’ll do my best till I get sketchy! I know I will have to warm into it, it takes me a few laps to get comfortable with the bike and track, but when I do, it’s a magic feeling.

Jeff: Any plans for the future within MX more than your current involvement?

Billy Mac: Yes lots of plans, it feels good to give back to the fans and doing it how I want. I’m sure soon enough I’ll be taking some riders on for coaching and sharing some knowledge to the next generation. I’ll be at the VMXdN for team GB.