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Are you ready for some ‘Dirty Torque’?

Are you ready for some ‘Dirty Torque’?


We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be starting a new Dirt Hub production. On Thursday 4th June at 8pm (GMT), Jeff Perrett will be going live on our Facebook page with the first episode of ‘Dirty Torque’, a new, weekly off road motorcycling current affairs show.

Jeff will tackle the hot topics of the week, as well as opening up live discussions on some classic moments in off road motorcycling. Opinion and debate will rule the roost with Jeff chairing the inevitable bench racing dust-ups! There’ll also be one or two live guests to offer their opinions as Jeff quizzes them on the big questions in racing and the industry.

So if you love your dirt bikes and like your discussions feisty and dirty don’t forget to get yourself involved with a bit of ‘Dirty Torque’!