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2019 Sidecarcross of Nations – Qualifying Results

2019 Sidecarcross of Nations – Qualifying Results


Today the Sidecar and Quad Motocross of Nations was held at the Schwedt track in Germany.

Each country selects their three best teams to battle for the title of champion of the nations.

Today was qualify and there were three races with 12 teams in each, one from each nation. Points were awarded for the finish position (one for a win, two for second, etc) and the goal is to get the lowest score. The worst score is always discounted.

Qualifying positions give the order the teams go to the line tomorrow, and with the inside being so much of an advantage this is really important to get the best place possible.

Team Belgium were on great form taking two wins and a second (2 points), and team Holland took one win, one second and a third (3 points) – so close at the front.

The French had two great finishes and took third (6 points).

The Estonians took fourth with the same score (7 points) as the British team who will go to the line fifth tomorrow.

The Irish team also had a great day and took tenth. Emma Moulds, the only lady driver at the event had a brilliant ninth place in her heat.

So tomorrow they will contest the championship. Each class races twice, each time against one of other two classes, for a total of three races. The worst score of three races is dropped, and the lowest combined score wins.

We will keep you updated.

Report and images by Tracy Thacker

A Race

B Race

C Race