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Bachelor Boy – Portsmouth MXC Club Championships Round 3 – Race Report and Results

Bachelor Boy – Portsmouth MXC Club Championships Round 3 – Race Report and Results


The torrential rain, and Justin Barclay’s spot-on track prep ensured the riders who turned up to the popular Cusses Gorse circuit for Portsmouth MX Club’s summer championship round would have a great day out on the track.

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Click466 Photography

Riders in abundance waited eagerly for the opening race, with the MX1 lining up first, the fences rammed with spectators waiting for what was a line-up of top national riders. The top five riders went past lapscoring as a blur, with Adam Chatfield once again finding himself at the front of the pack, despite James Harrison’s charge at the front. Chatfield soon picked off his rivals and went 1-1-1 for the overall. Liam Knight wasn’t far behind, unable to match Chatfield’s pace but still rode a solid set of races to finish second overall. Everyone loves a heel-clicker, especially club favourite Neville Bradshaw who found the time to do a bit of show boating, and battled throughout the day, to keep a rampaging Josh Coleman off his tail, going 4-3-3 to secure third overall.

It looked as though Oliver Ruddock was going to keep a clean sheet in the big wheel 85s, romping home to victory in the opening motos. But a bad start cost him the overall, having to work his way through the pack to drop into third place in the race, and finished up in second overall, behind Syd Putnam. Putnam was hot on Ruddocks heels in the opening races, super speed from both riders, Putnam took full advantage of Ruddocks slip up in moto three to grab the last race win and the overall. Joe Beaumont kept the leaders within his sight and consistent finishes rewarded him. With other riders have bike problems and crashing, Beaumont kept his cool, and went 5-5-4 to finish up in third overall.

Finley Evans made it look easy in the small wheel 85 class, not putting a wheel wrong and leading from start to finish snatched all three race wins and the overall. Luke Richardson fought hard to stay in contention of a race win, missing out in race one to finish second. He stayed consistent and worked hard to go 4-5 in the remaining motos to secure second overall. Luke Lambert battled hard with Richardson throughout the day, saving his best for last, and managed to get into the top three behind the race leaders, going 4-5-3 he secured third overall.

In the 65s, birthday boy Charlie Richmond was set for another easy victory, until mechanical gremlins stopped him in his tracks after leading in the opening moto, and denied him of a top overall despite winning the two other races. The win could’ve been anyone’s, a handful of riders working hard to grab the top spot. Despite not securing a race win, Travis Barnes’s consistency and flawless riding paid off, and going 3-2-2 he secured the overall win. Fabian Junior Morrison took over the lead in race one after Richmond’s demise, and remained in touch with the leaders in the last races to finish up in third spot. His race win and two thirds rewarded him with second overall, ahead of Mitchell Woodward. Woodward had a superb opening race, finishing just behind the leader to grab second. Having to work his way through the field after a bad start in race two, he notched up enough points to grab third overall, going 2-5-4.

A hard track for the Auto’s to tackle, but as always Marley Alder took it all in his stride, absolutely flying around the course to grab the opening wins with ease. Unfortunately, race three didn’t go to plan, crashing hard and winding himself, but powering his way through from the back of the pack into fifth spot, he still secured the overall victory. Jack Dugmore was flying too, riding well and staying focused on the front two riders. He took it all in his stride, and after Alders crash, and Stanley Siebert’s spectacular somersaults before the finish, Dugmore took over the lead and proudly took the final race win. This gave him enough points to finish in second overall. Siebert, despite his nasty fall, bravely remounted the bike, and still fought his way back into fourth spot in the final moto, going 2-2-4 to finish in third overall.

A great turnout in the Rookies class, and what a performance they provided for the crowds! It was going to be a hard race to call, with a handful of riders all capable of winning the race. But it was to be Cullen Scott who took the honours, despite bike issues in practice, he stole the show going 1-2-1 to finish in first overall. Jude Morris wasn’t letting Scott have it all his own way though, charging at the front from the drop of the gate, and managing to bag the race win in race two ahead of Scott. It was a tie-breaker in the final moto, Morris just pipping Vinnie Guthrie at the finish post by a whisker to go 2-1-2 for second overall. After collecting his Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting award earlier in the day, Thomas Casbeard had to prove his worth, and did so in fine style. Keeping in the thick of it at the front of the pack, he chased the leading duo home, securing two thirds and a fourth for third overall.

The VMX class was packed to the rafters with riders, a great spectacle to watch as the gate dropped. Once again, Brian Wheeler was the undeniable winner of the class, a clean sweep of all three race wins to secure the overall. The return of the King – in the form of Darren. After a spell in with the younger MX1 class, King returned to the VMX to add a spanner in the works for his fellow riders. Comfortably going 2-2-2 with each, King finished the day in second overall. Wildman Willis screamed his 125 around the track, showing the bigger bikes that it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it!! Brilliant racing, and not making any mistakes, Wildman followed the leading duo home in third overall.

Last but by no means least, the best racing of the day! The MX2! Despite a lower gate than normal, the racing on the track certainly made up for lack of numbers. Charlie Razzell and Mitch Young were going head-to-head, each vying for the top spot, but crashes and bike issues denied both of them top spot. It was to be Jordan Bachelor who stole the show, and despite not winning a race, kept focused and in control and consistent second places rewarded him with the overall. Despite Young’s two race wins, disaster in race two left him trailing in seventh place, leaving Razzell to take over second overall. A brilliant race win in race two combined with superfast, impressive racing until his last race crash spoiled his good run, Razzell went 3-1-3 to grab the runner up spot. Young had a hard battle on his hands keeping Razzell off his back wheel but going 1-7-1 finished in third overall.


VMX: 1 Brian Wheeler, 2 Darren King, 3 Wildman Willis, 4 Tony Hale, 5 Mark Morris, 6 Daniel Cavanagh.

MX2: 1 Jordan Bachelor, 2 Charlie Razzell, 3 Mitch Young, 4 Luke Kennett, 5 Olivier Cook, 6 Lewis King London.

MX1: 1 Adam Chatfield, 2 Liam Knight, 3 Neville Bradshaw, 4 Josh Coleman, 5 Bradley Wheeler, 6 Jordan Carrier.

Rookies: 1 Cullen Scott, 2 Jude Morris, 3 Thomas Casbeard, 4 Vinnie Guthrie, 5 Alfie Rickwood, 6 Liam Brosnan.

BW85: 1 Syd Putnam, 2 Oliver Ruddock, 3 Joe Beaumont, 4 Callum Jones, 5 Cody Spacagna, 6 Charlie Parrott.

SW85: 1 Finley Evans, 2 Luke Richardson, 3 Luke Lambert, 4 Tyler Kirby, 5 Conor McGrath, 6 Jack Parker.

Juniors: 1 Travis Barnes, 2 Fabian Junior Morrison, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Blu Kinch, 5 Jacob Collins, 6 Arash Deering.

Autos: 1 Marley Alder, 2 Jack Dugmore, 3 Stanley Siebert, 4 Toby Bond, 5 Ryan Clift, 6 Tommy Phillips.