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Royal visit to Farleigh! Wulfsport King of the Castle – Race Report and Results

Royal visit to Farleigh! Wulfsport King of the Castle – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 3, 2018

The first weekend in July holds many special memories for MX fans, as it was traditionally the 500 GP at Farleigh Castle, so it is fitting that the annual Wulfsport King of the Castle meeting is held on the same date.

Report by Geoff Shuttleworth – Images courtesy of Click466

The meeting itself dates back to the year 2000, when Phil Steadman took the gamble to run the classic event and the rest is history as they say. Cumbria Twinshock, who now run the event so successfully, had an amazing entry of just short of 400 riders, covering classes from Pre-65’s right through to the West Midlands Evo bikes for Pre-85’s.

The weekend itself,  is the largest gathering of vintage MX fanatics of the season, and is just as much about the social gathering as it is about the racing. The paddock was absolutely rammed with vans and campers with riders all looking to emulate their heroes from back in the 70’s and 80’s, and this was certainly another one ticked off the bucket list of most who were there.

Paul Baldwin kicks up the dust on his way to runner up in the Pre-83 125’s

There were two days of frenetic racing in the sweltering heat, and the club worked wonders to keep the dust at bay with the water bowsers, although it did get a bit bad towards the end of day one, due to there being 22 races per day.

The results are below, and it is difficult to single out any particular class as being the best, but the Experts races were a joy to watch on day two, as Barry Turnbull had to work extra hard to shake off Lee Holland and Terry House. Turnbull ended up with four clear victories, just ahead of Holland. Third eventually went to Aussie Cameron Bullen after House had a DNF. Canadian rider Sandy Louitt took a fine fifth overall.

The HVA Four Stroke class also had some exciting racing, with Luke Hill completing a clean sweep, although Joel Hughes pushed him in every race to take second, and Andy Hinchliffe took third on his debut on the Marsh HPF. Martin Coleman was surprised at the presentation as he picked up the Brian Wilson Memorial Trophy, for his efforts, and presented to him by the legend that is Terry Cox.

Laurens Visser was runner up in the WME Four Stroke class

In the Over 60’s class Sammy Doble took the overall, after a long battle with Pat Rowe, who won two races but had a DNF whilst leading the third race. Alan Hambridge had four very good rides to take second over the weekend. It was a special weekend for Dave Mosley, as he hung his boots up after over 40 years in the saddle after race four.

The West Midlands Evo big boys on the 500’s had some titanic battles, but it was Jonathan Tapp who won all four races, and several riders gave him a run for his money as Jake Chamberlain took second from Scott Reed. Kev Reed had three seconds but a DNF in race two put paid to his chances of second overall. Neil Williams won the WME Four Strokes, Zac  Hackett took all the wins in the 125 class and Chris Jones easily won the 250’s.

Barry Turnbull was in a class of his own in the Experts Twinshock

Other winners included Andy Hinchliffe in the 250 Twinshock class with four wins, Sam Pocock took the Clubman 1 class with three wins, and Clubman 2 went to Al King with a brace of wins.

Dean Warren reigned supreme in the Over 40 class, as he sailed to four wins, as did Gary Parker in the Over 50 A  class, again taking all four victories. It was  nice to see Tom Lowe back in the results finishing second to Parker, and Walter Bickmore in third.

The Over 50 B Class saw Eamon Cullen come out on top, after runner up and three race winner Steve Folland had a DNF in race four.

Anthony Twidle won the Partridge Ventilation Pre-83 125 class with three wins, from Paul Baldwin and Nathan Kingcome, and in the 125 Twinshocks it was a family affair, as the Berthiaumes took control with son Seb winning from father Warren, and John Davis in third.

Andy Hinchliffe won three of the Classic races

There was a good turn out of classic riders on the iconic circuit, and it was won by Sam Nicholls, with Phil Nicholls taking second from Andy Hinchliffe. Andy won three of the races and again, a DNF saw him drop to third.

The presentation was well attended, as over 100 riders took home glass mementoes and Lillys Cider, to remember their King of the Castle experience for another year.


Clubman Twinshock 2

1 Al King,  2 Tom Salt,  3 Sam McEvoy,  4 Richard Williams,  5 Liam Mudie,  6 Steve Cadd.

Over  50’s Twinshock  B

1 Eaemon Cullen,  2 Steve Folland,  3 Andy Elliot,  4 Pat Jackson,  5 Mike McEvoy,  6 Adrian Bence.

Clubman Twinshock 1

1 Sam Pocock,  2 Jason Buffery,  3 Thomas Mollett,  4 Luke Townsend,  5 James Tuckman,  6 Brad Revell.

Over 40’s Twinshock

1 Dean Warren,  2 Andy Liddington,  3 Ben Braddick,  4 Lee Buck,  5 Richard Benham,  6 Chris Taylor.

Over 50’s Twinshock A

1 Gary Parker,  2 Tom Lowe,  3 Walter Bickmore,  4 Paul White,  5 Tim Sabine,  6 Andy Holland.

Pre-83 125’s

1 Anthony Twidle,  2 Paul Baldwin,  3 Nathan Kingcome,  4 Ryan Allen,  5 Kevin Jewell,  6 Mike Wheeler.

125 Twinshocks

1 Seb Berthiaume,  2 Warren Berthiaume,  3 John Davis,  4 Sean McCrea,  5 Carl Benham,  6 Simon Potter.


1 Sam Nicholls,  2 Phil Nicholls,  3 Andy Hinchliffe,  4 Phil Roberts,  5 Yan Dixon,  6 Tim Austen.

Over 60’s Twinshock

1 Sammy Doble,  2 Alan Hambridge,  3 Pat Rowe,  4 Wayne Le Marquand,  5 Peter Lightfoot,  6 Andy Long.

WME Pre-85 Four Strokes

1 Neil Williams,  2 Laurens Visser,  3 Jerry Grobben,  4 Mitch Griffin,  5 Glen Phillips,  6 Paul Kirkby.

WME Pre-85  500

1 Jonathan Tapp,  2 Jake Chamberlain,  3 Scott Reed,  4 James Reeves,  5 Darren Pocock,  6 Nathan Smith.

WME Pre-85 250

1 Chris Jones,  2 Seb Dexter,  3 Jim Shand,  4 Neil Sutton,  5 David Williams,  6 Fin Davey.

WME Pre-85 125

1 Zac Hackett,  2 James Hudson,  3 Paul Winstone,  4 Dean Iggleton,  5 Ben Masters,  6 Paul Tapp.

Experts Twinshock

1 Barry Turnbull,  2 Lee Holland,  3 Cameron Bullen,  4 Terry House,  5 Sandy Louitt,  6 Matt Pemble.

250 Twinshock

1 Andy Hinchliffe,  2 Ewan George,  3 Neil Carroll,  4 Dave Gane,  5 Kyle Godbear,  6 Todd Leill.

HVA Four Strokes

1 Luke Hill,  2 Joel Hughes,  3 Andy Hinchliffe,  4 Paul Webb,  5 Carl Lillywhite,  6 Stephen Miller.

Brian Wilson Memorial Cup

Martin Coleman