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Variety is the spice of life! WOR Events Sheenehill GP – Entries now open

Variety is the spice of life! WOR Events Sheenehill GP – Entries now open

by adminJune 20, 2018

WOR Events presents the Sheenehill Gp a weekend with a huge variety of Enduro fun, events and courses.

“Alex’s Garden” is a cracking venue for the planned events of a playday on the Saturday as well as a kids race Sat early evening… and Sundays adult GP sprints on the fun weekend of July 28/29th – Places will be limited …

Alex Bronkaerts is a long term friend of WOR and a 100% off road nut with a love for classic Husqvarna’s… He has opened his fantastic home and garden up to the WOR crew…

Here is a quote from Alex… “The track is all grass, so great when you crash as it is a relatively soft landing lol…. It’s a racers track. Hard acceleration, hard breaking & fast corners. No kidding, anyone who rides here feels like a GP rider. It also is a track that’s needs you to get a good rhythm to go fast. It’s not just outright power. You can get 4th full throttle.”

There are 6 tracks available to ride on the same spot:

2 “Indy” type lap going clock wise and anti-clockwise. ( 1 ½ minutes). It’s the outer bit of the track. Hard hitting riding here, raw power. Just like rally cross.

2 “technical” type laps. ( 2 ½ minutes). It’s the inner bit of the track. You need smoothness and rhythm here to go fast or it goes horribly slowly and gets you knackered.

2 “GP” type laps. Again in both direction. ( 4 minute).

So in 1 day you could have 6 different tracks. How is that for variety!

The big lap is 4 minutes and it’s set in 8 acres. The track offers so much variety..”

Steve went last week and loved it… A proper hoot…

Imagine this track all freshly mowed and lined with Putoline and Michelin Banners. … Going to be Brill ..

If you fancy riding this ..Please simply text 07803698061 or send an email to entries@worevents.com with details of the Saturday Playtime or The kids race ..

or Sundays Sprint with Name and class..


Saturday 28th JULY KIDS RACE 2 x 1 hr races split ..First race 4.30pm till 5.30pm then 6.30pm till 7.30pm. £35 .. 8-9’s/ 10-11’s -12-13s

Sunday Adult Dirtbike Sprints .. £40 ..VETS B / SPORTSMAN / NOVICE / YOUTH 9am till 12 noon…

EXPERTS / CLUBMAN / VETS A 1pm till 4pm.

Camping welcome … BE QUICK AS LIMITED SPACE for this fun, chilled weekend ..

For more info visit http://www.worevents.com/