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2020 Michelin MX Nationals – Fastest 40 entry list

2020 Michelin MX Nationals – Fastest 40 entry list


The Fastest 40 entry list for the 2020 Michelin MX Nationals British Motocross Championships has been released and as well as being stacked with a fantastic line up of top pro motocrossers also has the added extra of a World Super Enduro Champion in Billy Bolt.

Feature Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer – MX Nationals

The opening round of the series takes place in just over a weeks time and with the Pro racers pumped to be back behind the start grid they are going to have to qualify to make the Fastest 40 in which will certainly be the toughest MX Nationals line up there has been.

Here is the full entry list

3 Josh Gilbert MX2 Par Homes RFX Husqvarna
4 Jake Shipton MX1 Crescent Yamaha
6 Carlton Husband MX2 Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki
10 Jason Meara MX1 Phoenix Tools Apico Kawasaki
11 Matt Burrows MX2 Apico Husqvarna
15 Jake Millward MX1 Chambers Racing Husqvarna
16 Tom Grimshaw MX2 Chambers Racing Husqvarna
17 Luke Smith MX1 Norman Watt KTM
22 Richard Mckeown MX1 CCM Husqvarna
25 Jamie Law MX2 Apico Husqvarna
40 Jamie Wainwright MX2
45 Jake Nicholls MX1 Buildbase Honda
49 John Adamson MX1 Gabriel KTM
49* Callum Green MX2 Crescent Yamaha
50 Martin Barr MX1 BRT KTM
52 Jack Bintcliffe MX2
53 Dylan Walsh MX1 MSR Honda
57 Tony Craig MX1 RHR Yamaha
60 Brad Anderson MX2 Verde Sports KTM
66 Lewis Tombs MX1 Verde Sports KTM
68 Joshua Bentley Mx1
77 Jay Hague MX2 Chambers Racing Husqvarna
82 Charlie Cole MX2
95 Dan Thornhill MX1 DEOS Cab Screens Honda
98 Todd Kellett MX1 Yamaha
99 Howard Wainwright MX2 RHR Yamaha
100 Tommy Searle MX1 Buildbase Honda
101 Michael Ellis MX2 Gabriel KTM
115 Ashton Dickenson MX2 Craigs KTM
122 Jake Sheridan MX2 RSR Plant hire
123 Rossi Beard MX2 St Blazey Husqvarna
132 Callum Mitchell MX2 Stebbings KTM
134 Liam Knight MX1 Gabriel KTM
151 Harri Kullas MX1 DEOS Cab Screens Honda
162 Stuart Edmonds MX1 Apico Husqvarna
180 Josh Spinks MX1 PGVM Yamaha
261 Jorgen-Mattias Talviku MX2 ASA United Husqvarna
300 Ben Franklin MX2 Chambers Racing Husqvarna
311 Aaron McCarroll MX1 Chambers Racing Husqvarna
337 Glenn McCormick MX2 Unique Fitout Husqvarna
360 Nathan Dixon MX1 Par Homes RFX Husqvarna
365 Sam Nunn MX2 RHR Yamaha
511 Steven Clarke MX2 Buildbase Honda
571 Billy Bolt MX1 Rockstar Husqvarna
575 Taylor Hammal MX2 RHR Yamaha
577 Kyle McNicol MX2 GRT Holeshot KTM
714 Brad Todd MX1 Moto Cycle
777 Evgeny Bobryshev MX1 Par Homes RFX Husqvarna
912 Joel Rizzi MX2 Par Homes RFX Husqvarna