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A Grand Job! Enduroland Putoline Race XC round 5 and London Quad Grand National – Race Report and Results

A Grand Job! Enduroland Putoline Race XC round 5 and London Quad Grand National – Race Report and Results


The Enduroland club hosted Round 5 of its Putoline RaceXC at the weekend, also being known as The London Grand National. 

Images courtesy of Dizzycoonz

After a blistering hot mega dry week the team had a shock when on Friday night rain hit the venue at just after 4pm and continued for a few hours.  Wind also caused havoc on the Saturday morning with tape and posts and further heavy showers causing more worries as the weekend progressed. The only consolation was it kept the dust at bay.

Saturday morning saw the youth race kick off at 10am with the regular 30 plus entry headed by Jake Roper in the 125cc class leading from start to finish with a cracking ten laps and a 10 minute lap average to also take the overall win. Reilly Dennison came in 2nd on 9 laps, with Jadyn Giles in 3rd.  Max Brown was 4th in the 125cc with Flynn Dennison in 5th and Olivia Knight in 6th.

Joe Cornelius bashed the BW class with the win and a credible 7th overall.William Belton was 2nd, Charlie Ricketts 3rd and Morgan Kent 4th.

The SW had Henry Life at the helm for the whole race with an even more impressive 4th overall. John Stanley was 2nd, Jayden Westcott was 3rd and Josh Knight 4th.  In 5th was Jack Sandland and 6th & 7th was Oli Newland and Kian Busa respectively.

Eddie Belton headed the 65cc class with Ryan Stoneley in 2nd. Alicia Conduct was 3rd and Reece Giles 4th, Rhys Hill was 6th and Chris Meek 7th, whilst Riley Hill was 8th.

Billy Life took the Auto win with Kieran Maunder in 2nd and Fin Roper in 3rd. Daniel Rosborough moved back to 4th. Liam Wallis was 5th on his debut ride. Nice one Liam.

A big lap for kids with the fun obstacles proving popular.

Straight after the youth race the KADS event ran whilst track changes got made for the impending Quad scramble.

At 4.30pm the four wheel warriors hit their practice lap and although the word ‘practice’ was bantered about most went at full race pace!

This was a new taster event put on by the club to try and find a suitable way to have the quads involved in some weekends and a healthy 28 racers gave it a go.

Race One had Harry Miller bang out a 10.27 lap to to take the Pro/Elite first race win with Ben Richmond close behind.

In the Clubman Olly Martin took the win with Charlie Davis in 2nd, Josh Birch in 3rd and Zack Hull in 4th.

The Vets/Masters class had banshee rider Geoff Otway take the first race with Rob Swann in 2nd, Mark Stepney in 3rd, Geoff Glover in 4th, John Elliott was 5th and Clint Eagle came home in 6th.

Dillon Stepney took race one in the sportsman class with Danny Gilligan jnr in 2nd, Jim Randall in 3rd, Maddie Martin 4th and Lee Duke in 5th.

The 4×4 quads saw some great racing with Jason Wildman taking first blood. Danny Head finished 2nd and the mad Irishman Danny Gilligan Snr was 3rd.

Last but not least the 250cc class had Dylan McKenna take the first win with Reece Swann 2nd, Chris Gyles 3rd and Brandon Saunders in 4th.

Full results for the quads.

Harry Miller 10-9-10-10-10-10-10-10
Ben Richmond 9-10-9-9-9-0-0-0

Olly Martin 10-7-10-10-10-9-9-0
Charlie Davis 9-10-9-9-9-10-10-8
Josh Birch 8-9-8-0-0-0-0-0
Zack Hull 7-8-6-7-7-7-7-9
Dave Hull 0-6-7-8-8-8-8-10

Geoff Otway 10-10-10-10-10-10-10
Rob Swann 9-9-7-7-9-9-8
Mark Stepney 8-8-9-9-7-8-9
Geoff Glover 7-7-6-6-0-0-0
John Elliott 6-6-0-0-0-0-0
Clint Eagle 5-0-8-8-8-7-7

Dillon Stepney 10-0-10-10-0-10-10
Danny Gilligan jnr 9-10-9-9-0-9
Jim Randall 8-0-0-0-0-0-0
Maddie Martin 7-9-8-0-0-9-0
Lee Duke 6-0-0-0-0-0-0

Dylan McKenna 10-10-9-10-10-10-9
Reece Swann 9-9-10-8-7-7-10
Chris Gyles 8-7-7-9-9-9-7
Brandon Saunders 7-8-8-7-8-8-8

Jason Wildman 10-10-10-0-10-10-10
Danny Head 9-9-9-10-8-9-8
Danny Gilligan 8-8-8-9-9-8-9

A mega early start for the team on Sunday rectifying track before the adult solo start at 9.30am which was subsequently then delayed until 10am.

The Experts and Clubman Plus set off first with Kirk Giles grabbing the Holeshot.

Clubman Plus rider Tim Hammond led the way after that, until the finish 11 laps later, with laps of just over 11 minutes taking both the overall and class wins. Richard Heslop took 2nd in the class and 4th overall with Kirk Giles in 3rd.

Lone Expert rider Sean Flannigan took 2nd overall and the class win.

Joe Pratt took the Clubman win with Steve Elliott 2nd and Chris Bailey in 3rd.

In the 125c open class Finley Thompson took the win with Reilly Dennison in 2nd and Max Brown 3rd.

The Vets had Toby Hall blast to 1st and Jason Frieberg 2nd, Darren Bedford was 3rd.

The Masters had fast track ace Greg Frieberg take 2 wins from 2 events with Irish George-George Dennison in 2nd and Ross Dover in 3rd.

The Sportsman was a Brighton affair with Macaulay Medhurst on top spot followed by Ross Higgins and Jordon Saunders in 3rd.

Melvin Morris took the Novice win. Stuart Tucker was again in amongst it in 2nd, and Daniel Emmens was 3rd.

A busy track day then followed the adult race.

To summarise…

A great weekend in different conditions and a tribute to our friend and colleague Andy Saunders with a minutes noise prior to the XC races .

A further memorial event will be held at the Chacombe Ten in 2 weeks .

The club would like to thank the riders and all the staff for their support in making round 5 a complete success.


Youth Race

Pos Bib Name Group
1st 11 Jacob Roper 125cc Youth
2nd 117 Reilly Dennison 125cc Youth
3rd 203 Jadyn Giles 125cc Youth
4th 8 Henry Life 85cc SW
5th 1 John Stanley 85cc SW
6th 22 Max Brown 125cc Youth
7th 311 Joe Cornelius 85cc BW
8th 72 Jayden Westcott 85cc SW
9th 199 Josh Knight 85cc SW
10th 120 Jack Sandland 85cc SW
11th 12 William Belton 85cc BW
12th 46 Eddie Belton 65cc
13th 21 Oli Newland 85cc SW
14th 7 Flynn Dennison 125cc Youth
15th 15 Charlie Ricketts 85cc BW
16th 45 Ryan Stoneley 65cc
17th 97 Alicia Conduct 65cc
18th 202 Reece Giles 65cc
19th 121 Billy Life 50cc Auto
20th 6 Kian Busa 85cc SW
21st 71 Rhys Hill 65cc
22nd 49 Morgan Kent 85cc BW
23rd 54 Alex Meek 65cc
24th 158 Kieran Maunder 50cc Auto
25th 64 Daniel Rosborough 50cc Auto
26th 17 Riley Hill 65cc
27th 48 Fin Roper 50cc Auto
28th 821 Liam Wallis 50cc Auto
29th 204 Olivia Knight 125cc Youth

Adult Race

Pos Bib Name Group
1st 1 Tim Hammond RaceXC Clubman Plus
2nd 291 Sean Flanagan RaceXC Expert
3rd 500 Toby Hall RaceXC Vets
4th 251 Richard Heslop RaceXC Clubman Plus
5th 918 Joe Pratt RaceXC Clubman
6th 204 Kirk Giles RaceXC Clubman Plus
7th 88 Steve Elliott RaceXC Clubman
8th 29 Matthew Joyce RaceXC Clubman Plus
9th 312 Chris Bailey RaceXC Clubman
10th 15 Jason Freiberg RaceXC Vets
11th 345 Darren Bedford RaceXC Vets
12th 23 Gary Curtis RaceXC Clubman
13th 17 Neil Richardson RaceXC Vets
14th 116 Ben Hovell RaceXC Clubman
15th 84 Greg Freiberg RaceXC Masters
16th 62 Glen Elden RaceXC Vets
17th 777 George Dennison RaceXC Masters
18th 11 Ross Dover RaceXC Masters
19th 27 Macauley Medhurst RaceXC Sportsman
20th 210 Andrew Newland RaceXC Clubman
21st 175 Finley Thompson RaceXC 125cc Open
22nd 45 Anthony Heatley RaceXC Masters
23rd 117 Reilly Dennison RaceXC 125cc Open
24th 222 Ross Higgins RaceXC Sportsman
25th 140 Melvin Morris RaceXC Novice/New
26th 69 Stuart Tucker RaceXC Novice/New
27th 224 Warren Brown RaceXC Vets
28th 34 Pawel Domanski RaceXC Vets
29th 16 Alan King RaceXC Masters
30th 22 Max Brown RaceXC 125cc Open
31st 14 Stuart Westcott RaceXC Vets
32nd 2 Grahame Hobbs RaceXC Clubman Plus
33rd 181 Matt Orton RaceXC Vets
34th 919 Robert Pratt RaceXC Masters
35th 264 Daniel Emmens RaceXC Novice/New
36th 293 Rimantas Buinickas RaceXC Novice/New
37th 110 Nick Coates RaceXC Novice/New
38th 92 Robert Seviour RaceXC Novice/New
39th 723 Chris Hempstead RaceXC Clubman
40th 59 Gareth Roberts RaceXC Vets
41st 197 Ray Otoka RaceXC Clubman
42nd 203 Jadyn Giles RaceXC 125cc Open
43rd 278 Nick Connolly RaceXC Novice/New
44th 171 Colin Pascoe RaceXC Novice/New
45th 20 Olivia Knight RaceXC 125cc Open
46th 240 Anthony Jode RaceXC Novice/New
47th 722 Huw Williams RaceXC Novice/New
48th 96 Jordon Saunders RaceXC Sportsman
49th 321 Paul Langridge RaceXC Novice/New
50th 814 Alan Hill RaceXC Novice/New
51st 414 Nick Alterskye RaceXC Novice/New
52nd 399 Mark Johnson RaceXC Novice/New
53rd 51 Dave Brown RaceXC Masters
54th 422 Michael Hodgkinson RaceXC Novice/New
55th 33 Milan Fiala RaceXC Clubman
56th 66 Darren Carter RaceXC Masters
57th 19 James Dover RaceXC Clubman
58th 707 Steve Taylor RaceXC Novice/New
59th 65 Conrad Earll RaceXC Vets
60th 332 Jordan Tuffy RaceXC Clubman Plus
61st 169 Paul Lonergan RaceXC Novice/New
62nd 115 Richards Ovens RaceXC Novice/New
63rd 7 Justin Morgan RaceXC Clubman