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A1 Tick! Dylan Woodcock’s Anaheim Supercross debut!

A1 Tick! Dylan Woodcock’s Anaheim Supercross debut!


With much anticipation our Feature racer Dylan Woodcock embarked on his first ever AMA Supercross event at Anaheim on Saturday.

We caught up with him to get his thought’s on his first foray into the big time…

Dirt Hub: Congrats on making the Evening show, so tell us about your day?

Dylan: When we got there we walked the track. Mick from CMH set up all of the awning and stuff and did a really good job of it. A big thanks to him.
We walked the track, and the track was nothing like the practice tracks, it was completely different. The whoops are about 10 times bigger, further apart, steeper, it’s crazy.

It’s a big learning curve, but we made the night show so that was good. In the heat race I was 15th which wasn’t so bad, and in the LCQ I was ninth, so that wasn’t too bad either.

It was good night. The first one I knew was going to be a bit of learning curve, and if I would of made the event at this one it would have been great, but just to make the night show was a big win, just to get the experience of riding with everyone.

DH: I suppose there are so many things you learned just about how the day is set out and the logistics of it all?

Dylan: Yeah it was all about learning how it all works, and how long it all is. It went kinda to plan. The bike was good, everyone helped out. There were a lot of people there. I think nerves got to me and I rode a bit tight but other than that it was a good day.

DH: Just by watching the build up to the event you realize the scale of it all. We were feeling nervous for you..

Dylan: I wasn’t really that nervous if I am honest with you. It’s crazy how you go to an EMX round and can’t really qualify, but I can ride Supercross and qualify first time. It’s mad really, but I suppose it suits my style a bit. Where I was just kind of looking forward to riding, I was more excited than nervous. The jumps and everything were all good. I got all of the jumps down, got all of the doubles, the triples… The whoops, I was getting better and better at them, and we made the suspension a lot stiffer than it was. But yeah, all in all it was a really good experience.

The goal now is to make a main event, and then once we have made a main event, its just to kinda stay there or thereabouts in it.

DH: In the LCQ you made quite a few places up, and weren’t a million miles away from the next few riders, so you showed good speed..

Dylan: My start’s weren’t so good, but I think the nerves got to me a little, with the lights and everyone screaming.. Its a crazy mad experience. It was a good experience though and I am very happy that I have done what I have done. I have come here and done it, it’s amazing. The amount of help I have had from all of my sponsors and everyone has been amazing, I can’t thank them all enough. Me coming here as a foreign rider and getting so much help is just amazing.

Dirt Hub: What is the one thing that surprised you the most out of the whole thing?

Dylan: How big the whoops were. The other thing that really surprised me about everything was how nice everyone is. The organisers, the people who sign you on, the people you race with… Everyone is so nice to you. No one is moody, no one has grudges, if you bump someone no one wants to fight you after the race. Everyone’s respected and everyone’s there to just race

DH: Whats the plan this week? Is there anything in particular you are going to work on?

Dylan: I am going to do a few starts, and just train as I was, so keep on keeping on really.

DH: The next round is indoors, where as Anaheim was outdoors with some rain. Did you feel the conditions helped or hindered you?

Dylan: Not really, it was really slippery though. It was the same for everyone really, even if you are a European rider. Being on Supercross suspension the forks don’t even move when you go round the corners so you can imagine what it was like.

DH: Now you have had a taste of it, have you set new goals?

Dylan: My goal is just to get in the Evening Show again, and then after that get into a Main as soon as I can. I would love to get in one straight from a heat race and not have to go through the LCQ. So the goal is keep getting into the night shows and get closer to that Main event.

Everyone’s support has been amazing, and massive thanks to all my personal sponsors;
California Motocross Holidays
Stunt Flying
Extremeworks MX
Lee Lifting
Duck Smart
POD Active
Dragon Alliance
ODI Grips
Couture Cars Ltd
6D Helmets
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Moto Shack
Lainer Suspension Racing
Temecula Motorsports
No-Toil Industries

and to the ASGUK Motocross Academy commercial partners;
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