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Alexander the great! Scottish Twinshock Championships Round 3 – Race Report and Results

Alexander the great! Scottish Twinshock Championships Round 3 – Race Report and Results


Moving onto round 3 of the Scottish twin-shock championship and the night before race day had seen a constant downpour, but this would prove to make ideal conditions once the first batch of racing had taken place on the slippery green ice.

Report by Jim Grieve – Images courtesy of Barry Gordon

The four stroke class was to be very competitive with Sam Sibbald still throwing his  “yammy” around for the win, closely followed by “big Andy Malloch”, making a rare appearance with time off from the classic club, taking second  and a well deserved third place for James Mclean on the superbly turned out Husky.

Onto the youth class and a very well-deserved win for Jordan Graham with some closely fought scraps against James Forrest in second and a very consistent Rhys Brown securing third on the podium.

The pre-77 class would be Ian Robertson’s for the taking and with three wins the overall was his but Grant McClure fought bravely in all three races and second was his just reward, then we had Callum Wilson showing his mettle for third on the box.

The Evo 125 class, this is certainly going to be a class to watch and the racing turned out to be a closely run affair between Peter O Neil and William “I can whip it on the finish line- Oops, no I can’t” Penrice. Taking the overall win would be Peter O Neil on the little Honda but never too far behind would be William Penrice who took second and Damien Carter securing third with some very consistent riding.

The over 50’s saw some of closest racing between Robbie Allan and John Lamont with Robbie taking the overall win with some fast-consistent racing. But unluckily for John Lamont as he would not figure in the overall result due to a DNF. Taking second though would be the accolade of Johnny”Bunga” Rutherford with some consistent rides and Keith Birse would take the final step on the rostrum.

The Twin shock open class was very exciting to watch and with Brian Alexander, Craig Smith, John Crawford and Gordon Morrison all throwing the big 500’s around, it could have been anyone’s race, but it was to be Brian who would take the overall from Craig Smith in second and John Crawford taking the final spot in third, keep a close eye on this class folks.

In the under 300cc class, Alex Joiner deservedly took the overall with two wins and a second, with consistent riding from Gordon Peterson taking second and yours truly Jim Grieve (me), securing third after yet more bike troubles.

For the 2-stroke class, again it would be some close-run races with Allan Shields taking the win on his ageing but very fast and well maintained Honda, and also with some super-fast, consistent racing by Bryan Colligan taking second, that would leave third place to Robert Bell with a race 3 win aiding his total points haul.

In the Evo class we had Tom Grant flying off to a first race win followed home by Paul Johnston and Simon Graham but with two convincing race wins in races 2 and 3 the top of the box would belong to Paul Johnston with Tom Grant taking second and the consistent Simon Graham in third.

Moving onto the Clubman class and what a great class for riders stretching their legs and throttle hands, making the transition into the full adult class races. This would be a great overall win for Callum Laird newly moved over from the Monoshock class, with Peter Rennie taking second and Adam Curran (leading this championship), taking third.

The last block of races would be the Monoshock class and with former youth rider Jordan Mcdonald flying to two race wins and a third, he took the top step of the podium and his first Monoshock class win, but mark my words, not his last. Following Jordan home, and taking second, would be Shaun Robertson, gaining speed again after his recent injuries. In third overall it would be Callum Carter who was able to squeeze onto the box with some nice consistent rides, equal on points with Jamie Clark who was unlucky to have a DNF in the final race.

The final part of the day would be taken up by the fun event. A pit bike challenge, consisting of 6 rider teams and each man would do 5 laps each, or more if you could not count, ha,ha. So with 6 teams competing for the much sought after Terry’s chocolate orange trophies, the race was on and in the end there would be only one winner, the hosting team of Dial-a-tow, who would run away with the event with a lap in hand, followed by the “shocking today” team in second and “Davies Angels” in third.


Team points are as follows – With team Louden streaking away into the lead.

Team Louden 814, Team Argyle 656, Dial-a-tow 605, and One stop 521

Overall Positions:

Four stroke class

1 Sam Sibbald 2 Andy Malloch 3 James Mclean 4 Ricky Caldwell 5 Joe Mclean 6 John Hopton


1 Jordan Graham 2 James Forrest 3 Rhys Brown 4 ConnelAllerdyce 5 Rory Oxland 6 Harrison Grossett


1 Ian Robertson 2 Grant McClure 3 Callum Wilson 4 John Fullerton

Evo 125

1 Peter o Neil 2 William Penrice 3 Damian Carter 4 Kevin Rosie 5 Mark Watson 6 Sean Mcminn

Over 50

1 Robbie Allan 2 Johnny Rutherford 3 Keith Birse 4 John Lamont 5 David Watson 6 Neil Litterick

Twin shock open

1 Brian Alexander 2 Craig Smith 3 John Crawford 4 Gordon Morrison 5 Barry Smith 6 Brian Allerdyce

Twin shock under 300cc class

1 Alex Joiner 2 Gordon Peterson 3 Jim Grieve 4 Mike Dobie 5 David Stanford

Evo class

1 Paul Johnston 2 Tom Grant 3 Simon Graham 4 Roy Potts 5 Craig Donaldson 6 Gary Milne

Clubman class 

1 Callum Laird 2 Peter Rennie 3 Adam Curran 4 Derrick Bellshaw 5 Paul Ness 6 Kyle McClure

2 stroke open

1 Allan Shields 2 Bryan Colligan 3 Robert Bell 4 Lewis Farrow 5 Stewart White 6 Zander Martin

Monoshock class

1 Jordan Mcdonald 2 Shaun Robertson 3 Callum Carter 4 Jamie Clark 5 Greg Ncdonald 6 Jordan Doherty