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2019 AMCA/”Classic Dirt Bike” BRITISH CLASSIC MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP – The dates and venues

2019 AMCA/”Classic Dirt Bike” BRITISH CLASSIC MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP – The dates and venues

by adminDecember 12, 2018

The AMCA “Class Dirt Bike” British Classic Motocross championship programme for 2019 has been released and is shown below. All clubs are AMCA affiliated.

Images courtesy of Dave Rich

In 2019 the championship will be split into 3 categories (to comply with the formal adoption of a Pre-68 class at the 2018 AGM). They will be: Pre-65, Pre-68 and Pre-74. In 2019 BSA Victors (round & square barrel) will compete in the Pre-68 class.

For 2019 the Pre-60 and Pre-65 classes are unchanged. For a full list of acceptable machines, see AMCA Classic Rule Book (2015 version) pages 13 & 14. e.g. Metisse Mark 3 & 3A (pre-unit & unit) are included; as are Greeves Challenger 250 and BSA 250 (C15 & B25) & BSA 350 (B40), and CZ Twin-port 250 & 360. Plus 2-valve 4-strokes in Cheney frames.

The Pre-68 class will include all round & square barrel Victors. Plus BSA Metisse Mark 4 and the Mark 4, 5-speed, Bultaco Metisse, CZ 250 & 360 (side pipe), Husqvarna 250 & 360, Greeves Challenger 360, Bultaco Pursang etc.

The Pre-74 class will include BSA Metisse Mark 4 (with Weslake conversion), BSA B50, British & European bikes of the period e.g. 380 & 400 CZ, 400 Husqvarna , Bultaco etc. PLUS eligible Japanese bikes (see page 15 AMCA Classic Rule Book). N.B. Eligibility may be checked at any of the championship meetings.

The championship races at each meeting will be invitation races. Invitations will be given to the best riders in the three categories taken from the entry list. The list of invited riders will appear in the programme. Pre-registration is not necessary.

The three classes will race together with separate results. At each meeting there will be two championship races, each race 8 laps. Every race will count towards a riders’ final points total. Points awarded down to 15th place.

Awards down to 6th place in all three categories. PLUS; depending on numbers, an award(s) for best rider(s) over 60.

Further information on the series email

The dates are…

28th April: Bath Classic MCC @ Yatton Keynell, near Chippenham, Wilts.
5th May: Acorns MCC @ Butterton, near Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs
7th July: Northampton Classic MCC @ Woodford, near Kettering, Northants
11th August: Westmorland MCC @ Crooklands, near Kendal, (M6 J36), Cumbria
25th August: Moseley (Birmingham) MCC @ venue TBA (venue not yet confirmed )
29th Sept. Llanthony Classic MCC @ Llanthony, near Abergavenny, Mon.