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2020 Weston Beach Race “as it stands… will happen on the October date.”

2020 Weston Beach Race “as it stands… will happen on the October date.”


RHL Activities and Weston Beach Race head honcho Gareth Hockey stated on Episode 2 of our ‘Dirty Torque’ offroad chat show that he intends to run the 2020 Weston Beach Race as planned on its original dates, the 9th to the 11th October.

Feature Image courtesy of Dave Rich

The event has a huge impact on the local North Somerset economy and it’s the biggest showcase our sport gets in the UK so it would be a massive shame if it was not able to run in 2020. Hockey revealed that he is working with the local council and they are doing all they can to make sure the event runs saying “As we stand now we are working with North Somerset Council in a positive way to put the event on in October. As it stands at the moment we are having to do a massive amount around the Covid issue. But again we don’t see an issue, as long as we have got planning why were not running. We have got to jump through some hoops.”

“The rider technical will be different, we will probably only have advance ticket sales. We will cap the entry, so we will probably have 700 solos. The pits we know we can social distance, so instead of two people in the pits, we might have one. At the moment we are not seeing a reason, as long as this Covid thing continues to disappear that we won’t be racing at Weston. We are on the paperwork with the council now so there is no plan not to run the event at this moment.

“There is always a backup plan. There is always a plan b and a plan c and we have got that in place and we even offered that up and we have been told at this moment in time ‘no let’s stay with October’. With the beach race, we have to look at it economically as well as at the pandemic side. Weston in some respects, the hoteliers… and whatever need our event, and especially this year.

“We don’t see any reason why we can’t do it. Hopefully, by September this thing is out of here or we have some sort of way of fixing it.

“It will be a different event, and we have made the decision there won’t be any foreign riders, so we have got an American rider who wants to come but he is willing to quarantine himself for two weeks pre-event. We have spoken with KTM and Husqvarna and we are not going to bring any foreign trucks in or anything like that, because we just think it’s the wrong thing to do.

“If it went back it will a month or another month. But as it stands and at this present moment and from the vibes we are getting politically and from the event industry, it will happen on the October date.”

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