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Two Seasons, one Weekend! Edge Offroad Protect My Income Enduro Championship Round 7 – Race Report & Results

Two Seasons, one Weekend! Edge Offroad Protect My Income Enduro Championship Round 7 – Race Report & Results

by adminJuly 31, 2018

Edge Offroad’s busy weekend actually ended up feeling like it was over two different seasons in the year! The ever popular Play Day Saturday was like being in the Sahara, riders and the organisers alike praying for more than a pathetic shower!

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of JW Photography

The weather forecast all week had been wrong, and even though every direction around the awesome Butts Quarry venue had thunder, lightning and very heavy rain, the venue had absolutely nothing worth even talking about! The day was still very enjoyable and busy enough.

Round seven of the Protect My Income Championship took place on the Sunday morning, and what a different story! It was like rolling back 4 months! The rain started about 6am, and got heavier and heavier! There wasn’t even any give in it until late morning and which point all riders looked like they’d been for a very expensive mud bath! It certainly made things very interesting on track early doors, but yet again also very difficult for the trie Novice riders that love to ride with Edge Offroad.

John Stanley

The Edge crew were certainly kept on their toes all morning, having to make a few track alterations to make a few parts passable. But it didn’t help matters when riders decided to cut through the tapes and make their own track! There is a lack of respect being shown towards the amount of effort that is being put into the track build, and some riders would be better off getting a lesson or two off the Edge crew as these training sessions take place all year. They would learn techniques that will actually give them the ability to finish the event – yes you’d still be tired, but you would have a finish on the results!

All this said, all riders were treated to a new track yet again, that was absolutely awesome Saturday, and a tad difficult on Sunday! But once things got moving, it held up absolutely awesome! By the time the afternoon laps went out, we were back down to dust in some places….until the rain came again towards the end of the day, just to make sure these fast lads had it difficult too! The Edge team were credited by their riders for all the work they had put in yet again, the majority being very understanding, as no one can control the weather! The team at Edge really don’t mess about when it comes to putting in the hard graft, the riders really do love it!

Joe Deakin

The results showed the determination of everyone – Youth and Adults alike.

The Youths didn’t complete the full Adult track but none the less they still had the one incline to contend with that the Adults struggled with. Billy Haigh took the honours in the Youth A class yet again, even though his dad tried to sabotage his bike the day before by trapping his throttle cable whilst doing a bit of maintenance, this didn’t jeopardise his top spot, but fair to say dad was in the dog house! Thomas Simpson has upped his game considerably as the year has progressed and took a fantastic second spot nearly a minute ahead of third place Brandon Burns, who is now gelling perfectly with his new bike, even in the tough conditions!

In the Youth B class, top dog and unbeatable John Stanley was still on fire, even with a crash he still took a great win, just over a minute in front of young local lad Bert Boam who loves practising at Butts, then RG Racing rider Hayden Stansfield taking the final spot having had an awesome ride – all three finishing on the same ten lap tally which just shows how much Bert and Hayden have come on this year.

Jamie Dinsdale

Tobias Stansfield is new to Enduro this season and is having some storming rides at present, taking the win in the Junior class was absolutely fantastic in the awful conditions. Connor Gulbrandsen took a happy second even though he had a few issues to test him on the day! Young Ailbe Oconnell rounded out the podium and secured himself a load of points for his Championship.

Alterations from the Kids loop to the Adults got underway as soon as the chequered flag went out, proceedings got underway pretty much on the dot of 10.45am with the Sportsman off to a flier! Unfortunately for some they didn’t like the look of one of the first hills which created a massive bottle neck – but needless to say the Edge marshals were quick on the scene and started pulling the riders up to get things moving, and with another track alteration or two, things settled down and the event flowed well, but the rain never seemed to stop!

James Wardingley

Harrison Utley took a very impressive win in the Sportsman class; the weather and track conditions suited Harrison down to the ground, but the race still has to be ridden and the result it there for anyone to get! Rhys White had a storming ride into second place, a lap down on Harrison with Jonny Balfour taking his first podium – needless to say he was very surprised about this but chuffed to bits! New to the championship Martin Allen in the Sportsman Vets class is still on his winning streak, finishing a lap up on his nearest rival – Andy Williams slogged it out to take second with a very happy Mark Cockfield taking third.

In the Ladies class it was great to see “new mum” and Edge team rider Jade Gordon returning after a break and taking a very easy win on 12 laps ahead of Molly Howe on nine laps and young RG Racing rider Abbie Piggott doing absolutely fantastic in the tough conditions finishing in third.

Jade Gordon

The Over 50 class saw the return of Rob Gregory! Luckily for the rest of the championship riders, Rob didn’t steal any points but still took his first ever Edge 1st place trophy home with him. Colin Mills just missed out on getting another lap in but secured a solid second place in front of Tim Howe who clearly loves the tougher tracks!

The Novice class saw the return of James Wardingley, any conditions are suitable for this young lad, he just gets on with it regardless! James took a very easy win and is certainly gearing himself up for Sportsman in the 2019 season. Stevie Fitzsimmons’ hard work training is paying off and got him another second place trophy with Jamie Dinsdale taking another trophy home with him in third place.

For the afternoon lads, the hard bits were put back in to make things interesting as they always want a challenge! Edge rider Joe Deakin had a flying start, and lead for the whole race. It‘s great training for him for his Sea to Sky trip and that didn’t mean he enjoyed it! Lee Sampson couldn’t make his mind up whether to ride or not to ride, fair weather rider or not??!! In the end he went for it and got second place in the Premier class, with Spike Gilby not finishing. Jack Challoner thought he’d give it a go, most probably knowing his trials skills would be on his side, and they sure did help! Jack took a solid win in the Expert class finishing on the same laps as Joe. Aaron Holmes from Craig’s Motorcycles sacked off an MX event and turned his hand to the mudfest! What a great day for him too, taking second in Expert behind Jack, and Luke Owen taking the final podium spot.

Jack Challoner

In the Clubman class Dawson Marriott kept his “extreme” training going and took the win, again easily, on 12 laps which would have placed in fourth in Expert – this boy is doing good! Jordan Jones thought he’d had a disaster so has delighted to take a trophy home with him for second place and Megan Wilson sure did whip some butt by completing an awesome 10 laps! And securing third place, absolutely fantastic!

Alex Owen yet again dominated the PM Vets class, every race he mentions retirement, but it’s quite obvious there’s plenty of life in the ole dog yet! Dean Johnson returned from injury, but with the conditions suiting him down to the ground it was going to go one way or the other as to whether he had a good day or not! Needless to say, the smile said it all at the end, and Deano was thrilled to bits to take second place! Mark Raynor didn’t have his best day even though the tougher conditions normally suit him, think we’ll blame the tyre choice on this occasion! None the less Mark took third spot home and got another load of points for his championship.

A massive Well Done to all the riders, and a huge thank you to all the marshals for all your hard work throughout a very tough day! I am sure we would all like to pass on a huge Get Well Soon to Gary Court who unfortunately suffered a heart episode after the race on Sunday.

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Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Youth A 252 Billy Haigh 11 01:15:22.437
2 Youth A 129 Thomas Simpson 10 01:20:15.270 +1 Lap
3 Youth A 13 Brandon Burns 10 01:21:04.647 +1 Lap
4 Youth A 216 Rosie McDowell 5 01:15:03.770 +6 Laps
5 Youth A 93 Rebekah Howe 5 01:16:07.718 +6 Laps
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Youth B 1 John Stanley 10 01:15:23.367
2 Youth B 210 Bert Boam 10 01:16:28.682 +00:01:05.315
3 Youth B 345 Hayden RG Racing Stansfield 10 01:20:55.681 +00:05:32.314
4 Youth B 199 Josh Knight 9 01:16:45.742 +1 Lap
5 Youth B 25 Harry RG Racing Walker 8 01:17:48.785 +2 Laps
6 Youth B 5 Elliot Norton 5 01:19:23.085 +5 Laps
Youth B 4 Jak Heaney DNF
Youth B 15 Kane Atkinson DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Junior 543 Tobias Stansfield 8 01:22:02.449
2 Junior 44 Connor Gulbrandsen 6 01:15:18.589 +2 Laps
3 Junior 9 Ailbe Oconnell 6 01:18:27.002 +2 Laps
4 Junior 122 Charlie RG Racing Page 5 01:15:30.804 +3 Laps
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Sportsman 489 Harrison Utley 15 02:05:49.657
2 Sportsman 30 Rhys White 14 02:01:08.535 +1 Lap
3 Sportsman 159 Jonny Balfour 14 02:07:38.713 +1 Lap
4 Sportsman 168 Nick Manger 14 02:10:44.617 +1 Lap
5 Sportsman 41 Tom Simpson 13 02:00:51.550 +2 Laps
6 Sportsman 851 Jack Stafford 13 02:02:00.876 +2 Laps
7 Sportsman 119 Will Howe 13 02:03:20.422 +2 Laps
8 Sportsman 70 Matt Holmes 13 02:06:44.485 +2 Laps
9 Sportsman 194 Joel Poole 13 02:07:25.060 +2 Laps
10 Sportsman 92 Jake Gregory 13 02:08:26.661 +2 Laps
11 Sportsman 34 Sam Johnson 13 02:08:38.949 +2 Laps
12 Sportsman 55 Sean Thompson 11 02:06:02.501 +4 Laps
13 Sportsman 153 Michael Wright 11 02:08:35.467 +4 Laps
14 Sportsman 167 Paul Freeman 10 02:01:17.152 +5 Laps
15 Sportsman 78 Wes Dagless 10 02:01:26.444 +5 Laps
16 Sportsman 118 Liam Crisp 10 02:07:20.481 +5 Laps
17 Sportsman 7 Henry Harman 10 02:08:50.601 +5 Laps
18 Sportsman 20 Jack Mackley 10 02:09:17.890 +5 Laps
19 Sportsman 126 Dave Bellamey 9 02:09:09.564 +6 Laps
20 Sportsman 361 Chris Peirson 8 02:00:55.410 +7 Laps
21 Sportsman 17 Liam Carr 8 02:08:44.315 +7 Laps
22 Sportsman 154 Sam Burt 8 02:13:28.351 +7 Laps
23 Sportsman 333 Ryan Freeman 7 02:11:21.254 +8 Laps
24 Sportsman 1 Gareth Atkinson 6 02:11:26.310 +9 Laps
Sportsman 18 Jordan Duckett DNF
Sportsman 22 Steve Butterfield DNF
Sportsman 32 Kieron Thomlinson DNF
Sportsman 67 Jake Sheppard DNF
Sportsman 76 Andrew Howe DNF
Sportsman 84 Liam Ryde DNF
Sportsman 85 Luke Kassim DNF
Sportsman 128 Carl Howes DNF
Sportsman 166 Josh Gilroy DNF
Sportsman 169 Ricky Downs DNF
Sportsman 230 Lucas Taylor DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Sportsman Vets 214 Martin Allen 13 02:07:52.070
2 Sportsman Vets 185 Andy Williams 12 02:05:36.827 +1 Lap
3 Sportsman Vets 14 Mark Cockfield 12 02:06:32.560 +1 Lap
4 Sportsman Vets 10 Nic Boll 12 02:07:29.221 +1 Lap
5 Sportsman Vets 198 Tim Reynolds 11 02:04:27.014 +2 Laps
6 Sportsman Vets 23 Mark Horrobin 11 02:05:06.209 +2 Laps
7 Sportsman Vets 181 Lee Parry 11 02:07:35.238 +2 Laps
8 Sportsman Vets 87 Anthony McPhelin 11 02:09:39.622 +2 Laps
9 Sportsman Vets 177 Scott Cocker 11 02:10:40.930 +2 Laps
10 Sportsman Vets 47 Lee Hutsby 9 02:02:15.545 +4 Laps
11 Sportsman Vets 188 Jason Clarke 9 02:10:17.614 +4 Laps
12 Sportsman Vets 109 Andy Granger 8 02:10:34.587 +5 Laps
13 Sportsman Vets 160 John RG Racing Leith 4 02:02:46.056 +9 Laps
Sportsman Vets 99 James Cooke-Thomas DNF
Sportsman Vets 311 Craig Dodd DNF
Sportsman Vets 711 Michael Eaton DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Ladies 35 Jade Gordon 12 02:04:50.350
2 Ladies 49 Molly Howe 9 02:12:50.828 +3 Laps
3 Ladies 246 Abbie Piggott 8 02:08:08.933 +4 Laps
4 Ladies 12 Morgan Gilby 7 02:00:21.950 +5 Laps
5 Ladies 122 Brook Johnson 6 02:13:18.878 +6 Laps
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Over 50’s 8 Rob Gregory 12 02:01:03.058
2 Over 50’s 66 Colin Mills 11 02:00:45.321 +1 Lap
3 Over 50’s 143 Tim Howe 11 02:04:06.950 +1 Lap
4 Over 50’s 310 Steve Johnson 11 02:04:44.547 +1 Lap
5 Over 50’s 141 Nigel Fox 10 02:00:15.605 +2 Laps
6 Over 50’s 16 Michael Houseman 9 02:00:33.693 +3 Laps
7 Over 50’s 220 Jon Malone 9 02:02:33.490 +3 Laps
8 Over 50’s 171 Gary Court 9 02:07:00.506 +3 Laps
Over 50’s 15 Brian Pears DNF
Over 50’s 149 Bill Howe DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Novice 5 James Wardingley 13 02:08:55.263
2 Novice 147 Stevie Fitzsimmons 11 02:02:21.631 +2 Laps
3 Novice 174 Jamie Dinsdale 11 02:07:12.391 +2 Laps
4 Novice 88 Tony Harvey 11 02:13:02.283 +2 Laps
5 Novice 211 Ashley Carroll 9 02:00:26.060 +4 Laps
6 Novice 79 Chris Juggins 9 02:04:58.324 +4 Laps
7 Novice 2 Thomas Gilroy 9 02:08:29.270 +4 Laps
8 Novice 26 Steve Broomfield 9 02:10:31.914 +4 Laps
9 Novice 192 Ryan Houseman 8 02:02:56.334 +5 Laps
10 Novice 51 Alex Gregory 8 02:11:54.879 +5 Laps
11 Novice 580 Jake Hall 7 02:00:40.240 +6 Laps
12 Novice 68 Colin Pearson 7 02:01:05.125 +6 Laps
13 Novice 83 Graham Spiby 7 02:01:21.650 +6 Laps
14 Novice 96 Will Nearn 7 02:10:59.822 +6 Laps
15 Novice 59 Daniel Allan 6 02:04:54.695 +7 Laps
16 Novice 581 Ben Freeman 6 02:07:49.648 +7 Laps
17 Novice 351 Phil Liddle 6 02:12:07.384 +7 Laps
18 Novice 43 James Riddler 6 02:13:23.029 +7 Laps
19 Novice 241 Reece Gregory 6 02:17:50.831 +7 Laps
Novice 11 Jarod Dalton DNF
Novice 44 Calumn Riddler DNF
Novice 77 Brody Harris DNF
Novice 101 Dean Pearce DNF
Novice 123 Stephen Cherry DNF
Novice 237 Terry Richards DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Premier 94 Joe Deakin 13 01:33:03.898
2 Premier 198 Lee Sampson 12 01:34:22.585 +1 Lap
Premier 16 Spike Gilby DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Expert 71 Jack Challoner 13 01:36:15.403
2 Expert 170 Aaron Holmes 12 01:35:44.063 +1 Lap
3 Expert 279 Luke Owen 12 01:35:52.089 +1 Lap
4 Expert 154 James Allen 11 01:32:47.112 +2 Laps
5 Expert 555 Josh Bailey 9 01:30:12.466 +4 Laps
Expert 144 Jamie Dilworth DNF
Expert 201 Ben Hamilton DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 Clubman 66 Dawson Marriott 12 01:35:56.638
2 Clubman 62 Jordan Jones 11 01:35:25.918 +1 Lap
3 Clubman 7 Megan Wilson 10 01:41:31.787 +2 Laps
4 Clubman 44 James Palmer 9 01:30:14.922 +3 Laps
5 Clubman 777 Paddy Rosney 9 01:32:54.883 +3 Laps
6 Clubman 11 Scott McDermott 8 01:33:07.104 +4 Laps
7 Clubman 70 Dan Harrison 8 01:38:30.196 +4 Laps
Clubman 20 Kate Smith DNF
Clubman 36 George Pearce DNF
Positions Class Rider No. Rider Name Laps Time Gap
1 PM Vets 1 Alex Owen 12 01:35:33.849
2 PM Vets 299 Dean Johnson 10 01:30:10.207 +2 Laps
3 PM Vets 6 Mark Raynor 10 01:36:37.073 +2 Laps