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Alfie Walker moves into the Adult Quadcross ranks!

Alfie Walker moves into the Adult Quadcross ranks!

by adminJune 19, 2019

Alfie Walker, the youngest member of the Walker dynasty, celebrated his 15th birthday earlier in the month. After much ear-bashing and pleading, Alfie finally persuaded dad Stu to help him follow in brother Harry’s footsteps by joining the adult ranks of quad-racing.

Report by Jenni Foulkes – Image courtesy of John William Cook

Young Walker will make his adult race debut this weekend in the Clubman elite class at Nora MX’s penultimate round of its 2019 club championship, riding his trusty Yamuski 250 hybrid.

Alfie has enjoyed a season-long battle with Robbie Wood in the 250 Open and currently sits in second place in the class behind Wood, and ahead of Luke Berlyn. However, according to Stu the teenager is ready to taken on a new challenge. “As soon as he turned 15, Alfie was on at me,” said Walker Senior. “We did have to get this approved by the sensible one in the family (mum) … He felt he had gone as far as he could in the 250 class, and wanted to push himself to see how he would stack up against the older riders. He’s never happy sticking within a safe comfort zone, unlike Harry was, and simply wants to enjoy the fun of the chase. There really wasn’t an option for me to say no really.”

Entries are now open for the sixth round of the Nora-MX championship at Milton MX Park in Northampton, NN7 3AW on Sunday the 23rd of June.

For more information, visit www.nora-mx.co.uk

To enter, visit www.ride-acu.uk