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Austin on it at Fatcats! British Womens Motocross Championship Round 3 – Race Report and Results

Austin on it at Fatcats! British Womens Motocross Championship Round 3 – Race Report and Results


The BWMA Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championship moved to Fatcats Motoparc in Doncaster for Round 3 of what is turning out to be a thrilling and exciting contest in both the Youth and Adult ladies classes.

Report and Images by Howard Marriott

Current British Champion and maximum lady Chelsea Gowland had by now pretty much recovered from her fractured elbow that didn’t stop her winning all races at Bushton Round two, now she was on her favourite surface sand, so it was going to be interesting to see what she had in store. Same with our second maximum girl Jaysi Austin in the Youth class with closest rival Grace Bates back after a trip to the hospital at the Bushton round to renew their battle for the win.

Qualification for the adult ladies class and as expected Redline Hondas Chelsea Gowland was majestic in the sand putting in a pole position time 7 seconds clear of 2nd place Cheddar MX Honda’s Cath King who just pipped current runner up in the championship Realising Dreams Honda’s Charlotte Hall. Kayleigh Durston just pipped Marni Saunders for 4th, Saunders only taking fifth from Chloe Richards back from injury with just 0.25 separating them ahead of Bethany Allison in 7th. Rounding out the top 10 and the exciting battle to make it into the ProClass were Caitlin Newman 8th, Jaymee Garrood 9th and Vicky Marriott in 10th place.

Race 1 and it was Gowland who took the first of a hat trick of BelRay Holeshots closely followed by Bethany Allison and Kayleigh Durston neck and neck behind with Catherine King watching over them ahead of Charlotte Hall and Marni Saunders. Hall was suffering from bike problems cutting out at low revs but she sure put in a determined ride to keep it buzzing, picking riders off one by one to pull herself into an incredible second reviving her and Kings epic battle from the last round, King was closely followed home by Saunders riding a strong race, Bethany Allison and Kayleigh Durston. Regular 7th place finisher Jaymee Garrood had an incident which dropped her out of contention leaving Chloe Richards to take over 7th. Behind her, the battle for the last ProClass places was being fought and Caitlin Williams put in a super ride to grab 8th doing her chances no harm, Georgie Potter was close behind and rounding out the top 10 Vicky Marriott just pipped rivals Lily Moreland and Aaliyah Hulbert.

Race 2 and disaster for Charlotte Hall, her bike wouldn’t start, she stood on the gate waiting for the chance for someone to lend a bike and one of the AMCA guys gladly gave her his so she just made the start, but it wasn’t to be, as Gowland took the BelRay holeshot in a repeat of race one with Allison and Durston neck and neck again with Garrood right in there, this time on the unfamiliar bike Hall was at the back of the pack, determined to not lose too many points she charged through but halfway through the first lap she came together with 3 other riders, Caitlin Newman being one. As Hall fell heavily she was taken to hospital and was found to have fractured and dislocated her shoulder shattering her championship chances. Newman took a while to straighten the bike and managed to bring it home in last but gaining valuable points. Back up front and it was King who got the better of Allison to take 2nd place while Gowland disappeared to take the win. Durston took a great fourth place followed by Chloe Richards and Jaymee Garrood in 6th, Marni Saunders took a tumble early on but remounted to bring home 7th just in front of Vicky Marriott in 8th on a track she isn’t fond of, a great result for her. Rounding out the top 10 Grace Bates and Georgie Potter.

Race 3 and without Hall there was renewed vigour for the top girls to grab those vacant points. Gowlands holeshot was followed this time by a determined Kayleigh Durston who almost took the corner but Allison powered up the inside to push her way into third closely followed by King, Saunders and Richards with Marriott getting a better start in 7th heading the battle for the ProClass selection, but a jarred back meant she was unable to race with her rivals and she dropped to 10th for 8th overall. Back up front and behind Gowland places were swapping every lap but it was Saunders this time that picked her way up to 2nd place ahead of King, Durston, Richards, Allison had no fight left on the brutal track finishing in 6th. Leading the ProClass qualifier battle Lily Moreland found the energy from somewhere to take her best place of the series in 7th and may be a clincher for her ahead of Georgia Potter Grace Bates and Vicky Marriott in 10th. Caitlin Newman who was battling 9th right up to the last corner came together with Grace Bates hitting the ground hard sustaining a suspected broken wrist ending her ProClass hopes.

Adult Ladies Overall
1st Chelsea Gowland 180pts
2nd Catherine King 154pts
3rd Marni Saunders 142pts
4th Bethany Allison 138pts
5th Kayleigh Durston 137pts
6th Chloe Richards 131pts
7th Georgia Potter 111pts
8th Vicky Marriott 109pts
9th Lily Moreland 107pts
10th Jaymee Garrood 100pts

Youth Girls qualification and it was the maximum girl Jaysi Austin on her favourite sand surface who banged in a super quick lap to give her the pole position, Grace Packman still a little sore from her injury put in another solid performance for second with a confident Katie Morgan just pipping Beanie Reece for 3rd spot with Autumn Jenkinson in 5th, the 65cc Rising Stars followed with Poppy Banning just pipping Ellie Davidson.

Race 1 and out the gate Jaysi Austin was fired up taking the BelRay holeshot ahead of Grace Packman and Beanie Reece, Autumn Jenkinson followed but the biggest battle was between the two rising stars swapping places lap after lap until Ellie Davidson had come off leaving Poppy Banning to take the lead. At the front Jaysi Austin was flying playing in the sand and having fun putting in a time that would have given her second place in the adults, an incredible performance.

Race 2 and this time Grace Packman was determined to at least get her Queen of the BelRay Holeshot title back but Austin once again took it by just half a wheel. The race order was much the same with Grace Packman doing her best to chase Austin but this is clearly Austins playground, a bad start from Katie Morgan meant she had to pick her way past Autumn Jenkinson and eventually take Beanie Reece to secure 3rd place, having to work hard for it this time, behind Jenkinson again the Rising Stars of Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson were swapping places but Ellie just lost out to Poppy across the line.

Race 3 had to be the one where Grace Packman attacked and she came out all guns blazing taking the BelRay Holeshot off of Austin by half a wheel but it was short lived as Austin had Packman by the second corner and again pulled a nice steady lead. The track by now had become very rough so order of the day was to finish and stay on, Katie Morgan again got the better of Beanie Reece who was having her first ride in the sand she was followed by Autumn Jenkinson. In the Rising Stars Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson were still swapping places until Davidson again took a tumble but remounted to finish 2nd.

Youth Overalls
1st Jaysi Austin 180pts
2nd Grace Packman 162pts
3rd Katie Morgan 150pts
4th Beanie Reece 141pts
5th Autumn Jenkinson 135pts

Rising Stars
1st Poppy Banning 129pts
2nd Ellie Davidson 123pts