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2019 Coupe De L’Avenir – Qualifying Results

2019 Coupe De L’Avenir – Qualifying Results


Yesterdays Coupe De L’Avenir (Under 21 Motocross of Nations) qualifying is out of the way, today is race day where it all counts.  The qualifying results don’t reflect on the way Team GB rode, so let’s hope it comes together when the podiums are on the line.

Team Manager Dave Garland said of the day on the Teams Facebook page…

“So qualifying out of the way and we find ourselves a little disappointed with our results of:

65cc 7th
85cc 4th
Open 6th

but as today counted for nothing other than gate pick we’ve certainly had plenty of track time, and the speed to improve tomorrow’s results.

All 3 65cc riders showed the speed to run top 10 and with only 1 result allowed to be dropped from tomorrow’s races, consistency will hold the key to our podium aspirations.

The 85cc boys were disappointed after time qualification but stepped it up in the qualifying race to finish in 4th, and all grew in confidence as the race went on.

The Open class race was hard work from the start with crashes and fading light making line selection really tough, but as we showed all day, the boys are on the pace and definitely looking for a podium”.