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Vets MXDN – Decision on 2020 by 1st July

Vets MXDN – Decision on 2020 by 1st July


It’s been a day of statements and announcements with most Federations, Promoters and clubs still no clearer on if and when they will be able to start race or practice events in 2020. The Vets MXDN have posted the below on their website and have given the 1st July as their deadline day and will be communicating with riders before that day either way.

Feature Image courtesy of Dave Rich

Here is the post in full

“Following a speech by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson this evening it is still unclear as to how or when the United Kingdom will allow motor sport to begin again.

Currently, the organising team are staying positive for the 2020 event and a final decision will be made by July 1st.

A Club spokesman said, “There will be many problems to overcome as the event has grown in recent years and if social distancing is still in place in September it will be very difficult. We also have concerns on how the new fourteen day quarantine rules will be applied for all of our foreign friends who have entered”.

Details will be published here first and all riders will receive a personal e-mail by 1st July.”