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Super fast Rushton! Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 4 – Race Report and Results

Super fast Rushton! Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 4 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 13, 2018

The Thoresway track in North Lincolnshire is increasingly becoming known (unofficially) as the Marmite track. Some riders seem to love it the place, others dislike it intensely!

Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Terri Saunders

That didnt stop nearly 90 riders turning up for round 4 of LEC/Gear 4’s Hare and Hounds 2018 season at the weekend though. Once again, the biggest problem for the riders may have been (and due to the very recent hot and dry spell), the copious amount of dust being stirred up by the rider in front. Well, that and the temperature that headed into the low 80’s, thus dictating the importance of rider hydration. (Dehydration possibly made worse by any “pop” consumed the night previous when the England football team made the World Cup semi finals !)

The race organisers shoehorned a track of almost 3 miles into the hillside “arena” using parts of the popular moto X track and the surrounding grass areas. It ensured some pretty wicked inclines and descents, off camber sections, and one or two very tight turns.

Fastest rider on the day, and in the Experts class, was David Rushton. However, even with that win, David isnt leading that division. The leaders are the guys who chased David home over the two 90 minute races. Jay Brooker is now the title leader with his runners up spot on Sunday. Sam Followell now slots into second overall with a third place at Thoresway. Luke Taylor makes up the top three as the club heads towards the half way point in the season. These guys are though, only seperated by a few points. Watch this space as the saying goes.

The other class which is probably even closer at present is the over 50’s. One would think that with a few years behind them, the older gentlemen of the sport would be slowing down somewhat and be less competitive. Not a bit of it !!. In fact, it’s proving to be one of the most keenly fought classes with just five points this time separating the top three places. Stuart Cryer with his third place on Sunday now leads the class, with Adrian Rickwood in second spot after his runner up position. Stephen Dickinson is pushing those guys hard though, in third place. Stephen Johnson was the winner of that group on the day.

Other class winners of round 4 were as follows… Sportsman (2T)…Carl Gordon/Sportsman (4T)…Scott Booth/Over 40’s…Alec Owen/Trail & Classic…Kev Bartle Senior/Clubmen…Daniel Key.

The clubs next round is on Sunday August 5th. This will take place at Willingham, and will be a straight 3 hour race this time.

Full details of that and everything else LEC related can be found on the clubs Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/LincolnshireEnduroClub/

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Position Rider No Name Category Total Laps
1st 66 David Rushton Expert 27
2nd 661 Jay Brooker Expert 27
3rd 537 Sam Followell Expert 26
4th 81 Lee Hattersley Expert 25
5th 501 Alec Owen Over 40s 25
6th 994 Daniel Key Clubman 25
7th 459 Sam Vickers Clubman 25
8th 44 Danny Kidd Expert 25
9th 474 Jack Austin Clubman 25
10th 13 Matt Harris Clubman 24
11th 105 Michael Harris Clubman 24
12th 308 Mark Hoyland Clubman 24
13th 75 Simon Howden Over 40s 24
14th 39 Thomas Widd Expert 24
15th 831 Richard Summerbell Clubman 24
16th 452 Ian Shepherd Over 40s 24
17th 557 Jules Croft Over 40s 24
18th 400 Steven Baldock Clubman 24
19th 73 Edward Jary Clubman 24
20th 930 Jason Cowlishaw Clubman 23
21st 12 Matthew Parkinson Clubman 23
22nd 98 Scott Booth Sportsman 4T 23
23rd 310 Stephen Johnson Over 50s 23
24th 619 Steven Buckthorpe Clubman 23
25th 650 Kevin Bartle Clubman 23
26th 455 Carl Gordon Sportsman 2T 23
27th 394 Adrian Rickwood Over 50s 23
28th 507 Niall Bowker Sportsman 4T 23
29th 174 Frederick Farquharson Over 40s 23
30th 67 Stuart Cryer Over 50s 22
31st 907 Paul Snell Over 50s 22
32nd 87 Rikki Harris Sportsman 2T 22
33rd 916 John Buckthorpe Clubman 22
34th 370 Steven Dickinson Over 50s 22
35th 410 Stuart Williams Sportsman 2T 22
36th 351 Richard Owen Over 40s 22
37th 108 Ryan Overton Sportsman 2T 22
38th 5 Joe Tapper Sportsman 4T 22
39th 107 Leigh Overton Sportsman 2T 22
40th 307 Joshua Paige Clubman 22
41st 651 Kevin Bartle Trail / Classic 22
42nd 153 Jacob Followell Sportsman 4T 21
43rd 49 Robert Harmston-Hall Sportsman 4T 21
44th 24 Thomas Feely Sportsman 2T 21
45th 91 Martin Southwick Over 50s 21
46th 653 Joshua Johnson Sportsman 4T 21
47th 450 Glyn Sturkey Sportsman 2T 21
48th 328 Carl Moxon Sportsman 4T 21
49th 305 Jason Brown Sportsman 4T 21
50th 511 Luke Taylor Expert 20
51st 960 Alvis Afford Sportsman 2T 20
52nd 402 Will Peck Sportsman 4T 20
53rd 55 Ian Stewart Over 50s 20
54th 157 Jake Norton Sportsman 2T 19
55th 472 Graeme Richardson Over 50s 19
56th 3 Stephen Kemp Over 50s 18
57th 442 Martin Willerton Sportsman 4T 18
58th 545 Jake Smith Sportsman 4T 18
59th 374 Shaun Avison Trail / Classic 17
60th 232 Richard Billups Clubman 16
61st 9 Bradley Tappen Sportsman 4T 16
62nd 8 Aaron Bourne Sportsman 4T 16
63rd 281 John Cotterill Over 50s 16
64th 666 Michael Owen Sportsman 4T 16
65th 122 Ethan Champion Sportsman 2T 14
66th 198 James Gill Clubman 13
67th 467 Josh Wilson Sportsman 2T 13
68th 419 Christopher Wakes Over 50s 13
69th 32 Paul Redford Over 40s 12
70th 836 Oliver Birkinshaw Sportsman 4T 11
71st 54 Andrew Rushton Over 40s 11
72nd 142 Adam Savage Over 50s 11
73rd 169 Simon Holloway Over 50s 11
74th 99 Shane Campling Sportsman 2T 7
75th 888 Mark Mumby Over 50s 6
76th 363 Richard Holmes Over 50s 4
77th 668 Paul Mitchell Sportsman 2T 4
78th 31 Mark Allan Beginners 2
79th 581 Jake Taylor Clubman 1
80th 64 Martin Burnie Over 50s 1