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Bailey crushes it at Kirton! Edge Offroad Protect My Income Enduro Champs Finale – Race Report and Results

Bailey crushes it at Kirton! Edge Offroad Protect My Income Enduro Champs Finale – Race Report and Results

by adminOctober 16, 2018

The Protect My Income Cross Country Championship Finale hosted by Edge Offroad on Sunday at the vast Kirton Offroad Centre, near Scunthorpe certainly was a cracking course for an end of season event!

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of JW Photography

With the weather yet again playing its part in the proceedings on the Sunday morning, it didn’t stop everybody wanting to get the event under way.

The Kids got started at 8.30am for the full 75 minute duration. Young Car Credit sponsored rider Billy Haigh got the holeshot in the Youth A class ahead of Edge rider Alex Leadbetter. These two had a great battle all day but Billy took a great win on the day and overall in the Championship having had an undefeated season to date. Alex had to settle for second but really rode his socks off all day and really did deserve the second spot overall.

Connor Gulbrandsen

Josh Knight made the move up to the big wheel 85 class and took an outstanding third place, finishing on the same laps as Alex and only two minutes down. In the Youth B class Motokings John Stanley took the winners trophy back down to Hampshire, having had a tougher end to the season than expected he still secure the top spot in the overall standings. Edge rider Jak Heaney has had a fantastic year, coming back from a serious knee injury and not knowing if he’d be able to compete this season, yet taking second on the day and overall in the championship. RG Racing rider Hayden Stansfield took a well deserved third place trophy back to Lancashire; hopefully next season Hayden will be able to give this group a run for their money!

John Stanley

In the Junior class, Ailbe Oconnell had to finish to secure his championship title so no doubt this young lad was quietly relieved to go back home with second spot and champ! But it was going to be a class of who had the best ride of the day for the remainder of the podium! Connor Gulbrandsen pulled it out of the bag, and on his 10th Birthday no less, and took the top podium spot on the day and secured second overall, in front of young RG Racing rider Charlie Page who had to settle for 3rd in both respects. Ashton Jones was the only contender in the Auto class in the end, he still went out and rode his socks off, completely six laps and took the trophy home!

Track alterations then took place before the main event got underway. Making sure the Kids loop was well and truly closed off and all tape marking in place, the lads got ready to rumble just after 10.30am off the MX line. It was a great way to get into the Enduro side of the massive quarry.

Ricky Tropman

A full two and a half hours of riding took place over the six and a half mile loop, and it was obvious how much hard work had gone into this event from the Edge crew. They managed to put on a course that had a mix of new sections, the woodland, the MX track and some nice climbs – a bit of everything, nice and flowing to keep everyone happy! Even though the weather had changed on the day, the ground was so hard that it just stop the dust and created lots of grip!

In the Expert class Dawson Marriott moved up from Clubman and got a great start! Henry Moorhouse’s bike wouldn’t start off the line and Edge rider Josh Bailey binned it on the first corner! So Dawson got away! Josh and Henry then had a battle on their hands for a few laps before Henry stopped to put a jacket on. Josh ended up taking a well deserved win even though he pitted for quite a few laps for new goggles, new gloves and fuel!! Dawson grabbed second nearly four minutes down on Josh, and Henry had to settle for third but still took the overall championship win.

Dan Leadbetter

In the Clubman class Dan Leadbetter had a steady start; knowing the race isn’t won in the first lap – he settled into a great pace and ended up with the Expert riders, actually taking the win and second place overall on the day! Jordan Jones had a mare on the extreme route, unfortunately ended up losing a lot of time but still managed to take second place and the overall championship win. Chris Davis was pleased to see the back of this season; having had a nightmare nearly all year, but still took third on the day!

In the PM Vets class Ricky Tropman and Mark Lodge had a great day; as long as they finished they were going to take a huge amount of points home to end their championship on! Ricky got the win in the end, nearly three minutes up on Mark.

Nick Manger

In the Sportsman Vets class, the pressure got the better of all the top runners, and we ended up with a proper mix in the championship! Lee Parry kept his cool though all day, and took the win and the overall championship back home! John Leith pulled a mega result out of the bag taking second on the day and grabbing third in the championship as well! Lee Hutsby rounded out the podium on the day after slogging it out for the two and a half hours and also took second in the championship.

In the Over 50 class Colin Mills showed what he was made of in the wet conditions and grabbed a fantastic win nearly four minutes ahead of second place John Wadsworth and Bill Howe taking a very deserved third place trophy home with him.

Colin Mills

In the Sportsman class, it really was tough at the top. Nick Manger went into this round knowing he had to ride and had to finish and he really couldn’t let young Harrison Utley out of his sight! In the first half of the race Harrison probably had the better of Nick, but at about the half way point Nick must have upped his game or young Harrison felt the pressure, and Nick managed to get passed Harrison and pull away. They’ve had a great battle all year – with this being Nick’s second year of riding and Harrison being a newcomer to the enduro world, they’ve both done mega! Nick won on the day by four minutes and took the championship, with Harrison having to settle for second in both, and Andrew Howe securing a surprised third place!

Billy Haigh

The Novice class winner saved his best race of the season to the last race of the season! Again another newcomer, Ashley Carroll took a fantastic win with over a five minute lead on second place – Adam Bromilow, who also did mega considering he works away so much! And Matthew Blackburn was a happy chappy taking third place away with him.

Ashley Carroll

All in all a very good day had by all! It has now become part of the norm having the rain at the events and I think we are all getting used to it, and all it does is make these riders better riders! So a massive well done to everyone that competed, and a big thank you to everyone that has made this year a success for Edge Offroad, and to all the marshals that help out at every event!

On to the Motul Winter Series again now, where you can drop one round of the five round championship! This series started back in January at Westwood and will continue until December. All details on the website www.edgeoffroad.events


Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Autos 18 Ashton Jones 6 01:20:18.07
Autos 16 Teddy Heaney
Autos 52 Juddy Kearford

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Junior 44 Connor Gulbrandsen 8 01:23:27.37
2 Junior 9 Ailbe Oconnell 7 01:18:41.72
3 Junior 122 Charlie RG Racing Page 7 01:25:22.58
Junior 11 Kyle Guy

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Youth B 1 John Stanley 10 01:18:54.44
2 Youth B 4 Jak Heaney 9 01:19:16.48
3 Youth B 345 Hayden Stansfield 9 01:19:21.92
4 Youth B 7 Dec Wheatley 8 01:21:06.69
5 Youth B 2 Alfie Marsden 8 01:21:31.11
6 Youth B 19 Ryan Stoneley 7 01:24:15.92
Youth B 15 Kane Atkinson

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Youth A 252 Billy Haigh 11 01:21:00.44
2 Youth A 20 Alex Leadbetter 10 01:17:24.89
3 Youth A 199 Josh Knight 10 01:19:18.50
4 Youth A 129 Thomas Simpson 8 01:17:34.36
5 Youth A 3 Emily Tropman 8 01:22:20.29
6 Youth A 888 Seamus Pashley 7 01:17:49.82
7 Youth A 93 Rebekah Howe 5 01:26:40.19
Youth A 13 Brandon Burns
Youth A 14 Kile Laidler

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Novice 211 Ashley Carroll 8 02:42:31.85
2 Novice 441 Adam Bromilow 8 02:47:59.88
3 Novice 184 Matthew Blackburn 8 02:50:23.93
4 Novice 174 Jamie Dinsdale 7 02:30:24.44
5 Novice 37 Paul Withers 7 02:34:38.69
6 Novice 192 Ryan Houseman 7 02:35:01.80
7 Novice 79 Chris Juggins 7 02:42:18.62
8 Novice 72 Lee Robson 7 02:44:25.77
9 Novice 88 Tony Harvey 6 02:30:21.52
10 Novice 2 Tom Gilroy 6 02:37:35.29
11 Novice 134 Mark Waters 6 02:37:50.82
12 Novice 150 Dan Farrell 6 02:40:26.75
13 Novice 68 Colin Pearson 6 02:43:00.68
14 Novice 96 Willy Nearn 6 02:45:38.95
15 Novice 351 Phil Liddle 6 02:48:40.18
16 Novice 50 James Wright 5 02:38:35.43
17 Novice 21 David Hill 4 02:49:44.71
Novice 424 Steven Horgan DNF
Novice 114 Joe Snowdon
Novice 138 Kris Greaves
Novice 196 Brandon Hunt
Novice 420 Max Wragg
Novice 495 Jacob Archer
Novice 710 Ian Radich
Novice 888 Jimmy Beadle

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Over 50’s 66 Colin Mills 8 02:40:04.12
2 Over 50’s 90 John Wadsworth 8 02:43:56.78
3 Over 50’s 149 Bill Howe 8 02:47:50.34
4 Over 50’s 141 Nigel Fox 8 02:48:26.39
5 Over 50’s 143 Tim Howe 7 02:30:31.94
6 Over 50’s 16 Michael Houseman 7 02:30:59.45
7 Over 50’s 310 Steve Johnson 4 02:31:03.28

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Sportsman Vets 181 Lee Parry 8 02:40:43.41
2 Sportsman Vets 160 John RG Racing Leith 8 02:41:01.33
3 Sportsman Vets 47 Lee Hutsby 8 02:42:33.94
4 Sportsman Vets 10 Nic Boll 8 02:47:33.30
5 Sportsman Vets 198 Tim Reynolds 7 02:34:28.88
6 Sportsman Vets 177 Scott Cocker 7 02:37:01.46
7 Sportsman Vets 188 Jason Clarke 7 02:38:27.62
8 Sportsman Vets 707 Steve Jackson 6 02:55:12.19
Sportsman Vets 14 Mark James Cockfield DNF
Sportsman Vets 9 Mick Alderson
Sportsman Vets 214 Martin Allen

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Sportsman 168 Nick Manger 8 02:30:08.81
2 Sportsman 489 Harrison Utley 8 02:34:05.65
3 Sportsman 76 Andrew Howe 8 02:38:38.13
4 Sportsman 60 Ethan Kirk 8 02:43:33.51
5 Sportsman 41 Tom Simpson 8 02:43:38.00
6 Sportsman 31 Guy Jarvis 8 02:44:28.24
7 Sportsman 178 Dean Hancox 8 02:46:50.11
8 Sportsman 186 Stuart Robson 7 02:30:38.31
9 Sportsman 169 Ricky Downs 7 02:30:56.43
10 Sportsman 54 Leigh Nicklin 7 02:39:27.23
11 Sportsman 27 David Slee 7 02:41:13.12
12 Sportsman 24 Daniel Hill 7 02:46:25.02
13 Sportsman 297 James Cadzow 4 02:30:27.67
14 Sportsman 12 Sam Burt 4 02:30:35.33
Sportsman 84 Liam Ryde DNF
Sportsman 133 Lee Anderton DNF
Sportsman 8 Gareth Atkinson
Sportsman 29 Paul Adams
Sportsman 86 Gary Adams
Sportsman 118 Matty Ogara
Sportsman 128 William Wolforth
Sportsman 166 Josh Gilroy
Sportsman 212 Mike Taylor
Sportsman 333 Ryan Freeman

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 PM Vets 18 Ricky Tropman 8 02:30:12.55
2 PM Vets 296 Mark Lodge 8 02:32:45.11
PM Vets 7 Andrew Hornshaw

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Clubman 367 Dan Leadbetter 9 02:38:04.58
2 Clubman 62 Jordan Jones 9 02:46:31.95
3 Clubman 637 Chris Davis 8 02:30:16.81
Clubman 11 Josh Hornshaw
Clubman 35 Phil Ball
Clubman 522 Sam Chapman

Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time
1 Expert 363 Josh Bailey 9 02:36:04.95
2 Expert 6 Dawson Marriott 9 02:39:54.69
3 Expert 110 Henry Moorhouse 8 02:33:40.15
Expert 19 Ryan Patrick DNF
Expert 259 Ben Martindale DNF