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Snow wins Welsh 2 Day Enduro for Buildbase Honda – Team Report

Snow wins Welsh 2 Day Enduro for Buildbase Honda – Team Report

by adminJuly 2, 2018

This week saw Buildbase Honda’s Alex Snow ride an iconic Welsh 2 day Enduro event in Llandrindod Wells that originated in 1951.

The event is run over two days, comprising of a long lap of about 150 miles with three special tests, one enduro based and two of a more cross-country style with the championship riders completing back-to-back tests, and an impressive 500 competitors taking part.

The route leaves from Llandod each day with sidecars leaving first, then all the classes from sportsman, veterans, through to the championship class, who are the last riders away. On the second day the route is ridden in reverse.

This year the event ran in perfect weather, which some riders struggled with, but Alex was fit enough to cope in the conditions.

On day one Alex had some good test times, winning the first test ahead of Daryl Bolter and consistently coming in the top three.

Day two was a bit more disjointed with some course amendments due to accidents and injuries. However, Alex kept a cool head and worked hard to get well-deserved results.

At the awards presentation Alex, who is only in his second year of Enduro, was delighted to improve on last year’s second place to take the overall win at this years event. He also won the award for the best Four Stroke Rider.

Afterwards Alex said:
“Started the weekend off well with a test win then kept the times consistently in the top three for the rest of the day. Trailed Bolter by 5 seconds at the end of day one, lost a few more seconds to him early on in day two leaving me 9 down heading to the last two Enduro tests. They both went much better than expected taking 11 seconds on the first one and another 10 in the second one giving me a comfortable win by around 12 seconds”

The next event for Alex will be next weekend across the water in the Isle of Man for rounds six & seven of the British Enduro Championships where Alex wishes to continue his success.

Alex particularly wanted to thank his sponsors for helping him achieve his goals in enduro.