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1-2 for the Walker Brothers at Little Silver! Par Homes Zip Racing – Team Report

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1-2 for the Walker Brothers at Little Silver! Par Homes Zip Racing – Team Report



Last weekend saw Round 6 of the Nora-MX Quadcross series, our National and British Championships, all crammed into a super shortened ‘Covid’ season from 19th July to 4th October to be precise, with only one round to Go now, for one of Europe’s Best and longest established Clubs.

Both of the Walker boys, Harry and Alfie were going into the weekend with the Championship lead, and they knew there was still all to play for to consolidate both the Pro and Clubman Elite Championships until the season end,

The natural terrain of the tight and technical track Little Silver track was an unknown to most competitors, having never hosted a quad meet there since 2003.

Neither lads failed to perform. Harry in a well contested ‘Pro Group’ pulling a win from 3rd in the first Moto, P4 in the second Moto and P3 in the last, collecting a podium 2nd overall and coming away with a commanding 88 point lead in Nora’s Premier Class ‘Pro-Group’ ….. tallying up 11 wins now from 16 starts.

Alfie, who currently leads both the Clubman Elite and Clubman British Championships didn’t disappoint either with three commanding wins, fighting his way through faster starters but proving his pedigree once more walking away with a 1-1-1 scorecard and the largest Margin of lead on the day of 39 seconds …

Alfie commands a comfortable 45 point lead in his Clubman British Championship Conquest

The team now head into the last round at a more local and known track to them for round 7 of the series at West Meon in Hampshire.

With confidence high with 14 out of 16 possible wins, there are no certainties in our sport so prep and commitment is still required so the boys will still be putting the effort in behind the scenes to make it happen.