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A Cold, Winter’s Knight. Portsmouth MXC Winter Series Round 2 – Race Report & Results

A Cold, Winter’s Knight. Portsmouth MXC Winter Series Round 2 – Race Report & Results

by adminDecember 5, 2017

Portsmouth MX Club hosted the final event of their 2017 season, at the impressive-looking Swanmore circuit near

Samuel Upton – Rookies

Corhampton. A slightly reduced turnout to what the club is used to, those riders who braved the chilly temperatures didn’t fail to impress and put on a great show for all.

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of

The mighty pocket rockets were first out the gate, one of the biggest classes of the meeting. Fabian Junior Morrison and Archie Edwards were going head-to-head in all three motos, both riders sharing the spoils in the opening motos. But Morrison found the extra power and speed in the last moto to edge just ahead of Edwards to secure his second win of the day and took the overall victory to finish what has been a great season for him. Edwards almighty speed rewarded him with second overall. Ever-improving Troy Kennett had the ride of his life, powering into third spot in the last two races, and was looking set to gain a brilliant top three overall. Billy Alder just pipped him to the post, with amazing racing between these two riders with Alder going 3-4-4 to bag the final podium spot.

The newly crowned Junior champ Charlie Richmond was back where he belonged, at the front of the pack, super-speed and flawless riding rewarding him with a straight set of wins and the overall victory. Kennett’s older brother Casey was looking good for a podium spot, storming into second spot in the opening moto. But it was to be Travis Barnes and Kieran Paget who battled it out for the remaining places on the steps, Barnes just having the edge over Paget despite Paget having the upper hand in the final moto to bag a brilliant second place. Barnes ended the day in second overall with Paget in third, tying on points with Casey Kennett.

Some top class riders graced the MX1 class, and despite the lack of riders, the speed and showmanship was full-on! Despite shooting out the gate and grabbing the holeshots, Nicky Watts was unable to keep a rampaging Liam Knight from taking the lead, the Maxxis British rider comfortably taking home all three race wins. But Watts had three flawless races, smoothly cruising his way into the runner-up spot in each moto to take home second overall. Chris Wratten and another Maxxis British rider Neville Bradshaw fought it out behind the leading duo, Bradshaw screaming the nuts off his 125 to try to outshine Wratten. Wratten went 3-4-3 to take third overall, Bradshaw possibly with one more lap could have stolen the spot, but going 4-3-4 he begrudgingly settled for fourth overall.

With only a couple of bigger wheeled 85s, the small and big wheels joined forces for the day. There was no stopping bigger wheeled Harvey Cashmore who romped home to victory with ease in all three motos, comfortably bagging the overall. James O’Mara didn’t let the leader out of his sights and chased him down in each moto to finish in second overall. Birthday boy Max Aspden put in his best performance to date, well within the top six in the combined classes, but bagged third place in each moto in his own group to secure third overall.

Smaller wheeled Joshua Bassett didn’t have the best start to his day, but totally redeemed himself as he flew out of the gate to sit just behind the leading two big wheels. Brilliant speed to keep fellow team member Jake Cappa from taking his positions, Bassett finished the day with the overall win. Oliver Ruddock was unstoppable in moto one, powering hard after the two bigger wheeled machines and wasn’t far off taking second spot. A comfortable win in his group combined with a 3rd and 4th rewarded his efforts with second overall. Great to see Luke Richardson back and he carried on where he left off, at the top end of his group. Going 4-5-3 Richardson took home third overall.

The biggest class of the day, the MX2 was awesome to watch, with newly-crowned MX2 champ Luke Kennett comfortably bagging each race win. Working hard to keep Todd Leadbitter from snatching his lead, he stole the show and was the overall winner. Leadbitter, proving his hunger for a win and competing in both MX1 and MX2 classes, was a force to be reckoned with, keeping his mentor Greg Hanson behind him, and secured second place in all three races to finish the day in second overall. Hanson wasn’t far behind, going 4-3-3 to take third overall.

The old-timers were out next, proving they’ve got plenty more years left in them on the racing circuit!! Banging bars, and some nail-biting head-to-head action came courtesy of Wildman Willis and Martin Bradbury. Bradbury was looking for three wins, his first race hopes dashed due to a red flag after he led the opening laps. Wildman took control of the re-run, and despite a crash in race two, he managed to get passed Bradbury in race three to secure two wins and a second for the overall. Bradbury was like a scalded cat out the gate, and led each moto with determination. A brilliant race win in moto two secured him second spot on the podium. Rob Topp and David Freestone battled it out for the remaining podium position, with Rob just coming out on Topp going 4-3-3 to secure third overall.

Last out were the Rookies, and it was a mixed bag of results for a number of riders throughout the day. Sonny Smyth was set for three comfortable race wins, but a heavy crash in race two which took out second-placed Jesse Wren denied him from repeating his opening win. It was left to Jason Warren and Brandon Hickman to battle it out for top spot. Warren looked unstoppable in the closing races, a brilliant race win in moto two his best result ever. Leading race three he was set for a comfortable overall victory but Smyth spoilt his fun and powered through the field to take the last race win. Warren still secured the overall victory, tying on points with Hickman, who stayed focused all day to snatch a race win for himself, narrowly missing out but still went 3-2-3 to grab second overall, with Smyth following in third overall.

VMX: 1 Wildman Willis, 2 Martin Bradbury, 3 Rob Topp, 4 David Freestone, 5 Yan Dixon, 6 Graham Ing.
MX2: 1 Luke Kennett, 2 Todd Leadbitter, 3 Greg Hanson, 4 Charlie Razzell, 5 Beth Farmer, 6 Craig Cartwright.
MX1: 1 Liam Knight, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 Chris Wratten, 4 Neville Bradshaw, 5 Craig Daffin, 6 Andrew Walker.
Rookies: 1 Jason Warren, 2 Brandon Hickman, 3 Sonny Smyth, 4 Callum Allison, 5 Joshua Collins, 6 Leon Nicoll.
BW85: 1 Harvey Cashmore, 2 James O’Mara, 3 Max Aspden, 4 Jack Paul, 5 Mark Morris, 6 Harrison Hopwood.
SW85: 1 Joshua Bassett, 2 Oliver Ruddock, 3 Luke Richardson, 4 Tyler Kirby, 5 Jake Cappa, 6 Cody Spacagna.
Juniors: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Travis Barnes, 3 Kieran Paget, 4 Casey Kennett, 5 Finley Yorke-Williams, 6 Jacob Collins.
Autos: 1 Fabian Junior Morrison, 2 Archie Edwards, 3 Billy Alder, 4 Troy Kennett, 5 Jack Dugmore, 6 Sienna Farmer.