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An uprising! Ash Gorman takes his cc’s up a notch. Our Minibike World Championships build up continues…

An uprising! Ash Gorman takes his cc’s up a notch. Our Minibike World Championships build up continues…


With no YX140 class to race in Minibike Champs 140 series leader Ash Gorman is preparing an assault on the 160cc (and possibly the 11o’s) class in the forthcoming Minibike World Championships.  We caught up with him to see how his prep is going and his thought’s on taking part in the one of the biggest Minibike events ever staged.

24 year old Ash lives in London and is a part time plumber which pays for his full time minibike addiction…..

How did you get into Minibike Racing?

I got my first minibike (xr50) when I was 13 when they were used as pitbikes at motocross events, but I gave up the big bikes when I was 16. When I was 23 I got myself another minibike as I’d heard about the minibike champs and after toying with the idea for a few years I started racing again in 2014.

You race in the YX140 class in the MBC which is intense to say the least, how do you find that?

Coming from the pro 88 class year to the yx140 class has been challenging to say the least. I enjoy the challenge that the class brings as there’s 6 or 7 people who can challenge for the win at every round (including the vet 160 riders) so there is always a good battle to be had throughout the class.

A lot has been said about the YX140 class and that everyone is on pretty much the same bike, is that why you favour it over the 160’s?

Yes being on the same model of motor definitely puts everyone an a level playing field also it’s a lot cheaper to race the yx140 class competitively. Bearing in mind a brand new yx140 is only £250 and has limited modifications in the class rules, designed to keep costs down.

You lead the YX140 standings with 2 rounds to go, this must give you confidence going into the World champs?

Yes it gives me some confidence but racing a 160 compared to the 140 is a lot different and obviously I’ll be riding against riders I haven’t raced before so it’s going to be interesting weekend.

In the World Champs you will be in with the 160cc Pro’s what machinery will you be running?

I will still be riding a Stomp but they (Bens Bikes racing) have changed the motor to a 160 especially for the event.

How do you feel about the fact that the UK is hosting the World Champs?

I think it’s great that we are hosting the world championship, it’s good for the sport and the U.K has one of the most competitive and professional championships in the world right now, so where better than here in the U.K.

I see you run out of the Stomp/Bens Bikes awning are they going to hook you up with a special 160 for this event?

I actually run out of the Pitbike Cambs awning as I have done the last 3 years, but Stomp have supplied the bikes this year and Bens Bikes racing maintain them. Fortunately they had the old race engines laying around the shop so they have put that in for the worlds.

What sort of Prep and Practice are doing on the 160?  Is there much difference between the 140 and 160?

Unfortunately I haven’t had much bike time on the 160 yet, I’ve only managed to get about 2 hours on it so far. Yes it rides a lot differently to the 140 and will take some getting used to.

You are used to real close racing, and with the line up being stacked do you think your experience in the 140 class is going to help you get your elbows out?

I defiantly think the racing experience from the 140 class will help as we have to race the vet 160s so I’m used to being under powered and having to be creative with my line choice and ride a wide bike.

What sort of track are you hoping the MBC guys build for this event?

I’m interested to see if they will use the whole track as when we have raced there in the past it’s been a shortened track. The MBC always do a great job of preparing the track so I have faith that it will be another awesome track. I’d like to see something fairly technical added into the track to separate the riders.

Have you got any aims for where you would like to finish?

Of course I’d be ecstatic to take the win but realistically I’d be happy with a top 10 overall.

There are riders coming from all over the World, have you raced overseas and if so is there any difference to racing in the UK?

Yes I raced the World Cup in Tours, France last year. The biggest problem I found was the fact no one spoke English and they had no translators so it was a struggle to work out what was going on. Also the French tracks and are a lot shorter as are the races (6mins long).

Who do you think the main contenders are going to be?

I think the main contenders will be Brad Pocock, Mike Valade, Frank Van Hommoet and Justin Sipes.

There are some super fast kids coming through the MBC ranks…. is there any we should be keeping our eyes out for?

Yes there is a few fast kids coming through the youth class, Leo Vowels and Freddy Hills will be some of the guys to keep an eye on over the next few years. After racing against 16 year old Troy Hayward all year I’d say he’s going to be one to watch if he goes into the pro class, the lad has some serious talent on a bike!

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Where can we follow you on Social Media?

Instagram- @ashgorman90

YouTube- Pitbike Cambs

Facebook- Ash Gorman