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BACHELOR PARTY!! Portsmouth MXC Summer Championships Round 11 – Race Report & Results

BACHELOR PARTY!! Portsmouth MXC Summer Championships Round 11 – Race Report & Results

by adminSeptember 26, 2017

For the penultimate round of the PMXC calendar the club went to West Meon. Most people thought we were in for a wet one but conditions were dry and even dusty towards the end of the day.

Report by Lee Bolt – Images Courtesy of John Horton

Mx2 with a full line up of 40 riders were first out the gate. Super-fast Jordan Bachelor got to the front and that was where he would stay for the remainder of the day. Only super Dad Luke Kennett would even get near Bachelor during each race. Really getting to grips with the new KTM Luke went 2,2,2 for second overall behind Bachelor. Olivier Cook has shown great potential in his first season in MX2 and today was no exception going 3,3,5 and the last step on the box.

MX1 was super-fast today but it was our local British championship rider Liam Knight who pushed his way to the front and took all 3 wins. Great racing by Nicky watts and George Purchase. GP getting out the gate in every race even making Knight work for the lead. Watts and Purchase battled all day but it was Watts who went 2,3,2 for 2nd and Purchase went 3,2,3 for 3rd.

BW85 was a clean sweep for Thomas Casbeard. Thomas was showing great speed and style today and provided a masterclass on how to ride an 85, taking all three wins home. Robert Storer kept it solid for the day. Sometimes consistency is the key and Robert seems to be getting it right at present 2,2,2 and 2nd overall. Stepping up into the BW85 in preparation for next season Charlie Nightingale show what his intentions are. 4,3,4 and on the podium in his first race on a BW well done!

SW85 was dominated by James O’Mara. Another solid day from this young talent. James was not phased by the rough hills and was on the power from top to bottom and bottom to top. 1,1,1 and the overall. Tyler Kirby has a rubbish mechanic and was sent out in race 3 with a slow puncture. But 3 great rides for Tyler 2,2,2 and 2nd. Jamie Garvin would round out the top 3. A small mishap in race 2 for Jamie other than that a solid day with his best result in race 3 4,7,3 and 3rd overall.

65cc were out next and it was a mixed bag of results for the winner Connor Williams. Connor started the day brilliantly, winning race 1. He managed to stay in the mix and do what it took for the overall 1,4,2 on the day. Charlie Richmond was second. A bad race with a couple of falls in race 1 but then cleared up on races 2, and 3 going 6,1,1 and 2nd overall. Noel Brooks seems to be improving on the 65 think this may be his first podium on 65 a really good day going 4,2,5 and 3rd overall.

Autos provided me with my race of the day. Mr standing up, super smooth Jake Webb was on it can’t believe how fast these little lads go on these 50cc. It was Webb and Fabian Morrison Junior in my best race of the day. Webb was out front then FMJ managed to secure the pass only to be hounded by Webb for the whole race. Fast controlled, safe racing by both lads was awesome to watch, well done. Webb took the overall going 1,1,2, and also picked up the prestigious Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting, and FMJ 2nd with 2,4,1. Just behind these was another great rider Arash Deering. Arash was ready to pounce at any opportunity a really good day going 3,2,4 and 3rd overall

Rookies was won by Charlie Razzell, Charlie has really come on the latter part of the season, seeming to get more consistent with each race. After a ding-dong battle in race one with Jack Carpenter, who stole the lead, and too all 3 wins for the overall. Lewis king London kept Razzell honest all day. Lewis always seem to be sniffing around top spot, and today was no different, going 3,2,2 for 2nd. Jack Carpenter had a good day starting off with 2nd in race 1, an unlucky spill just before the finish denied him a win. Jack pushed home to the front in the remaining races, finishing off a good day, going 2,3,3 for 3rd.

The Premier class was last to go out and it was a lot better outcome than last time at the circuit for Tony Tunnell. Tony saved his best race until last going 2,2,1. Darren King was 2nd, an out-of-character crash at the bottom of the first hill in race 3, then pushing too hard to get back to the front to crash again, but working his way back into 3rd and adding two firsts was still good enough for 2nd. Mr Finesse himself, Paul Spacagna, rounded out the top 3. Bagging himself a couple holeshots Spags went 3,3,2 for the last step on the podium.

The final round will be at Swanmore in 2 weeks time.


Riders of the Meeting

A double dish out of Shaun Simpson Riders of the Meeting by Portsmouth MX Club this week! Firstly MX1 rider Nicky Watts who wowed everyone with his performances at the two day event at Culham in August. No stranger to the club, and such a well-respected rider, he never fails to impress with his speed and showmanship, and he’s an all-round great guy – never one to shy away if advice is needed, always on hand to help a fellow rider, so supportive to every rider from Auto to adult, and generous too – more than happy to donate his prize money to charity at Culham. Also, Mitchell Woodward in the Junior 65cc who put on an impressive show at the club’s round at Grittenham at the end of August. Mitchell has come on leaps and bounds since the start of the season, and managed to score his highest position of second overall at Grittenham which really caught the club’s eye, not only did it reward him with Rider of the Meeting but also secured him a spot in the Junior Team for the MCF Team Event where he certainly did himself and the club proud! Both riders were awarded their Shaun Simpson Goody Bags at the club’s recent meeting at West Meon in front of a huge crowd, who went on to see both riders proudly standing with their fellow team riders for the presentation of the number 1 trophy!! Images: Nicky Watts (right) with fellow MX1 riders Craig Daffin (left) George Purchase (centre) Mitchell Woodward holding his trophy and wearing his Shaun Simpson signed cap.


VMX: 1 Tony Tunnell, 2 Darren King, 3 Paul Spacagna, 4 Scott Robinson, 5 Martin Bradbury, 6 Matt Lewis.

MX2: 1 Jordan Bachelor, 2 Luke Kennett, 3 Olivier Cook, 4 Jay Muscat, 5 Mark Atkinson, 6 Ricky Humphrey.

MX1: 1 Liam Knight, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 George Purchase, 4 Bradley Wheeler, 5 Aaron Gordon, 6 Craig Daffin.

Rookies: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Lewis King London, 3 Jack Carpenter, 4 Brandon Hickman, 5 Thomas Shutler, 6 Callum Allison.

BW85: 1 Thomas Casbeard, 2 Robert Storer, 3 Charlie Nightingale, 4 Jake Wotherspoon, 5 Luke Southern, 6 Charlie Cumming.

SW85: 1 James O’Mara, 2 Tyler Kirby, 3 Jamie Garvin, 4 Oliver Ruddock, 5 Raphael Deering, 6 Leo Skinner.

Juniors: 1 Connor Williams, 2 Charlie Richmond, 3 Noel Brooks, 4 Max Hoare, 5 Kieran Paget, 6 McKenzie Saunders.

Autos: 1 Jake Webb, 2 Fabian Junior Morrison, 3 Arash Deering, 4 Jacob Collins, 5 Blu Kinch, 6 Kian Duell.