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Awesome Austin! British Womens Motocross Championships Round 7 – Race Report and Results

Awesome Austin! British Womens Motocross Championships Round 7 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 12, 2018

On a very hot Summer day the Stroud AMCA club put in a tremendous effort to keep the track well watered and ready for a great championship event.

Report and Images by Howard Marriott 

Everything started well with qualifying for both adults and youths going pretty much to form, Chelsea Gowland on her Redline Honda putting in another blistering lap 4 seconds faster than 2nd place Amie Goodlad, Leonni Tighe on her IDS Passion Racing Husqvarna getting closer only 3 seconds off Goodlad and super confident Marni Saunders 2 seconds behind and only a second behind her young Taylor Scott on the Bikesport Newcastle Hardracing Honda. Hard on her heels Catherine King, Eleanor Calby, Kayleigh Durston, Vicky Marriott and Charlotte Hall rounding out the top 10 separated by only 5 seconds. In the Youth again Elisha Elliott, took the pole by only 2.5 seconds from a rapidly improving Jaysi Austin, Grace Packman just pipped Hannah Jones by only half a second, Izzy Neale took 5th ahead of Caitlin Williams, Pippa Lloyd with Mollie and Megan Radford rounding out the top ten.

Leonni Tighe grabs the Holeshot

Unfortunately one of the Juniors in the supporting class took a massive tumble and was unable to be moved off the track in their practice, delaying racing for an hour and half. Despite the club taking the chance to put more water down and a couple more injury delays the meeting had to be cut short to only two races.

Race 1 in the Elite Adult class and it was a determined Amie Goodlad who took the BelRay holeshot. Chelsea Gowland was in 3rd but quickly got to the lead and pulled out an impressive gap in only the first lap, but a small mistake allowed Goodlad to retake the lead, Gowland soon got after her but again trying to take the lead back she got off line into the soft mud pitching her over the handlebars. With a twisted bike she remounted and put in an incredible charge. First she had to find a way past the battling duo of Marni Saunders and Leonni Tighe both never separated by more than a second but with two laps to go Gowland got past both and chased down Goodlad but ran out of time. Further down young Taylor Scott put an early pass on Eleanor Calby to settle for 5th, Charlotte Hall then put a pass on Calby but Calby fought hard but couldn’t respond settling for 7th place ahead of the three way battle between Kayleigh Durston, Catherine King and Vicky Marriott on her Redline Yamaha rounding out the top 10.

Race 2 and Gowland was unable to get her bike ready in time following the fall in race one. Showing the camaraderie of the BWMA girls Charlotte Hall stepped up and lent Gowland her spare Honda allowing her to fight for Championship points. Gowland did more than that and followed Leonni Tighe and Amie Goodlad into the first corner, Tighe got the BelRay Holeshot and but Gowland soon got past both in lap one to take the win from Goodlad who kept her honest throughout the race, Gowland took the overall on level points from Goodlad with the last race win. Two other riders on same points were Marni Saunders and Leonni Tighe, this time it was Tighes race grabbing
3rd but Saunders demonstrated her competitiveness keeping the gap down to just a couple of seconds right to the flag. Young Jaymee Garood got a great start putting her in 5th but was coming under pressure from Taylor Scott, Garood was determined to keep her position and rode her heart out but could only keep the hard charging Scott back for a couple of laps, after Scott passed Garood was then under pressure from Charlotte Hall, determined to improve her overall position, Garood fought hard but the pace took its toll and Hall got passed followed by Kayleigh Durston but Garood managed to hold on to 8th place and took her first 10th overall in this years Championship, a massive milestone for her. Behind Garood and rounding out the top 10 were Catherine King and Eleanor Calby.

This weekend the top BWMA Elite Adults will be competing in the Home round of the IMBA at Norley. Top Brit Chelsea Gowland will be hoping to better her race win in Switzerland and take the overall on home soil and move up
from third in the table. Two new members for this years team are Amie Goodlad and Taylor Scott taking the place of the injured Scott Ciara Robertson and Nadiya Jones who forfeited her position on the team. We are hoping that more of the BWMA girls will be able to experience International competition as wild card entries.

The Youth Championship threw up some surprises as the hot conditions played its part. The first race went pretty much to the form book. Championship leader Elisha Elliott put in a faultless performance taking the BelRay
Holeshot and leading from start to finish, Jaysi Austin chased hard and definitely showed she is getting closer to Elliott’s pace landing her second Hannah Jones got the better of Grace Packman who took a massive tumble in qualifying, bravely racing with a bruised and grazed back Izzy Neale again showed great pace in 5th place, Pippa Lloyd got the better of Caitlin Williams ahead of Mollie and Megan Radford.

It was race 2 though where all the excitement was to happen. Another perfect start from Elisha Elliott grabbing another BelRay Holeshot, but in the meantime the track had been watered and and this time with the delays the water didn’t have chance to soak in and set on the top making it very greasy in places. First to fall foul was Elliott who lost control on a down hill corner on lap one. Bending her bars she had to remount and pull over to try and straighten them, by now she was down the field and had a massive job on her hands, in the meantime Izzy Neale was the next person to fall on the greasy surface, giving her more work to do. In the meantime Hannah Jones was leading her first British Championship race and she was determined to go for the win but not far behind was Jaysi Austin, Austin could see the chance to take the overall for the second time and chased Jones down eventually making the pass, behind them Elliott was on a charge, fired up and determined to get back in front, reeling in Jones but Jones put in a super human performance and kept hold of second place denying Elliott of the overall win and giving her the best result of her championship so far and Austin taking another overall Championship win.

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Round 7 Elite Adult Overall
1st Chelsea Gowland 114pts
2nd Amie Goodlad 114pts
3rd Leonni Tighe 97pts
4th Marni Saunders 97pts
5th Taylor Scott 90pts
6th Charlotte Hall 86pts
7th Kayleigh Durston 80pts
8th Eleanor Calby 76pts
9th Catherine King 74pts
10th Jaymee Garood 72pts

Round 7 Youth Overall
1st Jaysi Austin 114pts
2nd Elisha Elliott 110pts
3rd Hannah Jones 104pts
4th Grace Packman 94pts
5th Izzy Neale 90 pts
6th Pippa Lloyd 86pts
7th Caitlin Williams 82pts
8th Mollie Radford 78pts
9th Megan Radford 74pts