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Austin dominates at the Butts. Edge Offroad Enduro Championships Finale – Race Report & Results

Austin dominates at the Butts. Edge Offroad Enduro Championships Finale – Race Report & Results

by adminOctober 31, 2017

Edge Offroad “The Finale” took place at a gloriously sunny Butts Quarry at the weekend. With the Edge touch, all riders were treated to another new track layout! Lots of hard work and planning had gone into this track, the Edge Crew didn’t want it to be bog standard, they wanted it to be awesome! By all accounts, every rider had a nice, big cheesy grin from ear to ear when they finished, good work Edge!

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of JW Forsyth

The Youth were away first at 9am, with a fight from the off for the holeshot between Abbie Piggott and Jaysi Austin! A battle for the first few laps between these two lasses, ended up seeing Abbie take a comfortable lead and overall win at the end. Jaysi took the Youth B win and second overall. Both girls rode awesome! Ailbe OConnell, totally new to Enduro, took to it like a

Charlie Page

duck to water, taking the top spot of the podium in the Junior class, followed by the Overall Championship Winner Charlie Page, who had his best ride of the season! Again new to Enduro, Freddie Oakley took the final spot of the podium in third even though he rode most of the race with a loose seat! Harry Walker had it all on his young shoulders before the race, desperate for the Championship win, but binned it on his second lap and ended his season with a DNF, absolutely gutted. Archie Roberts rode awesome, and it was great to see him back out riding since his set back in the Summer. Well done kids, you all rode brilliantly.

Straight into the main adult event, riders were lined up ready to go at 11am. With only one Adult race on the agenda, it was the Experts off first. Only a handful turned up for this last championship race of the year, but the talent was there! Scott Austin made a return to Enduro in preparation for Skegness beach race, needless to say Austin Powers! Taking the overall win on 18 laps it was great to see Scott back out racing again. Scott Altass was last off the line! He fought his way

Ailbe OConnell

back through the pack, and battled all race with Edge rider Josh Bailey, but managed to pip him to the post on the last corner and take second to Josh’s third. The racing between these two was absolutely phenomenal to watch and to be involved with!

In the Expert Vets class, Rick Du Feu threw a spanner in the works between the Championship contenders. Though Butts Quarry is predominantly a MX track, Edge made sure there was equally as much technical there – of which Rick handled no problem by taking the win! Crowie Snr had an awesome race, probably the best of the season, and was over the moon to take second from Mark Raynor who rode brilliantly for the two hour duration and took third.

In the Clubman class, Kurt Weston re-appeared! This really did put the cat amongst the pigeons for the Finale! Kurt was chased all day by Neil Marshall who also rode his socks off all race. James Gamble and Ben Walker were fighting for second in the Overall

Jaysi Austin

Championship, and Neil nicked some well earned points from the both of them! The battled between James and Ben was as good, if not better than the battle in the Expert class! Again James managed to pass Ben on the last lap in the quarry section; so ended up Kurt winning, Neil second (only by 25 seconds!!) and James third a lap down. We found out later Sunday evening, Ben had tumbled early doors and hurt his wrist – the injury turned out to be a broken wrist, and Ben had battled for a good hour and a half with that injury! Fair play Ben, heal soon buddy. All these boys are now ready for their transition into the Expert class – with the likes of Joe Deakin and Gary Daniels now in the Premier Class!

In the Clubman Vets class Rick Tropman took an good win from Kevin Cowie, who rode an old XR400! Kev wasn’t

Steve Butterfield

afraid to ride the bike properly around the place, but not sure who will have been aching more on Monday morning! Steve Cranshaw made the trip down from Lancashire and rounded out the podium with a well deserved third.

In the Sportsman class Rhys White took a convincing win from Liam Ryde, who took second, both lads were a lap up on third place, which went to Nathan Smith on his Beta. Nathan managed to secure second spot in the Championship with his nice, steady ride and no mechanicals! Nic Boll moved up to the Sportsman Vets class for the last round of the season and took a strong win from Andrew Brook. Brooky is happily finding his feet in this class now, and certainly looks like it’s going to be a competitive class for 2018. Ed Battye made a return to riding and took a very happy third place,

Rick Du Feu

though very frustrated….so near…but yet so far!

The Over 50 class battle was certainly as exciting as the top lads! Deany needed to have a mechanical or be abducted for him not to secure the Championship – unfortunately for Foxy and Mr Court, this didn’t happen! Needless to say Deany took an amazing win, five minutes in front of Foxy in second, followed by an old familiar face, Steve Johnson in third, only 16 seconds behind second!!

Chris Davis absolutely thrashed his opposition in the Novice class on 16 laps – fair to say, though Chris was new to Enduro at the start of this year, nobody had any idea how well he would do. He has happily surprised himself and Edge and will be moving up to the Clubman class next season. Steve Butterfield took second spot on 15 laps, and again, new to Enduro this year, has had a mega

Nathan Smith

year and will be moving up to Sportsman next year. Will Reid finished in third spot on 14 laps, absolutely chuffed to bits as it’s his second enduro.

So well done to everyone who rode – it was a fantastic day, the weather was great, the track was absolutely awesome – Edge certainly have made an impression this year! They have got a few more new venues already lined up for next season, with a few new events added into the calendar, so you all should have a great time!

A huge thanks to all the riders that have support the series so far this year, to all their crew and supporters, to all the Edge Marshals for all their continued hard work at every event, to the Photographers, to family and friends, to Dan Bewlay for all his hard work with the track builds, and to Ellie and Jack for all their help

Ed Battye

and patience! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Next on the calendar are the three Winter Warmers, all before Christmas – so you can enter online or by calling/texting the event mobile on 07557 447084. All the venues have been set for these events, Practise Day before each one – so get booked in to make sure they can all go ahead.

Memberships are open now for 2018, and until 1st November are set at £45 (including a yearly licence) or £30 without a licence, an absolute bargain if you look at the savings you can make over the year! Well worth it – get yours done online as numbers are going fast! www.edgeoffroad.events


Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 19 Ailbe Oconnell Juniors 01:19:33:757 9
2 122 Charlie Page Juniors 01:21:15:694 9
3 61 Freddie Oakley Juniors 01:22:58:652 7
4 64 Archie Roberts Juniors 01:23:51:448 7
25 Harry Walker Juniors 00:08:01:548 DNF 1
99 Alfie Twells Juniors NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 9 Jaysi Austin Youth B 01:19:35:720 10
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 246 Abbie Piggott Youth A 01:17:39:743 10
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 637 Chris Davis Novice 02:05:19:141 16
2 117 Steve Butterfield Novice 02:06:00:340 15
3 60 Will Reid Novice 02:00:37:416 14
4 23 Josh Fenton Novice 02:03:54:309 14
5 304 David Farrow Novice 02:06:29:422 13
6 177 Scott Cocker Novice 02:01:06:648 12
7 14 Greg Young Novice 02:04:25:454 11
8 307 Colin Pearson Novice 02:03:44:645 10
9 95 David Marwood Novice 02:04:04:794 8
10 7 Dave Hill Novice 02:09:02:933 7
115 Grove Rackham Novice 01:39:15:803 DNF 9
27 Kris Munro Novice 01:06:44:046 DNF 7
11 Nick Coates Novice NS
46 Anthony Rishforth Novice NS
70 Andy Clements Novice NS
36 Danny Stewart Novice NS
38 Thomas Adamson Novice NS
80 Richard McCrackle Novice NS
190 Barrie Taylor Novice NS
226 David Bellamey Novice NS
101 Carl Dresser Novice NS
426 Tony Harvey Novice NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 65 Andy Dean Over 50’s 02:02:16:398 15
2 141 Nigel Fox Over 50’s 02:07:23:049 15
3 10 Steve Johnson Over 50’s 02:07:39:583 15
4 171 Gary Court Over 50’s 02:07:41:425 15
5 180 Steve Howes Over 50’s 02:03:07:421 14
90 Jon Wadsworth Over 50’s 02:03:07:422 NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 92 Nic Boll Sportsman Vets 02:06:23:363 14
2 333 Andrew Brook Sportsman Vets 02:07:20:696 14
3 4 Ed Battye Sportsman Vets 02:07:47:903 14
4 109 Micheal Greenhalgh Sportsman Vets 02:01:25:545 13
5 167 Ste Thornton Sportsman Vets 02:02:07:716 13
6 42 Bobby Dazler Sportsman Vets 02:01:01:030 12
7 246 Wayne Pashley Sportsman Vets 02:05:38:388 12
8 401 Danny Coucom Sportsman Vets 02:08:12:150 12
9 108 Paul Jackson Sportsman Vets 02:08:29:935 12
10 110 David Moss Sportsman Vets 02:05:54:281 11
11 107 Raymon Craig Sportsman Vets 02:07:46:713 10
12 390 Josh Tomlinson Sportsman Vets 02:07:11:462 9
57 David Bell Sportsman Vets NS
263 Jason Atha Sportsman Vets NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 51 Rhys White Sportsman 02:04:34:016 16
2 84 Liam Ryde Sportsman 02:05:41:373 16
3 111 Nathan Smith Sportsman 02:01:41:007 15
4 313 Jack Ambler Sportsman 02:03:04:467 15
5 346 Carl Howes Sportsman 02:04:53:985 15
6 126 Scott Roberts Sportsman 02:00:29:955 14
7 75 Lee Hutsby Sportsman 02:05:05:091 14
8 0 Ash Wragg Sportsman 02:05:16:777 14
9 70 Max Dent Sportsman 02:07:37:750 14
10 134 Daniel Hill Sportsman 02:05:01:485 11
411 Sam Gregory Sportsman 01:40:03:822 DNF 12
603 Liam James Sportsman 00:50:48:022 DNF 6
327 Dale Harvey Sportsman 00:52:50:478 DNF 6
281 Lee Crookes Sportsman 00:25:43:118 DNF 3
31 Jonathan Galves Sportsman 00:27:23:792 DNF 3
25 Gary Collins Sportsman NS
13 Andrew Barker Sportsman NS
35 Stu Gordon Sportsman NS
104 Danny Harris Sportsman NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 5 Ricky Tropman Clubman Vets 02:06:24:485 16
2 44 Kevin Cowie Clubman Vets 02:02:46:361 15
3 283 Steve Cranshaw Clubman Vets 02:03:12:959 15
4 179 Andrew Sykes Clubman Vets 02:04:21:508 15
5 16 David Bennett Clubman Vets 02:08:24:537 14
6 98 Andy Granger Clubman Vets 02:02:10:199 13
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 191 Kust Weston Clubman 02:07:00:997 17
2 182 Neil Marshall Clubman 02:07:25:883 17
3 12 James Gamble Clubman 02:00:13:041 16
4 162 Ben Walker Clubman 02:00:16:315 16
5 66 Ricky Pearson Clubman 02:03:40:419 16
6 37 Sam Cowie Clubman 02:04:58:802 16
7 2 Liam Crowe Clubman 02:06:11:035 16
8 165 Alex Berry Clubman 02:07:51:890 13
9 26 Steve Broomfield Clubman 02:04:12:916 11
71 Jamie Rodgers Clubman NS
279 Luke Owen Clubman NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 143 Rick Du Feu Expert Vets 02:04:02:190 17
2 20 Anthony Crowe Expert Vets 02:00:20:461 16
3 15 Mark Raynor Expert Vets 02:02:20:884 16
4 971 John Steeples Expert Vets 02:02:38:980 16
5 299 Dean Johnson Expert Vets 02:06:08:051 16
1 Alex Owen Expert Vets NS
Position No Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 9 Scott Austin Expert 02:04:39:604 18
2 3 Scott Altass Expert 02:06:02:733 18
3 363 Josh Bailey Expert 02:06:04:826 18
4 122 Jamie Dilworth Expert 02:02:22:997 17
91 Ryan Patrick Expert 01:44:20:130 DNF 13
160 Max Ditchfield Expert 01:02:13:477 DNF 9
94 Joe Deakin Expert NS