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Atlanta calling! Supercross Digest – Arlington SX Preview

Atlanta calling! Supercross Digest – Arlington SX Preview

Jesus it’s been a while since I even though about Supercross…

I can’t lie, this is going to be a bit of a revision session on my end too so enjoy the ride!

Words by Marc Carter – Images courtesy of Supercross Live

Cooper Webb is still winning the SX Title Battle thus far (in case you forgot). Roczen was struggling to find an answer for Cooper in Arlington, after leading the last race before the break Kenny looked as though he was going to reignite his championship chase… but the 2019 Champ had other plans.

Tomac looks like he’s all but out of this thing if we’re being honest. He’s sitting 3rd in the points, but he’s going to need a miracle to make up the ground he’s lost this year (anything is possible though!).

Looking at the 250 Class, Justin Cooper has reclaimed the Red Plate moving into Atlanta… albeit he may have been arguably the fastest guy in the class this year… he’s also (IMO) been one of the most inconsistent.

As Cameron McAdoo sits in second just two points behind Justin, and only four up on Hunter Lawrence… The 250SX West Title is still up for grabs, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see who will thrive in a Daytona like environment across three rounds in the ol’ lites class!

So let’s talk about Atlanta and what makes it special this year…

If the track map wasn’t labelled you’d be forgiven for assuming they were Daytona layouts. The elongated rhythm sections with a generally bigger track layout certainly resemble that of Daytona – although definitely missing some of the sand!

The layout seems to have remained quite ‘Supercrossy’ despite Daytona track maps presenting a bit of an SX/MX Hybrid for riders, Atlanta seems to remain inherently technical in its long rhythm sections… so perhaps assuming a rider that would do well in Daytona would do well in Atlanta is a bit of a misconception after all?

Regardless, it’s going to be intense and I think it will reflect the difference in speed between title contenders as the riders are more than likely going to space out a lot further this weekend in Atlanta…

Let’s see how much fight is left in these guys!

My pick for the 250s is going to be Justin Cooper, Hunter Lawrence and Cameron McAdoo.

450s, I think Webb is going to continue stretching out ahead, with Tomac, Roczen and Barcia battling for 2nd!

Want to catch all the action this Saturday night?

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