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With Good Weather Forecast, Nobody Was Expecting Snow. Dorset Enduro Winter Warmer Round 4 – Race Report & Results

With Good Weather Forecast, Nobody Was Expecting Snow. Dorset Enduro Winter Warmer Round 4 – Race Report & Results

by adminJanuary 31, 2018

With most off-road riding venues here in the UK still struggling with the extremely wet winter, many riders have been reluctant to get their bikes out of their garage.  However Dorset Enduro has been running Forest events since 2004 and their experience showed with the course they laid out in Moreton forest, Dorset.  The riders could not believe how good the riding conditions were! The forests in south Dorset benefit from standing on a base of sand and gravel and drain fairly well.

Report by Trevor Rowe – Images and Highlights Video by Nicholas Guppy

The full entry included a strong line up of riders looking to gain valuable Winter Warmer championship points; they were boosted by the appearance of a number of riders looking for a run out in preparation for the first round of the British Enduro on Feb 11th.  With decent weather and a great course everything was set for a great event.

Local riding legend Brad KING is always the man to beat in Dorset and not many do, however the Championship line up meant Brad was going to have his work cut out this weekend.   Honda rider   Alex SNOW along with Richard TUCKER, Ricky WIGGINS and Dylan BAYNTON would all be the mix.  The first lap saw Brad King and Dylan BAYNTON establish a small lead but the entire Championship class were all in touch, at the end of the third lap these five Championship riders were only 14 seconds apart!  There was no sign of conservative riding with the British only two weeks away, these guys were pushing and mistakes were bound to happen and they did.  Brad KING took a tumble whilst passing a slower rider off line which lost him time and places he pushed hard to fight back and climbed back to second but couldn’t reel in Alex SNOW who looked comfortable all race and took a deserved race win with 14 laps.  Richard TUCKER managed to pip Ricky WIGGENS for third after they also traded places several times during the race. Special mention must go to Brad ROWLAND for finishing a race, well done.

Meanwhile the Experts were riding like demons just behind the Championship class; the number of young expert riders in the south is truly outstanding.  Alan Morrison was leading the charge and managed a clean ride, he pushed hard off the start a built a lead which he managed for the entire race and sneaked in for an extra lap right on the final hundredth of a second to win with 13 laps.  However behind him riding like a pack of Tasmanian Devils were Jack NIXEY, Josh PLAYER and Lewis RANGER again these guys were giving it everything with trees, brash and stumps waiting to punish any mistake, just running wide once could end a rider’s day.  They swapped places so many times, with each of them running in second place at some point during the race.  With four laps to go Jack NIXEY moved back into second and held it to the end.  With three laps to go Josh PLAYER squeezed past Lewis RANGER for third which is how they finished.

The Veteran Expert class revelled in the forest conditions were experience counts for so much, Jonathan TARR made the long journey and was rewarded with a fine win.  At first it looked as though Dave COLES and Jack TWENTYMAN were in the mix as the three of them completed the first three laps wheel to wheel (4 seconds to be precise).  However on lap four the pace began to tell and no one could match the pace that Jon TARR was maintaining and he built a commanding lead.  Dave COLES was forced to retire which left Jack TWENTYMAN in comfortable second, behind him Adam BURT had held third for most of the race until Dan GROOM edged past on the penultimate lap to take third by twenty seconds.

The Clubman A class saw Mark WOODFINE make a strong start, Brett ROWLAND and Nathan BAGGOTT were giving chase, Nathan was making fewer mistakes and in the middle of the race created a bit of breathing space from Mark whilst Brett was hampered by a ‘little’ bike trouble.  Scott KING moved through into a strong third place with Finlay DAVEY never far behind in fourth.

Dean REED, Steve DAGGER and Stephen TAYLOR set the tempo in the Clubman Veterans class, Dean was just a little quicker than the others and lead from the front to win with 11 laps.  Behind him the two Steve’s were locked in a great battle throughout the race with the final positions being settled in the final minutes of the three hour race when Steve DAGGER managed to get ahead and pass through time control for an extra lap whilst Stephen TAYLOR had to settled for a fine third position on 10 laps.

Paul JONES dominated the Clubman B class again and can’t be far off testing himself in the Clubman A class, Charlie WHITE claimed second place after pushing for 5 laps to catch and pass Mark ROBSON who got off to flyer and was running in second for a while, but just faded towards the end of the race which allowed Joel PROTHEROE to steal third place from him at the very end.

The Sportsman class saw Nick GIFFORD set the pace, he was pursued by Rhys TROTTER for the entire race until Rhys lost 10 minutes on his penultimate lap, and there are unconfirmed reports of him being seen at the burger van?  This allowed Lewis PHILLIPS to grab second place from Rhys with James WRIGHT claiming fourth.

Another great event by Dorset Enduro, who had clearly spent a lot of time planning and preparing the forest for this race.

Attention now moves to February 18th when Rogershill raceway hosts the final round of the Winter Warmer series.  With a number of Championship positions to be decided it should be a great event. Rogershill have decided to open new sections of the farm for this final round, land that has not been used so far this series.  They promise a new course and a fitting finale to the series.

Entry for Rogershill is via the ACU on line system.


1 ALEX SNOW 01 Champio 14
2 BRAD KING 01 Champio 14
3 RICHARD TUCKER 01 Champio 13
4 RICKY WIGGINS 01 Champio 13
5 ALAN MORRISON 02 Expert 13
6 DARREN KIFF 01 Champio 12
7 JACK NIXEY 02 Expert 12
8 JOSH PLAYER 02 Expert 12
9 LEWIS RANGER 02 Expert 12
10 GRANT LAMING 02 Expert 12
11 PAUL TAYLOR 02 Expert 12
12 MARTIN JESSOPP 02 Expert 12
13 JONATHAN TARR 03 O40 Exp 12
14 LEWIS GIGG 02 Expert 12
15 BRADLEY ROWLAND 01 Champio 12
16 ALFIE COLES 02 Expert 12
17 JACK TWENTYMAN 03 O40 Exp 12
18 TOM BARTLETT 02 Expert 12
19 DAN GROOM 03 O40 Exp 12
20 ADAM BURT 03 O40 Exp 12
21 DANNY HALL 03 O40 Exp 12
22 BEN SCOTT 01 Champio 12
23 NATHAN BAGGOTT 04 Club A 11
24 CHRIS HONEYWILL 02 Expert 11
25 KARL LANGFORD 02 Expert 11
26 GILES RICHARDS 02 Expert 11
27 MICHAEL BROOKS 03 O40 Exp 11
28 MARK WOODFINE 04 Club A 11
29 SEBASTIAN DEXTER 02 Expert 11
30 SCOTT KING 04 Club A 11
31 GEORGE BOWERMAN 02 Expert 11
32 FINLAY DAVEY 04 Club A 11
33 MARK LEWIS 03 O40 Exp 11
34 BRETT ROWLAND 04 Club A 11
35 SHANE TROTTER 03 O40 Exp 11
36 DAVE BRIGNALL 03 O40 Exp 11
37 MATTHEW TAYLOR 02 Expert 11
38 DEAN REED 06 O40 Clu 11
39 STEVE DAGGER 06 O40 Clu 11
41 ADRIAN FRANCIS 03 O40 Exp 11
42 SIMON CLARK 02 Expert 10
43 DEAN KIFF 04 Club A 10
44 STEPHEN TAYLOR 06 O40 Clu 10
45 JAMES BROWNING 03 O40 Exp 10
46 PAUL JONES 05 Club B 10
47 STEPHEN DAVEY 06 O40 Clu 10
48 CHARLIE WHITE 05 Club B 10
49 ROB SMITH 06 O40 Clu 10
50 JOEL PROTHEROE 05 Club B 10
51 SOPHIE THOMAS 04 Club A 10
52 MATTHEW GUPPY 03 O40 Exp 10
53 JAMIE WATTS 04 Club A 10
54 MARK ROBSON 05 Club B 10
55 DAVID SMITH 03 O40 Exp 10
57 PETE NIXEY 06 O40 Clu 10
58 TIM NEWMAN 06 O40 Clu 10
59 LANCE MACKLIN 06 O40 Clu 10
60 JOSH COLES 04 Club A 10
61 GARETH LLOYD 06 O40 Clu 10
62 GRAHAM EKE 06 O40 Clu 10
63 MATT HUBBARD 06 O40 Clu 10
64 CRAIG OSMENT 04 Club A 10
65 RICHARD GOOD 04 Club A 10
66 STUART BOWERS 06 O40 Clu 10
67 NICHOLAS POTTOW 06 O40 Clu 10
68 ADRIAN WILKINS 06 O40 Clu 9
69 SIMON THOMAS 03 O40 Exp 9
70 NICK GIFFORD 07 Sportsm 9
71 LEWIS PHILLIPS 07 Sportsm 9
73 WAYNE TIPTON 03 O40 Exp 9
74 RHYS TROTTER 07 Sportsm 9
75 CARL BORAMAN 06 O40 Clu 9
76 ADRIAN CLIGG 05 Club B 8
77 JONATHAN CASEY 06 O40 Clu 8
79 COLIN PADDY 06 O40 Clu 8
80 SIMON SHAW 04 Club A 8
81 JAMES WRIGHT 07 Sportsm 8
82 TERRY MARSH 07 Sportsm 8
83 ANDREW PATERSON 07 Sportsm 8
84 IAN YEO 05 Club B 8
85 PHILLIP DIBBLE 07 Sportsm 8
86 DAVID WRIGHT 06 O40 Clu 7
87 BARRY CHEFFEY 07 Sportsm 7
88 RICHARD GROVER 06 O40 Clu 7
89 ALEX MCGRATH 05 Club B 7
90 GARY FISHER 05 Club B 7
91 CHARLES DIBBLE 07 Sportsm 7
93 JACOB HAIGH 07 Sportsm 6
94 DAN KNIGHT 07 Sportsm 6
95 TIM CLARK 06 O40 Clu 6
96 KEVIN GURR 05 Club B 6
97 RUSSELL JACOBS 07 Sportsm 6
98 TIMONTHY TUBB 06 O40 Clu 5
99 JEFF WHITE 07 Sportsm 5
100 TREVOR GREAVES 07 Sportsm 5
101 TIM CROSBY 07 Sportsm 4