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Bewdley Bog Fest – Bewdley Grasstrack Race Report & Results

Bewdley Bog Fest – Bewdley Grasstrack Race Report & Results

by adminOctober 6, 2017

A good line up of Racers assembled for the Bewdley Grasstrack Meeting at Lowe Farm but they had to contend with some pretty horrendous weather and tough conditions.

Images courtesy of Martin Ilsey

The lower cc classes were fully welcomed at this event and Marcus Crutchington took home the 125cc solo win whilst Darren Rolph headed home all challengers to gain the top spot in the GT140 group.

Veteran Graham Thomas showed he still has it in the 250cc solos, with Barry Powell continued his tremendous season in the 350’s with victory over Wayne Broadhurst.  Ryan Ashcroft finished off a superb weekend for him with a win in the 500c solos after winning the Formula grasstrack meeting the day before.

Neil Copestake was the victor in the Upright solo class, whilst Richey Guest prevailed over Lester Denham in the Pitbike class to take the win.  In the Pre 75 class Ian Gutteridge took the honours on the day.

In the 1000cc Right Hand sidecars it was Jeff Measor & Gareth Tregilgas who stood on top of the podium and in the  500cc new/old Sidecar class Thomas Newton & Dillon Newton won out.

A good entry of Youth races battled hard in the sticky conditions with one eye on the British Youth Grasstrack Championships this weekend.  Ollie Binn’s won the Auto class over George Colvin, whilst in the Cadet class it was Thomas Vining who took the win.  Another rider having a great season is Aidan Arthur, and he backed this up with a win in the Youth Junior class.  There were also MX 85cc classes with Luke Garnder winning in the Small Wheels and Stephanie Tovey in the Big Wheels.


125cc Solo
1st Marcus Crutchington 36pts
2nd Mark Furley 26 pts
3rd Nigel Bowkett 25 pts
4th Stephen Mace 17pts

GT140 Solo
1st Darren Rolph 36pts
2nd Richy Guest 30 pts
3rd Matthew Brown 24pts
4th Murrie Collins 20 pts
5th Jed Rolph 7 pts

250cc Solo
1st Graham Thomas 32 pts
2nd Phil Thomas 30pts
3rd Tim Greig 28 pts
4th Adam Hawker 20 pts
5th Ollie Stanford 19 pts
6th Jake Gerring 15 pts
7th Paul Dufty 10 pts
8th Lewis Pugh 9 pts
9th Gary Holtham 6 pts
10th Louis Skelding 3 pts

350cc Solo
1st Barry Powell 36 pts
2nd Wayne Broadhurst 32 pts
3rd Liam Ashcroft 26 pts
4th Stevie Anderson 22 pts
5th Glyn Stanton 19 pts
6th Mark Anderson 16 pts
Equal 7th Barry Coates 10 pts
Equal 7th Steve Dowling 10 pts
9th Rob Thomas 7 pts
10th Simon Phillips 6 pts

Youth Auto
1st Ollie Binns 32 pts
2nd George Colvin 24 pts
Equal 3rd Leyland Phillips 23 pts
Equal 3rd Rico Joyce 23 pts
5th Charlotte Arthur 21 pts

Youth Cadet
1st Thomas Vining 36 pts
2nd Jacob Phillips 30 pts

500cc Solo
1st Ryan Ashcroft 34 pts
2nd Wayne Broadhurst 32 pts
3rd Dyfed Evans 24 pts
4th Chris Watts 21 pts
5th Peter Dugdale 16 pts
6th Luke Tuck 11 pts
Equal 7th Ryan Meer 6 pts
Equal 7th Brandon Gutteridge 6 pts
9th John Ravevenscroft 5 pts

500cc Old / New Sidecar
1st Thomas Newton / Dillon Newton 19 pts
2nd Brian Hatch / Lew Wharton 12 pts

Upright Solo
1st Neil Copestake 32 pts
2nd Ben Phillips 25 pts
3rd Tim Curnock 24 pts
4th Stephen Russell 20 pts
5th Luke Tuck 15pts
6th Nigel Coates 12 pts
7th Mike Skelding 11 pts
8th Ryan Meer 5 pts
9th Dave Blackburn 4 pts

1000cc Right Hand Sidecar
1st Jeff Measor / Gareth Tregilgas 19 pts
2nd Lee Jones / Ryan Wharton 14 pts
3rd Clint Blondell / Kev Bennett 13 pts
4th Pete Shaw / Steven Russell 9 pts
5th Peter Lloyd / R Jones 6 pts

Pit Bike Solo
1st Richy Guest 36 pts
2nd Lester Denham 30 pts
3rd Simon Bence 22 pts
4th Paul Mileham 22 pts
5th Lee Shinton 19 pts

Youth Junior
1st Aidan Arthur 34 pts
2nd Zak Batey 28 pts
3rd Max Derrick 23 pts
4th Cameron Taylor 19 pts
5th Theo Copestake 7 pts

Pre 75 Solo
1st Ian Gutteridge 30 pts
2nd Kenny Blain 28 pts
3rd John Priest 24 pts
4th Vince Priestley 22 pts

MX85 Small Wheel
1st Luke Gardner 36 pts
2nd Thomas Tovey 30 pts

MX85 Big Wheel
1st Stephanie Tovey 12 pts